We Are The Faces Of Kratom. We Are The Faces Of America, With Shanesaw Jones

An incredible story about an amazing man that goes by the name of Shanesaw Jones ~

‘Heller…my name is Shane and I used to be an addict. In 1994 I was in a pretty bad automobile accident. The accident exacerbated a birth defect in my lower back that I didnt know existed. I ended up having a pretty invasive surgery called a decompression/Lamnectomy. After “healing” I was nagged with some intense chronic pain and my new primary care physician prescribed me Oxycontin, Oxy IR, Percocet. It started out innocent enough, but by 2006 I was a raging addict and injecting became my preferred method and was still seeing the same Doctor. 2006 was also the year my world came crashing down around me..my drug use had cost me my marriage. It took losing the love of my life to get me to kick opiates. I quit on my own..going through withdrawals, but replaced it with alcohol. I had the presence of mind to realize I was heading into trouble and went online for help. I kept seeing the name “TEA and researched it. Videos…testimonials…convinced me to give it a shot. The rest is history. I havent used or had a drink in almost 9 years. Im productive, clear headed and continue to be pain free all thanks to our “TEA”. Im a happy man.’ ~ Shanesaw Jones

Shanesaw Jones has been a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 9 years. Thank you Brother.

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