We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kevin Shadowdogg.

Like Kevin Shadowdogg, I too am addicted to a better life. A life that is full of health, happiness, promise, and success. Because you see ..just as one can establish a bad habit that is harmful, so can one establish a good habit that is beneficial for your health. This is the business of drinking tea and it goes by the name of Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa. ~ Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

‘I’m addicted to Kratom and the better life it brings me… I used it as a tool for my opiate addiction. I was prescribed opioids for a broken ankle and dislocated knee cap that I suffered in a High School football game. For 25 years, I was doing what I could to get high, while missing part of my younger years.. due to my addiction.’

‘On August 5, 2015, I got in trouble with the law. They found 15 oxy 30s and a gram of heroin in my car. After I got out of jail and put on probation, I was going through withdrawal. I was afraid of going back. But, I couldn’t take the physical pain I was in. I found Kratom through a co-worker. He gave me some to try. After 15 minutes I felt my pain melt away.. and I had energy. I was in a better mood. Ever since then, I have been doing research and letting people know how truly amazing this plant really was. I thank God for this amazing plant, and other botanicals he put on this earth for people to use ..to start healing.’

‘I turned to Kratom groups for even more research and I seen how much it helps people. All walks of life ~ You can be a pain patient looking for relief, an addict looking for a safe way out, the person that has anxiety and depression. Kratom is the answer to so many aliments. Kratom saved us. There is nothing we wouldn’t do to help protect it. That is what I will continue to do. Because if it wasn’t for Kratom, I wouldn’t be alive today to tell my story.’

‘That is my Kratom story and I look forward to continuing my next chapter in life, using it as a tool to keep the Demons at Bay.’ ~ Kevin Shadowdogg

Kevin Shadowdogg is a dedicated Kratom Advocate and Consumer. Thank you for your continuous support within this community. We love you.

One thought on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kevin Shadowdogg.

  1. I’m one of those people kratom helps. I never had law trouble, I got lucky in that respect, but i had plenty of financial trouble trying to order tramadol over the internet, and found kratom when my mom turned me onto it. My doc had cut me off a year or so ago, and after she did I was ordering tramadol over the internet and paying ridiculous prices for it. Overdrafts, overdo bills, I had it all. I never had critical financial trouble but it was enough to cause me to try kratom. I could only get small bottles, and it took so many capsules at a time that the bottles would run out, I couldn’t afford to buy more, so I ended up hurting again. I have scoliosis, mild scoliosis, but that does not equate to mild pain. I relapsed once, because of the one tablets versus multiple capsules argument that goes around in my head every now and then, but came back to kratom, this time permanently, in december of 2019. Have not touched tramadol or any other opioid since. If I’m addicted to kratom, so be it. It kills my pain, and even deals with stress I didn’t even realize I had until kratom dealt with it. My family gives me trouble every now and then, tehy seem to think you can kick a habbit, goood or bad, and simply ignore the withdrawal symptoms, which we both know to be impossible. I will continue to advocate and fight for this plant, regardless of how you take it. I’m going to buy some extract tablets next month so I can finally take a pill like everyone else, only a pill that will do so much more.

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