We Are The Faces of Kratom, We Are The Faces of America With Lucy ~

Hi all! It has been awhile since I have posted. I recently went back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in sociology and I am also a heavy advocate for Kratom, which will forever remain.

The following is an amazing, true story of one woman who found Kratom. Her name is Lucy.

Thank you Lucy for choosing this blog to share your story!

“I’d be in bed with pain every day all day if I didn’t have this. I have been to the hospital in agony so many times because my neck and head hurt so bad that I can’t eat or do anything I just get sick I throw up it’s awful and they won’t give me anything other than Tylenol it’s been like that since I was 16. Then eventually I started drinking kratom and it helps me to be able to have a life and be a normal human. It helps with my ADHD to focus and get daily tasks done. Of course it isn’t a cure all for everyone it’s going to be different for everyone but it helps me in those ways and it’s a plant from the earth. It makes no sense as to why we wouldn’t be able to use it. I am able to drive a car , clean my house , get groceries , do laundry (which requires going up and down stairs at my apartment) , and so many other things I can’t do on a daily basis without it I don’t think I could work I’d have to be on disability I’m in such horrible pain most days. But this helps.”

“Not to mention it helps so many other people and gives so many people a safe place to hang out at for people who don’t like drinking or can’t be around that. It makes me so angry.” ~ Lucy



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