Because We Care About The Health Of Americans ~ The Discussion Between Mac Haddow And Dr. B.

Why do anti-Kratom folks assume that we advocates or representatives are marketing something? Neither I nor <<<I think it’s safe to say>>> the American Kratom Association are vendor establishments. I think many people have the wrong idea about why we fight so hard to keep this plant legal.

Honestly, it’s mostly for our own salvation and the natural human need to want to do good in life. As a mother I want to protect myself from sickness and I want to be as healthy and as successful as I can be in this life, so I can produce a phenomenal human being for all this world to see.

I also care about the future of my child and everyone else’s. One thing we ALL can be sure of in live, is that there is PAIN. I want our children to have adequate pain relief when they become adults. The last thing I want for them is to walk into a doctors office and deal with the horrific situation that is at hand and then simply closing a door in their face, saying you get nothing for your pain. ‘Just deal with it’. Or …’Take Tylenol’.

Life is hard and Americans work hard everyday to keep this country moving. That means pain and fatigue. Just like Americans rely on coffee and tea to get them through their sleepy mornings and off to work, the same should be allowed for this amazing plant.

Kratom will help Americans to keep their jobs, when they are tired and in pain. Kratom can help Americans stay productive and stay succeeding in their lives.

Below is a podcast of Sir Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy for the American Kratom Association and Dr. B discussing the addiction potential and a specific autopsy report.

I don’t want to bash anyone here, but of course there are a few things I’d like to point out regarding statements made by Dr. B.

He says, ‘Kratom users will report they’re doing splendidly well in 6 months from now, however; in 5 years from now it’s a different story.’ This could not be further from the truth. I have thousands of Kratom advocates, my friends who have been taking this plant between 6-10 years and they still manage fine on the same dose they started with. Switching strains helps Kratom to stay effective.

Dr. B also accuses Mac Haddow repeatedly stating that he is trying to divert him away from what he’s trying to say. How highly manipulative of someone to say that. This is Dr. B’s show. I don’t see how he can blame Mac Haddow for his own behavior or thinking. As a psych nurse, I see him shifting blame quite a bit here. We are all responsible for our own actions and thoughts. It almost reminds me of addiction mentality, when the person constantly blames everyone else but themselves for their actions or behaviors.

I actually like Dr. B, but I disagree with a lot of what he said here. I don’t think it was right for him to discredit Mac Haddow’s viewpoints by saying he was the doctor who has credentials, not him. The autopsy clearly states this man had various drugs in his system. Also, every single one of us who fight and advocate for Kratom via these medical reports ARE quoting real scientists and medical professionals/doctors, so by no means should anyone discredit or devalue any of it. Unbelievable ~

Therapeutic levels or NOT, as a trained psychiatric nurse I KNOW for a fact the contraindications that are brought on by mixing drugs and herbs together. So, I don’t understand this doctor’s argument. His argument is not valid in my opinion from a medical standpoint.

Also, he says it’s not fair to call Kratom a food. Why? Coffee and tea are both considered foods. Kratom is literally a tea leaf, so it IS a food. It is derived from a coffee tree plant. He goes on to say that Kratom is a psychoactive like that’s a bad thing. Him being a doctor, he should know better that almost everything on the planet that affects your brain chemistry is considered ‘psychoactive’. Anything that has alkaloids in it is considered psychoactive, so stop trying to use that as a means to make this plant look bad. Coffee, tea, chocolate, and the caffeine in them along with cheese, mint, etc all have alkaloids in it that bind to our pleasure center within the brain and receptors. It’s all classified as psychoactive.

Again, no one here is trying to sell you anything. Do you see ANY advertising on my blog?? No. In fact, I JUST turned two offers down because I’m so eager to spread the truth about this plant to HELP people. So, I said no. I knew it would be a conflict of interest and people would be less likely to believe me. However, I don’t agree with that but it’s the nature of the beast. The ironic thing though is I still get accused of trying to sell Kratom. I do not sell Kratom. I do this out of the goodness of my heart because I know how much Kratom has changed my life for the better and I wish that for all of you.

Especially, since I’m a psych nurse I want to lift the veil back from everyone’s eyes so they can see an opportunity for a better life perhaps or help them with their trials and tribulations. We are not trying to ‘market’ anything to you like someone said. I take great offense to that because by no means am I doing this for the money.

Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy for the American Kratom Association
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2 thoughts on “Because We Care About The Health Of Americans ~ The Discussion Between Mac Haddow And Dr. B.

  1. another semi support comment for kami, and comments on this post. Kami is a kratom advocate. What this means is that she tells people about kratom, what it can do for them, and what it cant. I have never, not once, heard her try to sell me anything, and in fact even though we sometimes disagree, she has been nothing but supportive, even to me, and I can be one hard person to support. She is also correct about all of the science she points out. Drugs such as diphenhydramine, promethazine, clariton, and xyrtec, just to name a few, aren’t technically considered psychoactive, although they do all have affects within the brain, antagonistic effects, or blocking effects, on histamine, h1, dopamine, d1 and d2, and antiimetic properties, for promethazine, and h1 antagonistic properties for diphenhydramine and xyrtec Diphenhydramine is also a serotonin antagonist, and what all this medical speak means is that all of those drugs affect your brain, through receptors, so they could probably be classified as psychoactive. But those are neither addictive nor considered drugs of abuse. Kratom is, at least in my own opinion, a food. You may differ and call it a drug, because it has chemicals in it which affect the brain. Then you must also consider caffeine a drug, as well as chocolate, since it has chemicals in it, called alkaloids, which act in the brain. Kratom users almost universally do not up their dose and almost universally do not become addicted. While we may vary the dose up and down a bit to control out pain, we don’t keep going up, and up, and up. We vary to a certain point, and no more. We do this because kratom’s effects diminish as you take increasing doses, and because beyond a certain point, kratom can be nauseating. I didn’t really care for the good doctor much, I’ll be honest. He sounds too much like my own doctor, who initially was sympathetic to my own pain but became less and less sympothetic as the pain, and my own addiction, worsened. Eventually, as kami says, I got the door slammed in my face, along with “take tylenol. I”m not exagerating on this point. People are cut off of their pain meds frequently, if not daily, and when they ask what to take instead, doctors recommend this pain reliever knowing full well it is indicated for mild to moderate pain at best. I have never seen an advert on this site, nor have I ever expected to see one. Kami is part of a supportive and caring community of people who want to maintain access to this plant. I’m not even sure we discuss where we get our kratom from, to avoid just this kind of comment. Lastly, kratom has no establishable ld50, no known dose that, when taken, causes death, or even harm, to a human, or even an animal, come to that. This means you cannot determine a lethal or even harmful dose of kratom in a corpse, or live human. Drug interactions are a possibility with kratom, and I suppose it is possible to kill with kratom plus multiple drugs, as has been established, but not once, ever, has there been a lethal dose of kratom and only kratom found. Any report that says otherwise will conveniently omit those other drugs, or downplay their significance. Applause to mac haddow for handling a very difficult guy with much more grace than I would have, and thank you kami for being so thorough.


  2. Addiction specialist? Now that’s a load. Anyone who calls themselves that seems to specialize about only the negative symptoms of addiction, they’re good at recognizing potential addicts, but have no answers for how to prevent an addiction in the first place or treat one once it sets in, beyond the usual FDA approved meds. This doctor is unfortunately not the first person to stubbornly set his jaw and insist that we can’t take a plant for our pain, it doesn’t work, what we should do is what the FDA wants, they have much more medical knowledge than we do, we’re just addicts after all, and the only thing that matters to addiction specialists is, my own opinion here, getting another addiction notch on their belt. They want to be able to say they’ve cured an addiction, but addiction drugs are not a cure. they only enable an established addiction, they don’t cure it. Kratom is, as far as I know, the only plant to be able to cure an opioid addiction, because it does the following. A, it binds, partially, to mu opioid receptors, providing pain relief. B, it antagonizes, or blocks, the delta and kappa opioid receptors, also helping to relieve pain but also to prevent opioid addiction from developing in the first place. C, it reverses the downregulation, or disappearing, of mu opioid receptors, which happens once you’ve taken opioids for a while, which is what leads to increasing doses, there are fewer and fewer receptors for the drugs to bind to. I won’t list the entire evidence here, but just point to as a reference. In summary, it provides pain relief, while at the same time causing your body to rewire itself, which cures the addiction, because the addiction is your body’s way of going hey wait a minute, where are my drugs? Opioid addiction drugs work because they bind to opioid receptors, just like whatever opioid you were hooked on, but they don’t do any of the other stuff which kratom does. What this does is transition the person from hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc to a different opioid, and that patient remains dependent on that opioid for the rest of their life, unless they decide to simply stop, and because opioid addiction drugs are incredibly strong, the withdrawals will be orders of magnitude worse than your original drug. The FDA knows this, and they have decided not to let us in on this fact. I don’t really know why, kami would say it’s a big pharma plot, but I don’t know for sure what the actual reason is, but the reason behind it doesn’t matter. Kratom is a possible alternative to starting opioid in the first place, and a way to manage pain long term, for years or decades. But the great thing is, if your pain stops, you can stop taking it, and you shouldn’t experience withdrawal. I’ve heard of a minority of people who do, but it’s rare.

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