Beautiful Kratom Coffee Tree ~

I have started growing my OWN Kratom. This is a picture of a recent budding of leaves. I call it ‘kissing Kratom leaves’. Thankfully, I live where it’s quite warm and they seem to like it. Just water and sunshine, with love and you can grow Kratom! That and good soil. Luv Kami Davis

Let Me Introduce Myself ~

Hi there.. My name is Kami Davis and I am a Kratom Advocate and Consumer for 3 years. I am also a District Captain for California, for the American Kratom Association, fighting every single day to keep Kratom legal. Besides having mad passion about this magical, miracle healing plant Kratom Mitragynine Speciosa; I am alsoContinue reading “Let Me Introduce Myself ~”

How I got my life back after 20 years of pain and suffering.

Hi there.. I am a psychiatric nurse. I studied at Napa Valley College and graduated in May of 2000. However, I’m not currently working in a hospital setting, due to my injuries. AN ACCIDENT WHICH LED TO A DIAGNOSIS: I suffered three injuries over the course of 8 years. I have PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigueContinue reading “How I got my life back after 20 years of pain and suffering.”