I support Kratom AND Opioid Therapy. Most importantly, I support the RIGHT to CHOOSE and so should YOU.

We Are The Faces Of Kratom ~ We Are The Faces Of America, With CJ ~

Thank you guys for choosing my blog to share this amazing story!!!! I am glad to see Kratom helping so many people regain their lives!!! Your truth will shine a light upon an amazing plant called Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa. It will allow the public to see the truth instead of the lies, misinformation, and deception…

Dependence, What Does it Really Mean ~

Written by Kami Davis Hi all! I hope you had a magnificent thanksgiving holiday. I did. I baked and cooked as I always love to do. I am looking forward to winter break! Will you catch me if I fall? Before I found Kratom, I was miserable. Yes, I was grateful for the pain medication…

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