Growing Kratom In America

Do Not Get Discouraged When Growing ~

Written by Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

Hi Friends! Hope you haven’t given up on your Kratom growing! 

Always remember that the winter months, your trees will ‘look’ like they’re dying, but I promise that they are not. If you can still see some new growth or green anywhere on your plant, there’s hope! 

This is my very first winter, growing Kratom and I seriously thought I was going to need a greenhouse. However, as you can see my Kratom plants are doing well. 

I did buy a very nice greenhouse. I will definitely need that for when I want to grow a larger amount of trees. But for now my windowsill is working out perfectly. 

The only thing I do to my Kratom plants is give them water and sunshine, that’s it. If you need to transplant your Kratom plant, be sure you do use a good soil, such as chemical and pesticide free.

If you live in colder climate than California, you might have to put your plants in a tent and possibly give them more care, such as maybe special fertilizer etc.

You’ll never really know unless you try, so I say try! What do you have to lose? If you can afford it, definitely go for it!!! 

Absolutely, do not let what others have to say about it, and what their experiences were (growing), discourage you into not trying. 

If you do start growing and have questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to know how your plants are turning out!

Toodles And Happy Growing Everyone! 

Written by Kami Ann Davis 🌹🍃

My Kratom Plant 🪴

Don’t Be Afraid To Grow Your Own ~

These are my Kratom babies and look at how big they are now!!!

Growing Kratom In America With Amber Kost

Only 9 months of growth and TLC, she states.. and look at these beautiful plants she is producing!!!

Plants By Amber Kost

Here is a site showing Kratom trees being grown in South Florida. This lovely person says he has Kratom trees in his backyard that reach 30 feet high! Please go and buy yourself a Kratom tree. I buy my trees from Mr. Craig Strickland and they’re thriving! You can find him on Facebook, YouTube and my group Southeast Beautiful.

‘The beautiful Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) flower is both unique and sweet smelling. It’s scent is similar to a sugary syrup or a lighter version of cotton candy. Like many flowers, when the bloom dies off a seed pod forms. Here is a pictorial walk through of the life of a Kratom flower. These particular trees are in my back yard in south Florida. They are about 6 years old and reach as tall as 30 feet in height. We hope you enjoy this presentation by Ninja Botanicals.’

‘Kratom flowers in all stages. This summer there are an estimated 2,000 flowers on the trees’

Middle section was an excerpt from the article below. Friends, I am about to buy more trees for my greenhouse because the ones on my porch are thriving. I am hoping to have a backyard full of trees so I can start selling them in the future. We must be self-sufficient in case Kratom is cut off from us. I’m not saying that is going to happen but we need to be sure Kratom does not go extinct or becomes this miracle herb that was a thing of the past. Happy Gardening Everyone and if anyone has any questions, please leave a comment!!! Love u dears ~ Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

Becky Jamin bought this Kratom plant when it was just a baby! She gave it to her daughter and they planted it in their front yard. It’s been growing and thriving ever since in South Florida, along the Gulf Coast. Go get you some Kratom Tree and start growing alongside Americans. Let’s grow a big beautiful healing garden, together.

Misconception #12 You Cannot Grow Kratom In The United States And If You Do The Leaves Will Not Produce Mitragynine. FACT CHECK: FALSE

One of the primary reasons why I started blogging about Kratom is to clear up the lies and myth that is a constant surrounding. 

When I started my advocacy group Southeast Beautiful, one of the main things I wanted to learn was whether or not it’s possible to grow Kratom here. Every single person I talk to says this, ‘You can’t grow Kratom because we don’t have the right climate’ or ‘Our soil isn’t good like Indonesia’s’ or ‘Kratom trees grown in the U.S. do not produce Mitragynine’ or ‘You gotta grow in a humidity dome with grow lights and put x, y & z in the soil’. Guess what folks, I’m here to tell you that that is all false. No …you don’t need grow lights if you can grow outside. No don’t need special fertilizer. You CAN GROW KRATOM HERE.

Either people are being misinformed or scammed. For marketing reasons, maybe there are some who think they will grow enough Kratom trees to provide the entire country. 😂 I don’t know but the rumors need to stop because it’s simply not true. 

It turns out there are a few good men out there, growing healthy thriving Kratom trees. So, I bought four plants and listened only to the guy who’s growing them. I thought.. it’s at least worth a try, to see for myself if I can grow. I’m soo glad I did because my plants are growing very fast and beautifully!!! 

Although, I gotta say that after reaching out for quite some time, I have found many people from states all over, who also say they’re growing, sending me pictures of their Kratom crops. Even in freezing Colorado, Kratom is being grown. 

If you have some knowledge or a natural green thumb, you can grow Kratom. Once I received my plants, I immediately transplanted them (GENTLY) into bigger pots. I used miracle grow soil, watered them and put them out on my porch in the sunshine. That’s IT. 

Please don’t be discouraged if you have tried growing Kratom and it didn’t work out. It could of been a simple mistake like not enough water or too much water or maybe you didn’t transplant it correctly. Like with any other plant, Kratom needs warmth and sunshine. 

HOWEVER, transplanting can be tricky. It is very important to not expose the roots for very long or shake the soil off that is surrounding the plant. In order to take the plant out of its original container you can first loosen the sides with a knife or file and then squeeze the plant out carefully. Place the plant on enough soil to where it leaves about an inch or so from the rim so you can water it thoroughly without it spilling over the top. Pack the surrounding soil tightly for protection. And then water slowly so as to not loosen the soil you packed. 

Watering is super important. If you overwater or underwater a plant, it will die. It’s important to check the soil with your finger and feel the texture of the soil. If it’s moist you shouldn’t water. It’s best to wait until the soil is semi dry or bone dry. Although, don’t leave it bone dry for long because these plants like a lot of water. I also like to pick my plants up on the side to feel the weight of the plant. If it’s incredibly light feeling, then it’s time to water. If the soil is still wet it will have a heavy feeling to it when you try to pick it up. Once it’s ready you cannot over-water. Water thoroughly. And do not water again until the soil is dry. 

Remember this…No plant likes a cold dark house and neither does Kratom. If you have to bring them indoors, you will probably need a sunny windowsill or light depending on how cold your house is. 

My hope and wish for Kratom consumers and advocates is to ignore anyone who tries to discourage you from growing. We need to start growing Kratom like we do weed. I just bought a greenhouse. My goal day is to start a small tree business. Why not. California already produces around 80 percent of the population’s marijuana supply. I figure if we all start now maybe in a few years we can be somewhat self sufficient. It’s important to have our own resources, especially since Kratom is under so much scrutiny. 

So, PLEASE go out and buy yourself a Kratom tree! I will say this because I don’t think he will mind..😂 But, a very nice man by the name of Craig T. Strickland sold me some lovely trees!!! You can find him on YouTube, Facebook and my group Southeast Beautiful on Facebook!!! Happy Gardening Everyone!!! Luv Kam

Oh but wait…I almost forgot the most important part and that is dispelling THIS: That Kratom grown in the U.S. produces zero alkaloids. WRONG. For the first time today, I ate one of my Kratom leafs. I was in moderate pain and within minutes, my pain went from a 6 to nonexistent. So…YES Kratom grown in America produces Mitragynine. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Go get u some Kratom Tree!!!!🍃

My Kratom Plant

I have four Kratom plants. I live in California and they are all thriving. Don’t believe others either when they tell you how complicated it is. I stuck my plants out on my porch, gave them water and that was IT. If you have a natural green thumb, you can grow Kratom. I know lots of people who are growing all over the US.

Don’t be discouraged when people tell you, growing Kratom cannot be done in the United States. They’re WRONG.

We must start growing here ..and producing for OURSELVES. It’s the only way we can be sure that we will keep having access to this wonderful plant. We must be self sufficient so we have our own resources to fall back on.

This is one of my plants. It’s shooting four baby leaves! #CaliforniaKratom
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