Addiction, Behavior, And Mental Illness ~

Kratom has been used by mankind successfully, for centuries. To date, there have been no deaths or overdoses caused by Kratom, alone. ANY death that has been remotely related to Kratom ALWAYS involves poly drug use that included deadly drugs, like heroin and fentanyl.

The person and their behavior is the problem. Do not blame Kratom because your brother has psychiatric problems and is trying to self-destruct with something. The good news is that if he did choose Kratom, more than likely this person will just feel nauseated and will throw up ..because Kratom is such a safe alternative to any deadly drug. However, it’s never a wise choice to be greedy with ANYTHING in life. This goes back to our mothers teaching us to ‘know better’ and ‘know right from wrong’.

It astonishes me, how everyone is so (((INCREDIBLY))) afraid to address any kind of mental issue. No one wants to talk about anything. As a result, we have a country full of suffering individuals, that more than likely had what was once a moderate case of depression, now developed into bipolar; because it was ignored for so many years. By the way, bipolar depression can develop into psychosis.

Trauma drives people to self medicate and/or behave in poor ways. Please seek help if you know deep inside of you that you’re harboring psychological pain. In order for you to heal and not fair negatively in the future, you must allow your brain to process whatever trauma you once endured. Otherwise, it WILL come out in negative ways through unwanted behaviors, such as self-destruction or addiction and dependency. Or ..a significant psychiatric illness may develop, later on in life.

As a trained mental health professional, I will always remember being taught what constitutes as a legitimate diagnoses or actual mental illness.

Also, as a psych nurse we were thoroughly trained in different classifications and codes, such as 5150. What constitutes as a 5150 is anyone who is a danger to themselves, others, or the environment.

As per diagnoses… it is correct to say that every single one of us has traits and characteristics of mental illnesses and disorders. For example, some of us may be prone to depression or obsessive and compulsive behaviors. If you have traits that are obsessive and compulsive you are most likely to have issues of OCD. While others, may have issues with nervousness or feeling anxious which would be prone to a diagnoses of ‘generalized anxiety’. Some people have narcissistic personality traits. Therefore, they would be prone to possibly a diagnoses that is narcissistic. However, it only constitutes as a valid and legitimate mental illness if these traits and characteristics become bothersome enough to affect our everyday lives and activities of daily living. If we are dysfunctional as a result of these traits.

Same thing goes for so many things in life, such as habits and behaviors. Anything can be turned into a weapon. It is our responsibility to exercise safe and appropriate behavior towards life and everything in it. That goes for what we put inside our bodies and how we exercise control.

My point is that as a normal functioning adult, we are able to take care of ourselves and know right from wrong when it comes to consuming medication, herbs, vitamins, alcohol etc. Exercise precaution and be responsible for your behavior, regarding any kind of herb or medication. Take accountability for your own actions and the same should be applied to your family members.

For example, I’ve known many people who have gotten in accidents after drinking heavily at the bar. That is not the alcohol’s fault. It is the person’s fault for making poor choices. Same with Kratom. Do not tell me that your brother died because of this herb. How is it Kratom’s fault if a person makes poor choices and decides to consume Fentanyl and benzodiazepines with their Kratom and then ends up dying? It’s not fair to put the blame on this herb when the person was consuming deadly drugs along with it.

Also, it is incorrect to state that Kratom is so addicting because ‘my brother’ used to carry a spoon around with him everywhere he went and took massive amounts. No. Kratom is not the problem. The person who is carrying a spoon around with him, taking massive amounts of ANYTHING clearly has some issues of dependency or possibly addiction tendencies. OR maybe it just looks that way because this person suffers from chronic horrific pain and is simply trying to survive and function in life.

IF this person doesn’t have a significant or legitimate reason why they’re taking Kratom, that still has nothing to do with Kratom, itself. It has everything to do with that person’s psyche and whatever is going on with them, mentally and emotionally.

If you are Anti-Kratom please ask yourself if you have personal issues and psychological pain that is misdirected. Do not be so incredibly selfish to knock an innocent herbal supplement that is helping over FIFTEEN MILLION AMERICANS REGAIN THEIR LIVES WITH STRENGTH AND HAPPINESS.

If Kratom was this secretive herb that’s actually addicting and dangerous, then how could it give so many lives promise, success, and happiness?? That doesn’t add up and you know it. If Kratom were a harmful substance, then over 15 million Americans would not be leading HEALTHY, PROMISING LIVES …and there would be NO Faces Of Kratom. Please go and look at the Faces Of Kratom, inside this blog …and you will see happy, healthy individuals, not faces of cocaine and heroin addicts. ~ Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis

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One thought on “Addiction, Behavior, And Mental Illness ~

  1. I’m not sure people think of it as this secretive addictive herb that’s not controled because of a technicality,although that’s how my mom seems to think, but more that it’s unknown. Nothing and no one talks about it, at least no one in the mainstream media, unless they’re calling for a ban because someone at perdu pharma or johnson and johnson missed a couple million dollars on their anual profits because of less rehab stays and oxyContin and morphine prescriptions. But no one talks about the good kratom can do, except for us and sights like it. We’re probably dismissed as extremists because people have a hard time someone went from a drug addiction to healthy and pain free, they seem to think that’s just too much of a switch. You can argue with them, but they have trouble comprehending it. I can’t count the number of comments I’ve gotten of, “oh that’s convenient” or “and I’ll bet you’re addicted to this herb now, to prove you’re not I want you to quit taking it, your pain is all in your head” comments I get. They can’t conceive of an herb that kills pain as good as or better than the prescribed stuff, but doesn’t have the same side effects and addiction risk, they seem to think that if something like that ever came around, some pharmacy company would develop it. I’m not saying it’s right, it’s how people think. They seem to think of plants these days as the ancient precursors of modern drugs, and not relevant anymore since the invention of tylenol. It’s incredibly frustrating to talk to people like that because you can only take so much of their idiocy before throwing your hands up in disgust and storming away. YDoctors in particualr are the worst about that. If you tak to a doctor, they’l tell you with a straight face that modern drugs are safer and less addicting than the plants they came from, and if you want to take the plant instead, they’ll warn you off with side effect comments or well the drugs are better because they’ve been isolate from the plants, the plants had all sorts of harmfm stuff in them comments.

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