Beautiful Bali, where Kratom is grown

My Life Before Kratom ~

I wanted to share with you my life before I found Kratom. I have been through more than most can ever imagine. I’ve been through so much that it’s impossible and just too heavy to share in one particular writing, so if you’re interested please keep an eye out for several different blogs regarding this.Continue reading “My Life Before Kratom ~”

Consuming Plant Matter And Watering Your Soul ~

My apologies for not talking about this sooner because it’s THEE most IMPORTANT THING to remember when consuming Kratom. WATER 💧 You must drink at least the recommended daily amount of water. If you don’t, you will get a headache. If this happens, drink water and you will see your headache vanish. HOWEVER, dehydration isContinue reading “Consuming Plant Matter And Watering Your Soul ~”

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