Hi there.. My name is Kami Davis and I have worked for years as a Psychiatric Nurse. I aim to share my experiences, knowledge, and psychiatric skillset with you all so we can inspire, grow, and learn from one another. With that said, I am NOT a healthcare professional who actively practices medicine currently. ALSO, I am NOT advising anyone to consume ANYTHING without consulting a physician beforehand. However, I am also a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 4.5 years. I am District Captain for California, for the American Kratom Association, fighting every single day to keep Kratom legal. Besides having mad passion about this magical, miracle healing plant Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa; I am also a mother to an incredible 18-year old boy, who will be entering firefighting academy soon. I have decided to blog about Kratom, in hopes of clearing up the misconceptions there are, within the media and various social platforms. I’m on a mission to dispel lies surrounding this plant but also in hopes of bringing my Kratom family here to help spread their truth as well. My goal is to share hundreds of testimonies. You just wait and see, because we warriors UNITE. Love and Hugs to You All

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