Let’s Decriminalize Kratom Together

This is my hat and beautiful Kratom leaves from my plant. I am always saying ‘Decriminalize Kratom’ because even though it’s legal in most states, we are looked down upon for the use of it.

We are being controlled as to what we should eat, drink and put inside our bodies and that is not ok. America is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave. Without a doubt, we should have freedom of choice as to what kind of medication we take. We are allowed to choose. Therefore, do not punish us for consuming something that is LEGAL. Whether we want to take something prescribed OR something that is not, we should not be discriminated against or suffer from stigma, especially from our leaders and law enforcement. If anything they should be supporting the use of something that is so completely safe. Instead they support the social norm of drinking at a bar and then driving home.

So, tea friends please do not stop fighting even though it gets very tiring at times. You may feel like you’re beating a dead horse, but do not quit. That’s exactly what they are hoping for. Now more than ever, we need to UNITE as one ~ a Kratom band of unity across this country and all around the world.

As I mentioned before, I am a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for three years now. I was arrested and detained for four hours after telling a police officer I took 1/2 teaspoon of Kratom 12 hours prior to driving. Kratom is COMPLETELY LEGAL in my state, so this is UNACCEPTABLE. I will not stop fighting for our rights …to be treated like law abiding citizens, instead of criminals or drug addicts. Because that’s exactly what is happening in our so-called free country.

Please spread this information far and wide. I love you all… Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

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