Growing Kratom In The U.S.

Here is a site showing Kratom trees being grown in South Florida. This lovely person says he has Kratom trees in his backyard that reach 30 feet high! Please go and buy yourself a Kratom tree. I buy my trees from Mr. Craig Strickland and they’re thriving! You can find him on Facebook, YouTube and my group Southeast Beautiful.

‘The beautiful Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) flower is both unique and sweet smelling. It’s scent is similar to a sugary syrup or a lighter version of cotton candy. Like many flowers, when the bloom dies off a seed pod forms. Here is a pictorial walk through of the life of a Kratom flower. These particular trees are in my back yard in south Florida. They are about 6 years old and reach as tall as 30 feet in height. We hope you enjoy this presentation by Ninja Botanicals.’

‘Kratom flowers in all stages. This summer there are an estimated 2,000 flowers on the trees’

Middle section was an excerpt from the article below. Friends, I am about to buy more trees for my greenhouse because the ones on my porch are thriving. I am hoping to have a backyard full of trees so I can start selling them in the future. We must be self-sufficient in case Kratom is cut off from us. I’m not saying that is going to happen but we need to be sure Kratom does not go extinct or becomes this miracle herb that was a thing of the past. Happy Gardening Everyone and if anyone has any questions, please leave a comment!!! Love u dears ~ Sincerely Yours, Kami Ann Davis

The above picture is from Ninja Botanicals who grows Kratom in his backyard in South Florida.

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