Kratom Deserves To Be Decriminalized, And Viewed The Same Way As CBD And Marijuana.

Kratom does not cause a person to become impaired or intoxicated. Yet, alcohol and marijuana do cause impairment and intoxication and are both legal. I do fully support the use of marijuana and alcohol, but only when consumed responsibly. Kratom doesn’t produce any sort of intoxication, yet it is demonized and treated as such.

We HAVE TO stand up and TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS PLANT. The truth will outweigh the lies. By Kami Ann Davis

Thank you Kratom Science EU for putting out this information, regarding CBD and its promising future!!! Kratom deserves to be viewed in the same way.

CBD: the newest skincare ingredient?

Borneo Jungle’s 140 MILLION Year Old Rainforest.. Where Kratom Grows

2 thoughts on “Kratom Deserves To Be Decriminalized, And Viewed The Same Way As CBD And Marijuana.

  1. I’m 70 years old with degenerative disc disease, had two hip replacements, and many other old age problems. Kratom helps get me out of bed in the morning. Takes my pain away. Gives me energy to do things I have to do. I take less medications now. My dr approves it. She has seen a great improvement. We need to keep it legal, decriminalize it. And leave it natural.


    1. I one hundred thousand percent AGREE. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I’m really glad that your doctor knows about your Kratom use and approves it. We need to tell our doctors about this amazing herb.


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