Beautiful Bali, where Kratom is grown

Do I Look High?

By Kami Davis PLEASE don’t be a media rag doll or a puppet/parrot for the government. Do your own research and find out what the REAL and ACTUAL truth is about the plant, Kratom. Research the chemical makeup of Kratom and you will be surprised that it’s not derived from any poppy plant.

It’s Never About The Substance, Addiction Is A Mental Disorder ~

Written By Kami Davis Almost no one likes to address their mental health. Unfortunately, our behaviors carry consequences. If you make the choice to ignore your mental health and possible ongoing mental issues (left untreated), you WILL run into problems later on in life. Whether that be addiction or worsening of any mental condition leftContinue reading “It’s Never About The Substance, Addiction Is A Mental Disorder ~”

Tulsa Hospital Massacre ~ The Result of Pain-Induced Psychosis

The Result of the CDC DENYING AMERICANS, Their OPIOID PAIN MEDICATION 💊 Written By Kami Davis When I read the incident of this particular mass shooting, I about fell off my chair. By the way, I’m writing this as I listen to President Biden, speak about gun violence. But, let’s get to the root causeContinue reading “Tulsa Hospital Massacre ~ The Result of Pain-Induced Psychosis”

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