Dear Haters ~

For some odd reason, since my last blog regarding psychotropics, I’ve been receiving cruel and hateful comments. I’ve been accused of peddling poison and pushing drugs.

My response is the cold hard facts, scientific data, and other people’s experience with this plant, including my own. I find it fascinating though that people go to the trouble of reading my blog or even commenting if they really truly do feel like Kratom is poison.

It’s actually quite the opposite. It is more like the complete other way around. The person who is condemning something that is literally bringing another person joy, success, and HEALTH IS ACTUALLY THE POISON IN THIS EQUATION.

If you would of had any kind of factual evidence or information to back up your hate speech towards me and this plant then I would of approved your comments. However, you had zero, zip nada. Therefore, there was really nothing to say except my reply below and to whoever else may be misinformed or condemning something that is healthy and saving people’s lives.

Something is VERY VERY WRONG with a society who bashes something that is HELPING MILLIONS OF AMERICANS to be happy and healthy. Maybe you might want to stay in your toxicity, however; let the ones who do not ….BE.

Just let it BE. ~Respectfully Yours, KamiAnnDavis🍃

Suisun, CA at Althea’s Greek Restaurant

9 thoughts on “Dear Haters ~

  1. This is a support kami comment, not related to the post, at least not entirely. Where do you people get off? I’ve read both articles and most of her other ones as well. How in hell do you get the logic that she’s petaling poison or pushing drugs? She’s actively discouraging people to use both antidepressants and antipsychotics, because of their limited effectiveness, backed up by reems of scientific data you’re too lazy to find, and because they can have terrible side effects, only a small list of which are, tartive diskonesia (uncontrolable and unintended muscle and joint movements), they can actually worsen psychoses or neuroses, make the mental problems worse, and because most people, in her own personal opinion, don’t have problems bad enough to warrant using them. How the hell do you get that she’s pushing drugs out of that? SHe’s telling you not to use them unless your mental problems are bad enough, and that’s her opinion only, not medical advice. Second, she’s not pushing poison, because kratom is not under any definition poison. Whether you classify it as a food (because it is literally unprocessed ground up leaf material) or as a drug (because it has chemicals in it which have theraputic effects in the brain and spinal cord) it is not poison. Second, you guys have no right whatsoever to go onto her facebook page, kratom blog, or contact her by email with such hateful comments. If you don’t like kratom, ignore it. Ignore all of us who use it, and go the fuck away. We won’t miss you, believe me. Lastly, she is encouraging people to try it. She’s not making any claim that it’s better than synthetic drugs nor that it will work for everyone. Not even the drugs, which you guys seem to love by the way, can claim perfect effectiveness. Some work on some people, some don’t. That is literally why there are lots of different drugs that do the exact same thing. But I’m not going to try to show you the light, you’re not smart enough to understand or appreciate it, so just get out of hear, we’ll do just fine without you.

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  2. These types of unprovoked comments really get me angry, and fast. Why are they even reading the blog if they aren’t interested in kratom? LIke misty said a couple of days ago, scrol the fuck on. We’re not making you read this stuff and we’re definitely not making you like it. All I can say is, don’t feed the trolls, and stay strong

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    1. That means so much to me, my friend. I hope more and more will speak up about it. Keep at it. Just you saying that and commenting here will inspire others who are reading this. The more we talk about it, the closer we will be to winning this war. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Americans need to know the truth and come out of the dark. So many ones are in pain/desperate need and don’t know this plant exists.


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