Warrior Friends and Kratom Testimonies

Warriors UNITE Because We Are The Faces Of Kratom; We Are The Faces Of America ~

So graceful of thee, I cannot give out this precious soul’s name. It’s how she wanted it. However, This most BEAUTIFUL most PURE angel fell from above and got hit incredibly hard with opioid addiction, since the age of 9. It would haunt her until the age of 62. 

Before you start judging, this most precious human being has been ill since the age of 9. 💔 Being fed literally boatloads of heavy narcotics. Yet, somehow she STILL became a NURSE. ~ I absolutely adore and admire you Lady. ~ Luv you Sincerely Yours, Kam 

Please read the following, a sacred conversation between her late Grandmother and ‘HER’. Her inspirational ..raw and pure story will follow. ~ 

‘Best part I was a nurse also. I really dont know how I was able to work or go to school but My grandma had been a nurse and I loved her so much so when I was 5 I made my mind up. I lucked out though because when I was a teenager while I was in the hospital they taught me all the terminology and I was doing my own dressings changes so no one else got infected. Yes they did! I truly believe what my Grandma once said to me when I was so depressed and asked her why me. Her answer was ” God knew your destiny before you were even a twinkle in your parents eyes”. So I guess he wants me to do some good now.’

But, first …..

She states, ‘I have blessed this way. The only people I haven’t done what’s best are the medical ones who believe in big pharm and whatever they are told’
‘Thankfully, I got married 42 yrs ago this month and he has stood up for me. Our parents begged him to divorce me because of the expense of my health care. He looked them in the face and said ” for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death. I never knew that conservation happened till 2010. It happened in 1980. So I really have been blessed, I’m postive if he would have left I would not be here today. He knew I had health problems and he married me knowing that. We just never knew how bad it would get.’

‘I’m a open book just my family doesn’t agree. The whole story starts at age 9 when I first started having issues with my apoendix and he kept telling my Mom I was seeking attention
It took 7 hrs to do a 40 minute surgery because my apoendix had grown around my ovary, my tubes, strangulated my intestine and was grown unto my spine. For 3 yrs I was in massive pain and he told my mom because I was the oldest I was seeking attention because she wasn’t paying attention to me so all she was supposed to do was give me more chores to do. I also ended up with man eating bacteria and almost lost my legs at the hips.’

‘My family, my siblings …They were all to young to come and see me because you had to be 16 to visit in the hospital at that time. Also I was always in isolation so only my parents could visit. No one else.’

‘I have a long history of using opoids. I started at age 11 and finally because of kratom was able to go off them totally at age 62. I started on Tylenol #3 and at one time I was on 30mg of morphine and 175 mcg of fentanyl at the same time. I didn’t know if I was coming or going at that point.’

‘I was on Morhine 30 mg every 3 hrs prn and 175 mcg of fentanyl q48 hrs verus every 72 hrs. I was a virtual zombie and honestly can’t remember anything from 1988 -2000.’

‘I have a pretty good story about what happened to be life-changing because of Kratom. My problem is if my family gets wind of it, I will be disowned. Seriously, when I first started tea, my family was horrified. They are totally against any kind of herb or natural medication. I have been ill since I was 9 yrs old. I’m 65 now. I’ve had over 200 surgeries because I got a staph infection after a appendectomy that was unbelievable hard to begin with. I literally remember little of 1990′ -2000. A nurse told me about it, as she was taking it for pain as otherwise she wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test. I found out about it in 2017. Since then I’ve been able to do almost anything I want to do even with a long list of health issues. If anyone would see my name attached to it, my family would be very upset. They all can’t get over How much I’ve changed but they will be upset to know I now choose nature to heal my body. No one who’s known me can believe how much better I am, but if they found out I stopped most of my meds they would freak out to the end of the world.’ ~ Anonymously Yours

The Faces Of Kratom ~ Created July 2020 By Kami Ann Davis

We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Danielle Betz.

I met this beautiful soul and had the pleasure of speaking with her on the phone. She has a heart of gold and has a sweet but fierce nature, like myself. I think it’s safe to say that she is my sister of our one-love Kratom Tribe. 

If you think you have a lot of struggle in your life, please read Danielle’s story. It is filled with courage, hope, strength, heartbreak, and sadness. But, mostly it is filled with honesty and love. She has been an advocate for so many years. We appreciate your continuous support in the fight to keep Kratom legal. 

Thank you so much for sharing your rawness and being vulnerable, for all the world to see. I’m so glad you survived so many hardships in which you describe below. I’m glad you are HERE with US. ~ Respectfully and Lovingly Yours, Kami Ann Davis 

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” — Charles Bukowski

“Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond.” — John Mark Green

“A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.” — Rumi

“She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won.” — Matt Baker

“And when all that was left was ashes, she would again clothe herself in flame. Rising from the dust of her past to rekindle the spark of her future. She was a Phoenix, her own salvation; rebirthed, renewed, resurrected.” — LaRhonda Toreson

Here is the amazing story of Danielle Betz ~ 

‘Even before I had actually tried it, I started telling folks about this plant in 2015. I wanted to help people who were in chronic pain or hooked on opioids. In January 2016, I had lost the ability to afford my pain management and I turned back to buying Norcos off the street. I had tried some massive doses of Fentanyl in the past from a neighbor who either wanted to trade or sell his, for whatever reason. I could burn through opioids and other drugs incredibly fast. My sister is a Nurse and wants me to get tested for that condition where opioids metabolize out of your system, at some ridiculous rate. I know multiple people who also have that diagnosis. Mine isn’t official. I’ve spent much of my life in and out of the hospital. I remember the Nurse was taken aback because my pain would return within an hour or two at the most. I remember the nurse tripping out because my BP would start shooting up.’

‘I don’t often feel the pain. The doctor who discovered that problem joked that I had ghost pain. I had injured myself falling down the stairs on a Christmas Eve morning and had to wait until the 26th to be seen. I didn’t really feel it as a pain, but couldn’t sit or walk normally. It didn’t hurt. It was just wrong-feeling.’

‘I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and recurring Epstein Bar from Mono, I believe. The kid I got it from ended up passing a few years later from a condition I now have. Twenty-four years later, I’m beginning to have noticeable symptoms. Weird symptoms I just dealt with for decades, suddenly ..are making sense now. I will discuss this more in length after I see a Specialist, and can say with certainty that I have. It is believed by my last PCP that I also have EDS (Elhers Danlos Syndrome), which explains pretty much everything I’ve suffered from around the age of 9.’

‘I have no functional immune system. I have migraines and strep throat every other month. When I get a tiny cold or stomach bug, they can take me down for weeks or months. Normal people get up in a few days, recovered. I have always hurt, to extreme levels, so I guess I developed an ability to just ignore or not even notice it. If I am really hurting, it usually ends up in me passing out. My limbs dislocate every so often. I have a co-worker and several chiropractors who will pop them back in for me, if I’m unable to do this myself.’

‘Back to January 2016, I bought the Norcos from a dealer friend. I bought eight. I usually ended up taking, for example, seven of the eight and saved one for the next morning. I had two new jobs and wanted to start getting away from those habits. I took one and went into work five minutes late. Ten to twenty minutes later, I get the worst migraine of my life. I recognized the Fentanyl buzz fast. I knew almost immediately that I was overdosing. I had a habit of taking hundreds of pills every month. I will never forget going through all 120 painkillers, 90 baclofens, 30 benzos, and 30 fiorcets in a 3-day frenzy. My pain management stopped accepting insurance and I was paying almost $700 monthly. I just couldn’t afford that. When I realized I was overdosing, I told my two co-workers I was sick and going home.’

‘I drove home incredibly fast and spent the next 24 hrs in and out of consciousness, but awake and vomiting over and over. I found out shortly after that the best friend of the dealer’s girlfriend also bought them and she passed away. He just recently got charged with that murder.’

‘My immediate thought was, “Did I just mess up”? Like take something dangerous? I went to work, had a great shift, and never looked back. I had been talking to others, since reading about it in 2015 and after actually trying it in 2016, I started becoming more and more vocal about it to people; addicts, etc.’

‘In 2015 sometime, I had read about a Florida politician fighting to ban Kratom, named Kristen Jacobs. This story regarding ‘Kristen against Kratom’, was in a news article and that was where I learned of Kratom. I did my usual researching on it and was intrigued, but not convinced any natural substance could actually do anything like the prescription pills. After the overdose, I really got scared and that was enough. I googled Kratom near me, found it in some skeevy shops, and took White Bali capsules. Thanks to my weirdo metabolism, I was feeling them in about 15 minutes and it was pretty potent, as I had already been detoxing for several days prior, and had little to nothing in my system.’

‘In August 2016, I went on my first family vacation in decades. I was glued to my home for 16+ years, unable to leave because I’d end up withdrawing. My family was so happy. The day I got home, I see an article at the top of my feed about the DEA 30-day notice and I freaked out. I started calling anyone and everyone who I thought may be able to help. I learned about the AKA and their petition. I called and emailed hundreds of friends and family and even strangers and asked them to sign if they had seen the transformation I had made.’

‘That was it. I started advocating, meeting other advocates. I think all but a couple people signed the petition and it was only due to their jobs, making them sign contracts, regarding political issues and not saying certain things publicly or signing petitions, etc. I have an incredibly political family and significant other who is actually in local politics, which is a big reason I had to tone down alot of my posts and activities, etc.’

‘My immune system has recovered, and I am a chronic pain patient, due to my illnesses, so stopping for too long doesn’t work well for me. My family starts to notice, I get very grouchy after maybe a week of no Kratom, and chew me out to take it again. I pass out Kratom as often as possible, to help educate others suffering. Pretty much your basic story. I wrote some political opinion pieces right out of college and that was my dream. Here I am 5 + years later, almost 5 full years clean from opioid addiction and dependence. Life isnt always fun, but it’s so beautiful compared to before.’ ~ Danielle Betz

WWe Are The Faces of Kratom; We Are The Faces of America, With Jody Palmer ~


The following is an incredible true story of how one human being defied all odds. Some people when you meet them, you think to yourself, ‘What a nice person’ or ‘He’s a really great guy’…. 

Then, there are those VERY FEW people you have the RARE HONOR, to have been graced by. You are in complete awe of this person because you cannot wrap your head around the battles they have fought and WON, the challenges that they had no choice but to face and struggle, or obstacles life threw at them. Yet, they overcame those challenges one by one. 

These people are the true warriors we can call heroes, whom we are lucky enough to learn from. If we are smart enough, we will indeed learn and be inspired by them. Because, without a DOUBT, we can be better human beings, a fraction of their depth, drive, and grace. 

Here is the incredible story of Mr. Jody Palmer ~ 


Thank you my friend 💚

‘My name is Jody and I Am the face of Kratom. My first TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) was when I was about 9 years old. I was struck in the head with a baseball bat by a heavy weight teenager. He had no idea I was behind him. As I was leaning down to pick something up off the ground, he swung the bat full force at a ball my brother had thrown over a fence (towards him). The timing was just right for the bat to make contact with my head, causing a skull fracture, in the front of my head and a concussion as well. My eyes swelled shut. I remember my childhood was wonderful and I had no problems before that experience.’

‘My life of depression and suicidal thoughts began that day. I went on to have more head injuries and also major back problems, which I had artificial disc replacement which in time I was considered 100% disabled and put on social security disability. A life of pain and depression led me to many doctors and lots of prescription medications. They helped at first, but after time they stopped working which led to my taking way more than the doctor prescribed. In turn, this left me with about a week without any pain pills at the end of each month.’

‘Eight years ago, I told myself that there has to be a better way. There has to be a supplement that can help with all this pain and depression. So, I started researching and found Kratom. At first, I didn’t think it worked because I was still on opiates when I decided to try it, to see if it would help me. I quit taking it until I ran out of pain medication. I then decided to try it one more time after seeing a YouTube video of someone explaining how to (dose), take it, and exactly how much to consume at a time. I read/heard that if your on opiates it won’t work. I couldn’t believe how well it worked for me, as I followed what this person said.’

‘My biggest take from Kratom is that I am no longer on social security disability and I am able to work full time. My second big take on Kratom is that I don’t have to beg the doctors for pain meds anymore. Talk about freedom.’

‘Kratom has also helped me work on myself more. It’s given me the strength to fight through major life challenges. There is a lot more to my story, in which I could write; quite a few books on my life. But, this is pretty much who I am. So, yes I am the face of Kratom! Thank you for listening.’ By Jody Palmer

The following is directed solely to the Anti-Kratom Community. ~ After reading this man’s struggle and incredible fight and victory back to life, I would think you would…. or could not view Kratom as being bad any longer. Because of his will, tenacity, strength, and his responsible Kratom consumption, as a sole factor of getting his life success back, how can you support a nationwide ban? If so, you are not supporting the health or prosperity of Americans, nor anyone for that matter. 

Please help support the legal access of Kratom. One day, your life may depend on it. Go to http://www.protectkratom.org or http://www.americankratom.org


Mr. Jody Palmer has been advocating and consuming Kratom for over 8 years. Thank you for helping with the fight in keeping Kratom legal!

We Are The Faces Of Kratom; We Are The Faces Of America, With Jane Smith ~

Jane Smith, you are a WARRIOR GODDESS. Thank you for your nonstop commitment, dedication, and support within this community. This woman has TRULY MADE A DIFFERENCE in the world. Everyday she introduces Kratom to someone new. 

Rising every single morning, Jane Smith makes life more beautiful for mothers all over the world. Most definitely a star, a bright light to shine upon the universe. 

Here is Jane Smith’s story ~ 

‘I discovered our tea in late 2013. I became an advocate and opened a data hub/community for mother’s drinking our tea, including pregnant/nursing mom’s that wanted to share and find data on this. I also helped Washington state reps and their people in keeping it legal during the 2016 scare. I became a vendor in 2018 and moved back to my home in Alaska. Kratom helped me control my chronic pain, and my depression. I had been in a very abusive relationship. When I started vending, it not only helped me have the strength physically to get out, but it also helped my lawyer fees and to protect us. This God given tool/leaf helped save our lives. 💚🌱 And now I’m rebuilding.’ ~ Jane Smith

We Are The Faces Of Kratom ~ We Are The Faces Of America, With Brandy Ware

Brandy Ware is such an incredible light. She radiates strength and sparkle in this community, EVERYWHERE she goes. Ask ANYONE, and they will say she is the brightest sparkle in this bunch.

I think you are simply amazing my dear. To go through everything that you did, and to not even touch a pain pill or start drinking again. Instead, you reached for a healing tea by the name of Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, a mild stimulant that is derived from the Rubicae coffee tree plant. That’s strength.

Here is Brandy Ware’s Story ~

Tea saved my life. I wouldn’t be here without it.
It all started on 8-18-06, after I had a very hard labor turned to emergent c section. 1 epidural and a spinal later and my back would be horribly messed up. I became addicted to Vicodin and I knew no anxiety until I had my first child so then came the benzos. I was in a horrible marriage. And I drank a lot daily on top of handfuls of pills to try to block out the painful life I was living. Fast forward to 2016 to where I lost my dad who was my very best friend to accidental overdose. I went into a deep depression. I knew I had to make a change for my life and my girls. I moved to Washington state in 2017. I stopped all pills and drinking cold turkey. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever been through, until March of last year when I went into labor at 21 weeks. I stayed in the hospital till about 26 weeks 3 days until my baby girl came into this world at a little one over 2 lbs. This threw my world into totally chaos. I stayed with my sweet girl for one month until she passed on the day she turned 1 months old In my arms. Now this was the hardest thing ive ever had to deal with. I knew it would be easy to reach for a bottle and the drs were practically throwing pills at me. I WOULDNT touch them. My world was over I didn’t think I could even go on. Until I was introduced to this tea. It allows me to be the mother My girls need and deserve. Before tea I wanted to just crawl into a hole and go be with my baby girl. It is still VERY HARD everyday but it helps me get by to the next day. Allows me to go for walks and go do things with my family. I’m no longer a prisoner to alcohol and pharmaceuticals. This is my story #kratomsaveslives


kratomlife ~ Miss Brandy Ware

The Beautiful Brandy Ware, we thank you for the sparkle you add in our community. Thank you for sharing so much rawness and vulnerability. It is a testament to how strong and pure you are as a human being and wonderful mother.

How I got my life back after 20 years of pain and suffering, With Kami Davis

Hi there.. I am a psychiatric nurse. I studied at Napa Valley College and graduated in May of 2000. However, I’m not currently working in a hospital setting, due to my injuries.

AN ACCIDENT WHICH LED TO A DIAGNOSIS: I suffered three injuries over the course of 8 years. I have PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, bursitis, TMJ, torn disks, ligamentous laxity & degenerative disk disease. The first one was a really bad rafting accident. At the time, we thought we had signed up for an intermediate course (class 4 rapids). However, due to the late rains that Spring, we ran into 5 + class rapids, which are non-runnable. If I would of known the increase in skill level which was needed and the high-risk nature we were walking into that day, (hands down) ..I would of canceled that rafting trip.

I was the only girl on the raft, the rest were marines and firefighters. Anyway, our raft tipped and everyone fell out except our guide. It all happened so incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, my chin is slamming against the big boulder, beneath large white caps of this rushing river. I’m completely submerged beneath the water, unfortunately with all five guys landing on the back of my neck. Next thing I know, I’m screaming for dear life, rushing down the middle fork of the American River. I’m trying hard to keep my head above water, not to drown… swallowing large amounts of water which is contaminated. It’s freezing cold, hypothermia starts to set in and it’s hard to move my limbs. Finally, I catch up to another raft, they throw me a rope and pull me in.

The next day, I’m bruised from head to toe and sick from swallowing contaminated water. However, I finish out my camping trip with no problem. At the time, I had no nursing experience, otherwise I would of treated myself (at least) or gotten checked out. For example …icing is important to stop further injury. It’s also very important to get treatment during the acute phase of an injury.. rather than wait until you’re chronic. Otherwise, scar tissue sets in and you don’t heal as well.

Three months pass, and I wake up in severe pain. My skull felt like it had a vice grip on it. I get X-rays and an MRI, and it shows my C1 is displaced 3.8 mm. That’s why I was getting migraines and constant pressure headaches. It also caused severe TMJ and collarbone pain. I get a video fluroscopy and it shows I have ligamentous laxity. That’s where your ligaments don’t work properly in holding your neck up. I guess I have a high pain tolerance and I was so young at the time, I didn’t want to give up my dreams of becoming a nurse. So, I kept working and going to school. I ate Excedrin like candy and took Motrin everyday, until it ate the lining of my stomach. I finally had to stop taking it.

THE SITUATION: I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other ailments. Fibro is a result of multiple traumas to the body. I’ve had it for 20 years and still don’t understand it completely. I can manage it pretty well. Although, it can be painful and overwhelming at times, if you don’t take care of yourself. Fibro causes widespread pain that makes you feel as though you are wearing a wet suit 10 x too small. It also causes brain fog and fatigue. But, Kratom is very good in relieving all of that.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a symptom of fibromyalgia. Not everyone will agree with that but I’ve had crippling fatigue as a result of fibro, so I believe that to be true, and that is my personal experience.

Once I became a nurse, I suffered a few altercations with some of the clients. It is the nature of the job, unfortunately. Most everyone who works for state hospitals, are injured. Some of the clients that are developmentally disabled have psychiatric issues also, and as a result.. exhibit aggressive behavior, in which they cannot control. Nursing these folks can be physically demanding. And at Napa State Hospital, you’re on the floor with only an alarm pen. I worked in forensics with the criminally insane. The nurses and techs have no protection, whatsoever; during a take down or beforehand. There is hospital police, however; they are not on the unit and don’t carry any sort of protection – not even a stun gun.. which is beyond my comprehension.

So, I was re-injuring myself time & time again, while dealing with the demands of restraints and seclusion and take downs. I refused to ask for any sort of medication, because I was afraid of the side effects. I started working for Sonoma Developmental Center, which is a long term treatment care facility, state hospital. The pain was finally taking its toll, because that work is so physically demanding – Lot’s of lifting, dressing, and bathing bedridden clients, who are exhibiting aggressive behavior. I definitely re-injured myself there.

CHRONIC PAIN WHILE NURSING: One day, I was administering medication and I forgot to give my patient his seizure meds. He ended up having a grand mal seizure the next day, because of me. I was literally crushed because I am there to help people, not hurt them. That’s when I knew I needed to leave and find a different field to work in. For, in that line of work, you have to be precise. You have to be literally perfect, with excellent critical thinking skills and clearly mine were being affected from the continuous pain I was always in.

So, I left and started my own childcare business and became a medical transcriptionist, mind you this whole time I have never heard of Kratom. It saddens me to know that I could of stayed being a nurse, had I known Kratom was incredibly effective for pain and fatigue. However, I had ZERO knowledge of Kratom. Therefore, I didn’t even have an option to try and see if it could help me. Just like today, same thing for hundreds of millions of Americans who are in the dark about a safe and natural holistic alternative to opioids.. don’t even have the option to choose what’s right for them. Or what they would rather put in their body. I’m not bashing traditional synthetic opioids, however; people should have free access to either, or.

Going back to nursing, I was commuting two hours a day, working 16 hour shifts back to back and earning my degree. During this time, I was in a lot of pain, Some years later, I finally said yes to morphine. I hated that medication because it made my fatigue worse. Kratom doesn’t do that. After years of being on morphine, I decided to look up holistic alternatives to opioids. So, I googled in the search bar, opioid alternatives and Kratom popped up. I started doing research and ordered some, tried it and it has changed my life ever since.

PROS & CONS: By the way, I was never cut off or denied any medications. Also, I was always responsible when taking them. I’m not going to lie and say those medications didn’t relieve my pain because they did. HOWEVER, they have such negative side effects such as drowsiness and increased fatigue, for me personally.. and is why I can honestly say that I choose plants over pills, hands down. I would rather take Kratom than synthetic opioids. It manages my pain better, it lasts longer with better effectiveness and zero risk for respiratory depression and no deadly withdrawals ~ all while increasing my energy, focus, and mental clarity.

SIDE EFFECTS: Kratom doesn’t cause any sort of cognitive impairment or intoxication. Kratom relieves my pain with minimal side effects. The only negative side effect, if you can even call it that is you have to drink the reccomended daily amount of water or else you can get a headache and dehydration can set in. But, that’s it for me.

There are so many positives to Kratom. In my opinion, from a pain patient’s point of view, the pros far outweigh the cons. The biggest pro about pure leaf Kratom is that it doesn’t cause respiratory depression. It is a atypical agonist, which only partially binds or attaches to the mu-receptors. Therefore, Kratom is low-risk for addiction with zero risk of respiratory depression. Kratom may have opioid-like effects, however; it’s not deadly or harmful like traditional opioids. Yes, some people experience withdrawals, however; they are not harmful and by far weaker than methadone, suboxone, or FDA approved opioids.

Kratom is helping people to quit heroin. That is significant. It’s helping people with alcoholism. Kratom is known to have some degree of addiction and withdrawal effects, although it’s nowhere near the amount for heroin and morphine addictions, and time and time again, science proves that Kratom is vastly SAFER.

ADDICTION VERSUS DEPENDENCE: Many people do not understand that addiction and dependence are two entirely separate conditions. For example, big difference between someone who is psychologically addicted to a substance or feeling, as opposed to someone who is taking something to relieve their pain, therefore; becomes physiologically dependent. Two completely different states/conditions.

WITHDRAWALS: Everyone is different. Myself personally, I have never craved Kratom. However, I do take small doses at a time and I take breaks each month. I also take Suthe CBD whole flower water fluid, along with Ashwagandha, which is a tremendous help for PTSD and generalized aniety, in my experience.

Some days, I can take 3-4 doses while other days, I can take 1-2 doses without experiencing any sort of withdrawal. If I go longer, I may experience low-energy but nothing like a withdrawal someone might experience from morphine.

ARE YOU NEW TO KRATOM: My advice before selecting a vendor is do your research. The American Kratom Association has a list of reputable vendors on their site, where you can select from. It’s important to pick vendors who manufacture, using good practice and present that featured logo on their tested product.

The American Kratom Association is doing phenomenal work in keeping Kratom legal. Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow On Public Policy works tirelessly, attending every single hearing and conference regarding bans and threats; putting out fires everywhere while we grassroots advocates fight the media everyday on social platforms. We gotta keep trying to counteract the misconceptions surrounding Kratom.

THE KRATOM CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT: The AKA is introducing the KCPA in states across this country and is now working towards enactment on the federal level, which is desperately needed. It will establish safety guidlines, age restriction and protection.

For example, I got arrested of suspicion of DUI for simply mentioning I took 1/2 tsp of Kratom, 12 hours prior. Kratom is not illegal in my state of California, so that was completely inappropriate.. not to mention traumatic for my son and I. Law enforcement has the wrong idea about our plant. I was arrested, handcuffed and detained for four hours, due to lies and misconceptions surrounding this plant. I was treated in an unfair and unjustly manner, along with my poor son ~ all because of LIES and PROPAGANDA being spread throughout the media. I’m always saying DECRIMINALIZE KRATOM because its exactly the dilemma in which I face every single day, after that horrible night.

The FDA and DEA along with Big Pharma want to ban Kratom because they can’t profit from this herbal supplement. Personally, I would like to see it in dispensaries and vitamin shops. I definitely do not want to see Kratom be scheduled, require a prescription, or put behind a pharmacy counter. I would rather see it remain a dietary supplement, where Americans continue to have free access to it and take freely as they wish.

There are hundreds of testimonies I’ve seen where people state they are quitting heroin because of Kratom. Over 15 million Americans consume Kratom. There is a large portion of pain patients who would rather take Kratom, but what is disgraceful is that the FDA demonizes Kratom and hides the fact that it is a SAFE alternative to medications, such as morphine, Oxy, and Fentanyl.

Americans deserve to know that there is another option for pain treatment such as Kratom – to at least have the option. I’m not against traditional opioids, if they are taken responsibly. I took them responsibly for 20 years. Decriminalize Nature. Decriminalize Kratom. ~ Respectfully Yours, Kami Ann Davis


We Are The Faces of Kratom, We Are The Faces of America With Lucy ~

Hi all! It has been over a month since I posted which is unusual for my blog. I recently went back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in sociology and I am also a heavy advocate for Kratom, which will forever remain. ~ Kam

The following is an amazing, true story of one woman who found Kratom. Her name is Lucy. 

Thank you Lucy for choosing this blog to share your story! ©️KamiDavis2023

“I’d be in bed with pain every day all day if I didn’t have this. I have been to the hospital in agony so many times because my neck and head hurt so bad that I can’t eat or do anything I just get sick I throw up it’s awful and they won’t give me anything other than Tylenol it’s been like that since I was 16. Then eventually I started drinking kratom and it helps me to be able to have a life and be a normal human. It helps with my ADHD to focus and get daily tasks done. Of course it isn’t a cure all for everyone it’s going to be different for everyone but it helps me in those ways and it’s a plant from the earth. It makes no sense as to why we wouldn’t be able to use it. I am able to drive a car , clean my house , get groceries , do laundry (which requires going up and down stairs at my apartment) , and so many other things I can’t do on a daily basis without it I don’t think I could work I’d have to be on disability I’m in such horrible pain most days. But this helps.”

“Not to mention it helps so many other people and gives so many people a safe place to hang out at for people who don’t like drinking or can’t be around that. It makes me so angry.” ~ Lucy

CJ & Lucy

We Are The Faces Of Kratom ~ We Are The Faces Of America, With CJ ~

Thank you guys for choosing my blog to share this amazing story!!!! I am glad to see Kratom helping so many people regain their lives!!!

Your truth will shine a light upon an amazing plant called Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa. It will allow the public to see the truth instead of the lies, misinformation, and deception brought on by the FDA’s paid media.

Here is the incredible story of CJ ~

“Hi, my name is CJ and I have been a Kratom supporter and consumer for three years.”

“Growing up my parents struggled with addiction to certain drugs. I am just so happy that I was able to curb that before it became a problem; all because of a great plant called Kratom, provided by the earth. Because of Kratom, I have stopped abusing drugs for three years and I no longer drink alcohol.”

“When I was 22 years old, I was going through a rough transition. I have epilepsy and it can be hard to function on my medication. I asked my doctor for other options and they came up with nothing. I tried mushrooms and weed for relaxation. I have also dabbled in using cocaine and other drugs to help with the drowsiness of those medications and to cope with life. I was doing anything and everything to self-medicate, even if it meant I might go to jail and endanger those around me.”

“Also, while suffering a previous injury from an accident at the gym I hurt my arm, and as a result, it can be hard to lift 25 pounds some days which most jobs require.”

“I started dating my current girlfriend, Angelina and she took me to an ethnobotanical tea bar. I tried a red and green kratom strain and at first the taste was bitter but then I started to notice little effects; I had motivation to do things. I was no longer in a fog and I was present in the moment. Slowly, I noticed my shoulder pain wasn’t as bad. We were able to play seven games of pool back to back which previously I could not have done with my shoulder in the condition it was in.”

“Over all, Kratom helps improve the quality of my life and helps me to function while enduring through this disease that I have.”

“If you are taking medications, please talk to your doctors and explore alternatives. Find an herbalist doctor or someone who practices Chinese medicine and compounding medications, something in that family”. ~ CJ


Scars Hernandez tells us how he discovered Kratom at a local head shop and how it completely changed his life for the better.

I would like to mention that I love the fact that he discovered Kratom at a head shop because it tells me we need this plant to remain in places like this. There have been a few times when I was out of town and I was thankful to be able to run into a shop and buy Kratom. True… some of the Kratom may not be as high quality but for the most part (if you research various brands) you can find something that works for you.

By the way, what a cool name Scars Hernandez!!! Here is his story..

I started taking kratom in 2017 because of near-lifelong, severe, diffuse, constant pain caused by aggressive JIA (juvenile idiopathic arthritis) bone damage and other assorted traumas (life likes to beat me up).

The docs had me on opioids for decades, and it was a major problem. I was hooked, and the pills had stopped helping. Still, I needed them.

I lost my insurance in a divorce a few years ago, thus I lost access to the opioid pills, but I discovered kratom at a local head shop!

I haven’t touched opioids since, even after a major surgery. Also, my energy has increased and my pain is better managed, to the point I’m exercising more than I have in years and I might be more functional at age 46 than at any previous point in my life.

All my friends, family, and medical team know I use kratom, and they all support my use because they see the many positive changes I’ve been able to implement while using it.

Kratom saved my life.

It’s another day in paradise!

Scars Hernandez is a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for many years. Thank you for your service within the Kratom Community.

The Beautiful Miss Joanna Kuyava has been a consumer for a few years now, she states. ‘I’m 70 with chronic pain from DDD and osteoarthritis.’ Thank you for your continuous support. By the way, does the most elegant Joanna Kuyava look high on opioids to you? No, she does NOT. Why? Because Kratom is not an opioid by any sort of DEFINITION. Kratom isn’t even in the same class as opioids. It is derived from the Rubiaceae… a coffee tree. Kratom is a partial agonist that in no way, shape, or form clouds a person’s judgment. It does not impair or intoxicate. It doesn’t cause hallucinations either. It actually has the opposite effect. Here is a study by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine showing that Kratom treats psychosis and depression. But, first let me explain something to you. Hallucinations are a symptom of psychosis, so that wouldn’t make any sense now would it. I am a psychiatric nurse so I KNOW what I am talking about. However, the FDA is hoping that Americans are ignorant to not understand this. So, please read on and find out the TRUTH about Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa instead of being fed lie after lie by our so-called FDA, who are supposed to be protecting us. No …they are in it for the $$$, and if they can’t profit from it they won’t support it. Sincerely and Respectfully Yours Kami Davis

Here is Amber Kost’s Kratom story and testimony. She is a Kratom Consumer and Advocate of three years now. She stands by the use of Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa and believes it should remain legal with free access to everyone. 

Here is Amber’s story ~ 

‘I had never heard of kratom when I met my boyfriend 3 years ago. He’s very health conscious, dislikes pharmaceuticals, and is always researching anything he puts in his body. I don’t have medical issues or chronic pain (thankfully), so it was mostly for mood and energy boosts. I still use toss and wash with oj (that flavor 🥴).
I bought my first clones in October, and it was quite a learning curve, especially for someone with no growing or gardening experience! But I finally got the set up that helps them flourish, and you can literally see new leaves and growth EVERY DAY. I got two seedlings a few weeks ago that are supposed to be acclimated to my area. They do ok, but im stil trying to get them to where they don’t need to constantly covered for the humidity. They’re getting better though! I feel so much pride every time I look at my trees and think about the time, research and work that went in to them!’
‘I’m convinced it’s made my immune system healthier. I haven’t gotten the flu once since I started it, and barely a cold! My boyfriend also almost never gets sick. A member of his family uses it for pain, and has for years. Unfortunately, the stigma created by the FDA is far reaching, so we’re constantly reeducating people that think it’s a drug or dangerous.’

Thank you for building America’s healing garden 🍃

This is Cynthia Ballenger’s Kratom Story. She is strong and amazing in her fight.

‘Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story today even though I’m unable to be there in person!
My name is Cynthia and im a 39 resident of MD, wife, mother of 3 boys and a full time employee and have been for 2 solid years. I say that because I have not always been solid. In 2002 I was diagnosed by multiple doctors with chronic pain condition call fibromyalgia along with multiple bulged discs due to a bad car accident. I am in pain every day all day and that will never go away or get better with time or medication trust me I have tried. Doctors had me on so many different medications I have lost tract of exactly how many. I have had multiple invasive procedures that have either not worked or have left me in more pain then I was in to begin with. The last 5 of the 15yrs I was on 30mg oxcycodone 4 times a day 60mg morphine 3 times a day and soma a muscle relaxer 3 times a day. That is a very high dose of pain medication! To say the least I wasn’t a solid mother to my children or a dependable employee. I wasnt married yet because it’s alot to ask someone to take all of my kinds of struggles on. Daily chronic pain 3 kids unable to hold down a good job not great qualities.’
‘I was on a support group for pain and saw someone say they had found something that helped with their pain. I reached out to them and at the time thought what did I have to loose? I had tried so many other supplements that didnt help at all that I really didnt have high hopes.’
‘Well on March 22nd it will be 2yrs since I have had any pain medication AT ALL! With the help of this natural supplement I was able to completely stop everything. It was not easy by any means! When they tell you that you won’t die from withdrawal you will just want to. I see very negative articles about kratom coming from rehabs and pharmaceutical companies in connection with the FDA who never tell you how horrible methadone and suboxin are! They r highly addictive and so hard to get off of just like heroin. Some ppl stay on those for life! You never read that.’
‘Kratom made it easier for me to walk away from all the bad chemicals I was putting in my body. It was my choice to stop taking pain medication I was not forced to like I have heard alot of ppl have been. But if kratom where to be banned I would have no choice but to see a doctor who now is restricted with guidelines on what they can prescribe. A ban would be devastating to me and my family. I can’t begin to tell you all the wonderful things that have happened in my life but just a few.’
‘I married the man that stuck by me for the past ten years. He saw that I was able to get rid of the medication that was causing so many problems in my life from my kids to work and my health. We have now been married happily for 2yrs and I truly know how proud he is of me for what I’m doing now. I have been working full time for the same company for 2 yrs almost now which is something I was never able to do before! I was on so much medication I was continuously getting fired for just dumb things that never would have happened with a clear mind. I actually was employee of the month for interstate hotels which is where I am today. They actually depend on me and know they can. My kids have benefited the most! My oldest who is 19 now says he feels safe leaving me home alone so he can become a marine. Before he didnt want to leave home afraid something would happen to me.’
‘I am not pain free! Kratom makes the pain I feel bearable for me to function on a day to day basis. I still have limitations I still have my condition. If we can keep Kratom safe and educate the public we can help so many more ppl with stories like mine. The protection act could be a tool in the epidemic this country is facing today. You can save someone who doesn’t even know they want saved yet. Most importantly you would be saving someone like me and mother and a wife who has already found it to not be dangerous if taken reasonably.’

Cynthia Ballenger, as she rides her stunningly beautiful horse.

Here is Melody Woolf’s Powerful Journey and Discovery to finding Kratom. Like me, she also has fibromyalgia among other painful conditions. Through it all, she remains strong and virtuous.. a mom to three kids and loving wife.

Mrs. Melody Woolf, Administrator of Artisan Botanicals


Here is Misty Brown’s Kratom Testimony and her powerful TRUTH. She is incredibly raw and honest in telling her story. A TRUE warrior INDEED.


Misty Brown discovered Kratom over a year ago. She has been advocating and fighting for this plant ever since. Thank you Misty Brown for your continuous support within this community and for choosing plants over pills!!! We love you.

My Kratom Journey follows below 💖🍃

If it wasn’t for Kratom, I would not be able to endure icy conditions and freezing elements, as you see here. Because of this wondrous plant Mitragynine Speciosa, I was able to play in the snow all day, everyday on this joyful winter wonderland snowy Xmas Vacation.. in Strawberry, California!!! 🍓⛄️🎄


We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Floyd Fonck ~

How many tragedies must befall a soul before they are saved? How many times must a heart be broken before it can mend and truly heal? For this fallen angel, more times than you can imagine. This man has been through more than most could bare.

Mr. Floyd Fonck shares his heart and soul through his truth and experiences he’s had throughout his life. Surviving more than one person possibly can imagine, after you read this you will have not one excuse to get up and contribute to our world and make it better.

Floyd Fonck is an example of what it means to succeed in life. He makes me want to be a better person, go out into the community, and make life beautiful like this man does.


This war warrior slayed the dragon. Through his heartfelt yet strength in words and amazing writing, you will learn what it means to never give up, even when the odds are against you. You will know that anything in life IS possible, as long as you have the will to live and the heart to want to go on. ~ Kam


Because he has such a good heart and brightest of mind, he survived and triumphed. ~ Many thanks to you my brother, for allowing me to share such an important part of your life. It is truly an honor and I am inspired. Respectfully Yours, Kami Davis

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light.” — Cristen Rodgers

This is the amazing story of Floyd Flonck ~

‘Kratom has been my blessing in a life that seemed to be a disaster. After 23 years of substance abuse, I had all but given up on life. I had fully accepted the fact that I was going to leave this world because I had nothing left to give and no fight left in me.’

‘My battle started way before the drugs and I felt they were my solution but they only brought me more pain. I had a life filled with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. For over the last decade, I had exhausted every resource I had and was alone for the first time in my life. I was a beaten man mentally, physically, and spiritually dead.

Homeless and running the streets, I knew death was right around the corner, but had no wish to try and stop it. I had come to terms with my life and situation, so I welcomed death so that the pain would finally stop.’

‘No longer would I be a burden on the ones I loved and the world I lived in. Constantly in and out of jails, hospitals and institutions ..I was done.’

‘At 36 years old, I had destroyed everything I ever loved or came in contact with. I was cursed and felt my death was the best option for all parties involved. I was 130lbs and hadn’t eaten or slept in weeks. I was begging death to take me, but there was a different plan.’

‘I remember that last day like it was yesterday, even though it was almost a year ago. Filled with paranoia and beyond delusional, I made the call that saved my life. I like to call that my moment of desperation, followed by a minute of clarity. In this moment I decided I was going to fight for my life one last time. This would be my last time in a hospital and an institution. Due to my mental capacity, an institution was the safest place for me to be.’

‘This is where my journey to freedom and recovery starts. I like to think of it as a perfect storm. If the next course of events didn’t happen the way they did, I don’t think I would have made it to freedom. My mother and step-father allowed me to come home. This is where the real work began that returned me to sanity, after decades of a life that was beyond unmanageable.’

‘After seven days of a cold turkey detox from heroin, methadone, flakka, and cocaine I was introduced to Kratom. Kratom was not a fix all, but it was the most helpful tool in this new found fight for life and recovery. I still had a very hard road ahead of me, but Kratom helped in so many ways.’

‘Kratom helped me to deal with the underlying issues that fueled my substance abuse for 23 years. The anxiety, depression and chronic pain were all bearable for me to deal with instead of running to substances. These substances I abused for so long never fixed anything. They just clouded my judgement and led to more pain.’

‘Kratom allowed me the clarity of mind so that the change of mind, body, and spirit could take place. The mental obsession and the craving for substances were gone. The anxiety and depression that left me confined to a self-made prison had finally subsided enough to where I could work on the real issues that had caused those feelings and emotions for so long.’

‘Kratom brought the chronic pain to a level where I could function and maintain a normal life. Nothing else had ever worked and if it did, it was short lived. Methadone, suboxen, and other prescription pain pills always led me to that same dark place filled with the mental obsession, physical craving, and life that was beyond unmanageable.’

‘I am no longer a burden on the system, nor my family, and we live a life I never knew imagined. I belong to an amazing community that I consider to be family. Our Kratom Community is filled with members who have experienced the same issues as me and we help others to obtain the same freedom we have experienced.’

‘Thank you to anyone that took the time to read this post. To those who are still sick and suffering I hope the freedom and recovery I have experienced finds you in time. The Kratom Community and myself are here to freely share the blessings that were given to us. We cary a mission of love, compassion and understanding.’

‘We are here to love you until you learn to love yourself and in return love others!!!’ ~ Floyd Fonck

Floyd Fonck, before finding Kratom ~
Floyd Fonck, With his son 😊 Thank you for being such a bright light and inspiration in our community! We love ya brother

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