We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kimberly Skelton.

Kimberly Skelton is amazing in my eyes because when she could of left jail, she chose to STAY inside and dry out. 💔If it were me, I don’t think I woulda had the strength to do the same? The Angels above surely took care of her. Her smile radiates so much strength and accomplishment. You should be super proud.

‘My story;’
‘I am Kimberly. My story begins in the year 2000. I had to have surgery, a simple surgery that soon became a life threatening procedure because of a doctor’s mistake. That first surgery turned into three within a three week period to save my life. Severe and chronic pain began me on a journey of addiction to prescription pain medication. It took me four or a little more years to realize and see that I had an addiction to the pain meds. My life began to spiral even further out of control as I had added meth, xanax, Roxy’s or really just anything to the mix to get me high. My whole life revolved around my next high. Eleven years into the meth addiction and countless legal matters later I was convicted felon of drug possession. On January 10th 2016 I was jailed and facing time in prison over the drugs. When i went to jail this time I grasped onto an opportunity for change and held on for dear life. I chose to stay in jail until February 23rd to give me a chance to dry out. I prayed and gave my heart and life to Christ. However, when I came out I was dealing with seizures and still the chronic pain. It was then that I was introduced to kratom. It was a Godsend. Now I had a way of treating the chronic pain without using big pharma solution which had destroyed my life. It takes care of my pain, anxiety and chronic fatigue that I experience as well. Kratom has changed my life by giving me the ability to stay clean and sober by taking care of those issues without going back to man made solution that would end up causing me to lose my life.’ ~ Kimberly Skelton

After thought ~ ‘Staying in there was one of the hardest things I ever done. Jail is not a good place. Lol. It was the best thing for me in the end though. It gave me the chance to dry out and not be out on the streets hustling that next high. I dont have another high in me. I would end up dead and i know that. We have to keep kratom legal. We just have to. I cant live with the pain without something to help it. Big pharma cannot be that option again. It just cant. I would lose my battle. I would lose my life.’ ~ Kimberly Skelton

In the year of 2016, the Beautiful Kimberly Skelton was introduced to Kratom. Please read her story in my blog. It’s incredibly heartfelt and powerful. Kimberly Skelton has been a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for a LONG TIME, as well. We love you Kimberly.
Kimberly Skelton is one of the most kindest people I’ve known virtually and online. Thank you Kimberly Skelton for your giving and generous nature in the Kratom Community.

3 thoughts on “We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Kimberly Skelton.

  1. This article hits very close to home. Although i’ve never had legal trouble or jail time, it was only because I was lucky and never had anything worth coming after me for. I do wonder sometimes whether the tramadol would have killed me, and it seems likely,but even if it didn’t, I’d have been a slave to it for life. I have well over 15000 kratom capsules all told, and it sure does feel good knowing I’m stocked up and I have a long, long, long time’s worth of kratom stockpiled, just in case someone in politics loses their minds and tries something

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  2. that’ not meant to be gloatng or anything of the sort, these 15k capsules i’ve built up over months upon months. And I’m stil more than willing to send kratom care packages to anyone who needs or wants them, no charge

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