The Reason Why Some People Cannot Take Kratom ~

Written By Kami Davis

Hi guys, as you know already by my blog, I tell it like it is. So, here goes.

I have been consuming Kratom and advocating for it for over five years and the one thing that I have been trying to understand is how come some seem to fair negatively from it. It is baffling to me how a plant that is helping millions like myself never gives any negative side effects but others complain of the opposite. It is easy to understand we share different chemistries; that being a factor. However the more I research these types of groups of individuals the more clear it is to see what the differences are between them and the millions who are benefiting from it.

There are always three things in common with individuals who don’t like Kratom and that is:

One: They abuse it, taking high doses, alongside other stimulants such as caffeine shots or illicit drugs. People who do this are not taking Kratom for the right reasons. Instead they take it thinking they can get high. When they find out there is no high they hope a larger dose will give it and so on. You are the problem. Not Kratom.

Two: They do not have a legitimate reason for taking it, meaning they don’t have any symptoms they are using Kratom for relief of. Many are addicts trying to escape the feeling of everyday life and it’s struggle. They are trying to numb themselves from (reality) for a high. Kratom will not have much effect on a person if you do not have a literal symptom that needs relieving. Think about it. Our minds are very powerful and know when something is off. If you have nothing to relieve than your mind is going to turn it into something negative thinking that Kratom is no good because it didn’t give you what you were needing. Kratom cannot relieve delusions (false beliefs).

Three: They misdiagnose themselves in turn self medicating with the wrong kind of treatment. If someone has a mental illness and starts taking Kratom for it and they don’t get the results they hoped for, it doesn’t mean Kratom is bad and should be banned. It means that person needs to seek mental health treatment and probably needs something stronger like psychiatric medication and therapy. No, Kratom did not cause your anxiety. You had that to begin with and you need to stop avoiding the doctor and finally get the counseling you desperately need. But, wait some of these folks are adamant stating no they did not have anxiety. Denial, look it up and you will realize that the brain is very good at deceiving itself through avoidance behavior and cognitive dissonance.

While I understand that each person on this planet deserves to tell their story please don’t misinform the public. Please do not misinform others into thinking that it isn’t possible to take Kratom at the same low dose longterm without losing its effectiveness; because nothing could be further from the truth! I and thousands upon thousands of the population do just that. I’ve been consuming Kratom for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue for over five years and I’m still taking the same dose I started with; 1 to 2 teaspoons three times a day every day without a single withdrawal or negative side-effect.

I hope I can keep taking Kratom this way, having good results. However, if something changes and it starts presenting undesirable results then I will have to make a change. However …

I will forever be grateful for this plant because of the life it gave back to me which my illness robbed (me) and my family of. I have five beautiful years that are some of the best of my life filled with happiness and memories. This is why I treat this plant so carefully and don’t abuse it or take it for granted. Because I hope to benefit from it for the rest of my life, while I have to manage a debilitating painful condition for the rest of this life. If you have no idea what I mean then you really have no business with this plant. Be honest with yourself and start thanking God for not having a painful condition you constantly need relief from.

You are your own problem. With that said, you are the solution as well. Why not start being a good influence on society instead of misguiding others due to your wrong actions and thinking. Take responsibility for your space in a life that was freely given to you. Realize that everything begins and ends with you in your life; you have the power to change and be whoever you want to be.

Written By Kami Davis

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