West Virginia and Virginia Adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act ~

Hi friends! Great news! Both West Virginia and Virginia are the eighth and ninth states to have adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act!

The KCPA is the regulation in which we need to ensure Americans have legal access to clean unadulterated pure leaf Kratom. This piece of legislation establishes safety standards and age restrictions. Please visit protectkratom.org for more information.

Congratulations to our Kratom community for working tirelessly each and every single day. I have been researching and advocating for five years alongside a hardworking team.

Biggest thanks to Mac Haddow and the American Kratom Association. For without you, none of this would of been possible!

Stay tuned my friends I will be blogging about the AKA’s recent trip to Vienna, the UN.

Written By Kami Davis


Sir Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the American Kratom Association

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