Misconception #3 Kratom is a Psychoactive Drug which impairs and intoxicates you. FACT CHECK: FALSE

Yes. Kratom is a type of psychoactive, HOWEVER; it is not psychoactive in a harmful way. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs ~ Social Functioning of Kratom Studies show Kratom can lead to dependence in animals. Nevertheless, Kratom preparations were also suggested as a less harmful substitute in opiate withdrawal. A cross-sectional survey was carried out inContinue reading “Misconception #3 Kratom is a Psychoactive Drug which impairs and intoxicates you. FACT CHECK: FALSE”

Here is Misty Brown’s Kratom Testimony and her powerful TRUTH. She is incredibly raw and honest in telling her story. A TRUE warrior INDEED.


My Beautiful Friend Miss Misty Brown shares her incredible journey here. She tells Brian Gallagher from Kratom Science about her road to discovering this magical, healing plant. She is heavily involved in activism and advocates for Mitragynine Speciosa, working with the American Kratom Association.

Misconception #1 Kratom is harmfully addicting. FACT CHECK: FALSE

Pure Leaf Kratom is safe and is Low risk for addiction. ~ Kami Davis In the words of Dr. Jack Henningfield, Ph. D. ,, one of the world’s leading addiction specialists (Chief of Biology/Dependence and Abuse Potential Assessment) for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a member of the John Hopkins University School of MedicineContinue reading “Misconception #1 Kratom is harmfully addicting. FACT CHECK: FALSE”

Yale University sheds light on the TRUTH about the lies and deception being told throughout the media, while giving us an honest and truthful perspective on this healing plant, we call Kratom.

Unpacking the Debate Surrounding the Use of Kratom Unpacking the Debate Surrounding the Use of Kratom

Why Kratom Is Low-Risk For Addiction ~

First of all, one of the main reasons why I wanted to blog about Kratom is because there are SO MANY LIES AND MISCONCEPTIONS that surround this plant. The FDA and DEA demonize Kratom, in order to form a negative opinion in people’s minds. The reason is simple – $$$ They can’t profit from anythingContinue reading “Why Kratom Is Low-Risk For Addiction ~”