Scour The Earth Kratom Advocates ~

Written by Kami Davis

As you may of heard from last night’s webinar via Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the American Kratom Association we are in search of a receipt, proof of purchase for Kratom any time dating before 1994. This proof of purchase would help Kratom to be protected by the DESHEA ACT of 1994. More than likely Kratom would then be grandfathered in with tea, coffee, and herbs such as Kava; protected under the 1994 DSHEA Act.

In 2020, as I was researching I found one of the very first articles ever written about Kratom. Written 90 years ago….June 7, 1930. Known as Kratom Eaters, it is a cross reference to the 8-Factor Analysis and basis for Dr. Jack Henningfield’s report.

While it states you can become addicted, it also says it is low-risk for abuse/addiction and is not harmful.

As Mac Haddow stated last night, “Scour the earth, advocates”.

If anyone finds something questionable please reach out to me on my blog in a comment or email me and I will be sure to place it in the right hands.

Hope everyone is well. ©️KamiDavis2023


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