Beautiful Bali, where Kratom is grown

Buprenorphine ~ Suboxone

Written By Kami Davis ⚡️🍃 This is Dr. Coleman from the Coleman Institute ~It Makes me soo mad because they won’t let me comment 😡Here, he’s (addressing) and openly admitting to how incredibly HARD it is to get off of Suboxone; which is buprenorphine. Yet, they will not tell people about Kratom! He states thatContinue reading “Buprenorphine ~ Suboxone”

Kratom ~ A Review

Written By Kami Davis 🍃 As we approach October 11, 2021 (the scheduling convention to ban Kratom internationally and globally via the FDA & World Health Organization) it appears the FDA is fighting harder and harder to paint this plant as something it is NOT. Each day, more and more deaths are popping up. However,Continue reading “Kratom ~ A Review”

Kratom Withdrawals ~ SO WHAT

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃 I’m so tired of hearing people highlight the fact that Kratom can produce withdrawals. So WHAT. They are not deadly. And Kratom doesn’t kill people. You can argue withdrawals all you want, however; at least Kratom isn’t a full opioid agonist like MAT/methadone is. Yes hello people ..lol anyone sayingContinue reading “Kratom Withdrawals ~ SO WHAT”

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