Rehab Centers Continue To Be Puppets, As The FDA Continues To Orchestrate A False Narrative Concerning Kratom ~

Written By Kami Davis 🍃 As most of you probably know or have seen, there is a new docu-series called Dopesick. Many people in the pain community are angry about this, however; there are important factors that are true .. that need to be addressed. The public needs to understand what exactly has taken place.Continue reading “Rehab Centers Continue To Be Puppets, As The FDA Continues To Orchestrate A False Narrative Concerning Kratom ~”

You Don’t Think Caffeine Withdrawals Are As Bad As Kratom Withdrawals?

Written By Kami Davis ♠️🍃 First of all this is a complex question with a complex answer. I’m not saying Kratom withdrawals are worse, however; it all depends on your mental health and exactly how much of either substance you consume. It MATTERS because the more you partake of something, the higher your risk isContinue reading “You Don’t Think Caffeine Withdrawals Are As Bad As Kratom Withdrawals?”

Kratom Reduces The Growth of E. Coli and Fights Pneumonia ~

Written By Kami Davis 🍃 Amazing!!! This study proves that Kratom can reduce, even eliminate the need for antibiotics. Now, do you get it?? The FDA doesn’t want to support it. Sad, but they aren’t interested in anything they cannot profit from. However, we will not be silenced! More and more studies are provingContinue reading “Kratom Reduces The Growth of E. Coli and Fights Pneumonia ~”

You Don’t ‘Like’ Kratom?

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃 Well, that is OKAY. It is even OKAY by myself and the Kratom community, if you didn’t find anything positive about this plant. Yep, you know there is a ‘BUT’ I’m about to say lol. Let’s keep this one ‘real’ informal shall we? BUT, it’s NOT OKAY to lie orContinue reading “You Don’t ‘Like’ Kratom?”

Beautiful Plants ~

Written By Kami Davis ⚡️🍃 Kratom is such a beautiful beautiful plant. I had increased for awhile due to a temporary increase in pain/circumstance. But, now I’ve decreased my dose by half, back down to 1 teaspoon with excellent pain relief and results. No withdrawals whatsoever. With that said, I really do believe it’s aContinue reading “Beautiful Plants ~”

Buprenorphine ~ Suboxone

Written By Kami Davis ⚡️🍃 This is Dr. Coleman from the Coleman Institute ~It Makes me soo mad because they won’t let me comment 😡Here, he’s (addressing) and openly admitting to how incredibly HARD it is to get off of Suboxone; which is buprenorphine. Yet, they will not tell people about Kratom! He states thatContinue reading “Buprenorphine ~ Suboxone”

Kratom Withdrawals ~ SO WHAT

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃 I’m so tired of hearing people highlight the fact that Kratom can produce withdrawals. So WHAT. They are not deadly. And Kratom doesn’t kill people. You can argue withdrawals all you want, however; at least Kratom isn’t a full opioid agonist like MAT/methadone is. Yes hello people anyone sayingContinue reading “Kratom Withdrawals ~ SO WHAT”

Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom Today ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃 Thailand decriminalizes Kratom TODAY and starts smart farming programs for the exportation of Kratom, to outside countries. This should speak positively to the World Health Organization in October. What makes or breaks you in life is TIMING. It’s ALL ABOUT TIMING and money isn’t it? We couldn’t ask for betterContinue reading “Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom Today ~”