We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Dave Roberts.

Some men are clearly Princes. Dave Roberts is one of those Princes. Beloved son, husband, father, and advocate for Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, this is his amazing true story.

‘At the age of 3 years old, I was taken from my mom and sister. My dad who was married to the sheriff’s cousin got a letter stating.. I’m not allowed to leave the state of Kentucky with my mother. My dad left me with his sister Ann, while he went to florida to find work. He was to return and take me back with him. He was gone too long I guess because when he returned I wanted to stay where I was. My Aunt and Uncle became my mom and dad . I remember my mom calling a couple times a week saying shes coming to get me and bring me back to Indianapolis. I was confused and scared and didn’t really want to leave from my new home. It was 8 yrs or so before I ever saw my real mom again . I was hurt because I didn’t have that brother n sister relationship like my friends did. I didn’t know who to believe. There is two sides to every story.
Everything was going normal as I kinda forgot about all of this until the day I went to transfer high schools. They would not let my Aunt (mom) sign me out or into the new one. My real mom had to. So then, I was like my mom must have custody of me so why hasn’t she done anything about getting me back sooner.
My new family was amazing though . My dad worked at the block plant while mom stayed home. Dad would get off work then go to the fields to cut tobacco. He was the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. We went to church every Sunday. No one drank alcohol or did any kind of drugs. Which at that time, I didnt know what drugs were until later in life.’

‘Around age 16, I started smoking marijuana. At the time, I was married with my first child. Yes, married at an early age that lasted for 16 years. My wife would get mad because she was against it. Months went by then she started to smoke with me. Around age 20 I went to purchase some weed. He mentioned the neighbor had pain pills. Me and my cousin looked at each other and said “It’s a friday night and we dont have anything else, let’s try it “. I remember that day, plain as day. Looking back, it was what started by down-hill fall. We bought a couple, then a couple more ..then more. We liked the way it made us feel.’

‘Around 5 years later or so I was introduced to crack, then from crack ..to meth. Marriage went downhill and I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to keep us together for the kids but that just made it worse. Kids see more than we think. My kids did not deserve to see and be put through our crAzy arguments and my bad temper. I would get mad and break things. Guess that’s better than hitting someone but its still bad. Things I broke I had to be replaced.’ 🤦‍♂️

‘I’ve tried to quit over the years but everyone around me was doing drugs, calling me ..asking for them or telling me they had some. Friends should be supportive, but during this they were enabling..

At the age of 32, I met my 3rd wife and best friend. For years I hid what I had done. Well I thought I was hiding it, but she really knew because her ex was an addict, as well. I came clean with her and started suboxone clinic. Then I was on legal prescription but I was addicted to them also. Guess it helped with a drug test but not my addiction. It wasnt until I heard about Kratom and tried it ..that my life got on track and was the best I’ve felt in years. I wasnt out chasing my next high every day and could actually stay home and enjoy quality family time. 😁 I gained my weight back, my skin color was back to normal. I just felt like a new man. With amazing support from my wife and the help of Kratom, I can finally live a “normal” life like those around me. I can now do activities with the kids without being high just to feel good so I could get out of bed.’

‘While I’m writing this and thinking about those days way back, it all seems silly to me. I always had to do a pill or something before I done anything. Before going out, before playing games on xbox/playstation, on every break at work and soon as my feet hit the floor every morning after getting out of bed that’s the first thing I would do. It’s crazy how addiction can take control. I wasted 25 + years of my life to addiction. Not saying it was all bad but the side I tried to hide from others was horrible.’

‘Today I’m living that life like I always wanted. That life that I seen my mom and dad live. The life of happiness! Been with my wife for going on 10 yrs, I have 5 kids, grandson and another on the way.’ 😃

‘My mind will always think like an addict, but I have just learned ways to control it and think positive things. I just wish mom an dad was still here. RIP dad 6/16/1940 to 12/22/2914 ** RIP mom 5/28/44 to 1/16/2017.’

‘I hope what I wrote can help soemone else. Just know addiction can be beaten and life is much brighter on the other side. I believe God has a mission for me, and that’s to help others . For the last 6 years, I’ve worked in the CLS field which we support adults with intellectual disabilities. My name is Dave Roberts from a small town in Kentucky. I will accept friends request on fb and my messenger is always open for those who need someone to talk to. I didn’t plan on writing this much but as I started I couldnt stop. Whoever is reading this I hope you have a beautiful day and god bless.’ 🙏🙏

Dave Roberts has been a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for many years. Thank you for your continuous support within our community.

One thought on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Dave Roberts.

  1. Addiction is hard to overcome once it has set in. If you had heard about kratom before you took those pain pills, you might have never fallen for it. My story is the same, tramadol scrip from my doctor, eventually ordering them online when mine got cut, finding out about kratom and using it as my pain killer. It works so much better than the tramadol did

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