Misconception #13 Kratom Causes Hallucinations, Seizures And Death. FACT CHECK: FALSE

Kratom is beneficial in the use of psychosis and depression.

FDA, DEA and Media PLEASE stop making claims that say Kratom causes hallucinations and seizures, when you have zero science to back it up.

Kratom is a coffee tree plant that grows in Southeast Asia. Although, many Americans are starting to grow Kratom in their windowsills and home gardens, the majority of this plant comes from the jungles and BREATHTAKING 140-million year old rainforest of Kalimantan and Borneo.

Kratom is a very special plant because it has so many uses for so many different things, yet it doesn’t produce toxicity or a long list of side effects, like FDA approved drugs.

The FDA can only regulate something as a drug if it has effects of toxicity. Kratom has been used for thousands of years and in the history of mankind, so far to date.. there have been zero deaths from Kratom alone. Also, there is no record of overdose from Kratom alone. Many false claims have been made against Kratom stating lots of poison control calls were being made. FALSE. Please refer to my previous post in this blog, regarding this. You may search for it at the bottom with key words such as ‘poison control’.

Currently, the FDA is abusing their authority and position of power by brainwashing society into thinking Kratom is toxic or a typical opioid. Kratom is not a morphine-like opioid. Kratom has effects the same as chocolate, cheese, breast milk and caffeine. We don’t have to label chocolate an opioid do we, because it works on the same receptors? So, why on earth do we need to do this with Kratom? It’s about money, of course.

Again, Kratom is a partial agonist. Kratom is not derived from the poppy or any opioid-like plant. Kratom IS derived from a coffee tree, the Rubiaceae. It IS a STIMULANT.

The FDA wants to take away the option of having a significant alternative to opioid medication. The American Kratom Association and Sir Mac Haddow at the helm as Senior Fellow on Public Policy works VERY hard, everyday fighting the FDA and media tooth and nail. Fifteen million Americans, including myself count on this God given miracle plant from above, and we are not going anywhere without a fight.

FDA …why won’t you meet at the American Kratom Association’s request? It’s been 687 days since their request, yet still no response. By the way, if anyone is reading this and feels the same way as the FDA does, let me ask you this. Why is it that you think Kratom is dangerous? Where is the science to back up your claims against Kratom as being dangerous? If you say you think Kratom is dangerous because it’s addicting then show me the proof explaining that Kratom is more addicting than coffee, sugar or caffeine. Please comment below and show me this proof.

By the way, NIDA …THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE is spending millions currently on the study of Kratom. If Kratom has no beneficial use like the FDA claims, then why is NIDA taking such interest in this plant? Don’t you think that it’s a bit odd for them to study, take interest and also support the use of Kratom if Kratom was AT ALL highly or dangerously addictive?

No matter which side you are on, if you’ve read this far, go a tiny bit further and check out the American Kratom Association’s website at http://www.americankratom.org

They have very good information regarding Kratom and a collage of beautiful testimonies.. Commercials about Kratom too!

Here is an article by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found by my good friend and Kratom Advocate Misty Brown.

Oh but wait… because I want to add something important. As some of you may know, I am a mental health nurse and I KNOW the symptoms of psychosis and depression.. and they INCLUDE hallucinations and seizures. So tell me this, how can something that is eliminating something be the cause for it? Exactly, it doesn’t make sense and there is no logic to it. The below study PROVES that Kratom helps relieve the symptoms of depression and psychosis which are auditory and olfactory hallucinations, just to name a few. If Kratom is proven to be beneficial for psychosis and depression then how can it be the cause of it?

Please, if you are one of many people who have been brainwashed by the media keep reading my blog and learning as much as you can. Knowledge is power, especially when it’s the TRUH. Don’t let the demonization of Kratom be your roadblock to a bright healthy and promising future. Kratom is saving lives, not destroying them. Maybe it can save yours too.

Luv Always Kami Davis 🍃


By Dr. Jack Henningfield, World’s leading expert for NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse


This is one of my beautiful leaves from my Kratom plant.

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