Dependence, What Does it Really Mean ~

Written by Kami Davis

Hi all! I hope you had a magnificent thanksgiving holiday. I did. I baked and cooked as I always love to do. I am looking forward to winter break!

Will you catch me if I fall?

Before I found Kratom, I was miserable. Yes, I was grateful for the pain medication regimen I was on, however; it was not enough to sustain me 24/7. I was prescribed enough during the day but where I fell short was throughout the night. Also, with respect to breakthrough pain it was not always sufficient. However, I was thankful especially as many others were being cut off. I am still thankful to my doctors in this regard.

There were many times when I fell hard due to the emotional anguish and mental pressure of the daunting challenges I faced with unrelieved pain. I had responsibilities as a single mother who was also raising a chronically ill child.

As I was desperate for a better way, I searched for holistic alternatives and by God’s grace Kratom popped up on my computer screen. Since the day I received my first package of Kratom I can honestly say I have not fallen to be left in writhing pain and aching despair without any kind of relief in sight. I no longer have to go for days without pain relief.

Now, I am in control of my pain management instead of being at the mercy of a physician.

When I am in pain, Kratom catches me. I don’t have to fall down so hard and neither does my family. Chronic pain patients will understand this.

If Kratom is banned and scheduled as an illicit substance, it will go to the black market. By no means will Kratom vanish. Grieving parents who are delusional in thinking the scheduling of this plant will fix addiction and abuse are foolish in their thinking. Illicit Fentanyl is what is killing our children and chronic pain patients who’ve been cut off. Who will be the ones to catch the medically disabled fallen to unbearable suffering who no longer have pain relief in sight. A pained society who no longer have the freedom and legal access to Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa?

Who will be there to catch them when they fall? Many out of desperation will fall to adulterated Kratom and other pain relief products on the black market and streets. They will succumb to deadly overdose through addiction or suicide.

No thanks. I would much rather fall onto the safest cushion I can see thus far and that is Kratom.

We are all dependent on one thing or another. Is dependence all that bad? Of course, not. It is the stigma attached to it that causes people to think it is bad across the board.

We are dependent on our cars to take us where we want to go. We need cars to function and literally survive in the world. Without a car, the majority of the population cannot survive. In fact, our livelihoods depend on it, especially if you have children.

Getting into a car presents every single person the risk of a deadly accident. But, we keep doing it because our livelihoods depend on the transportation it provides to us.

The same illustration applies to chronic pain patients who depend on medication and/or herbs to help function. These herbs and medications have benefits that far outweigh the risks.

However, that is personal and unique to the person who faces chronic pain. There are many people who are not in chronic pain and are looking to consume something.

First of all ask yourself if you’re okay with taking something every single day? Second, understand what that means. Even if it supposedly has zero risk for addiction if you depend on it you can still build a habit or addiction to it. If you are uncomfortable with having to be dependent on anything then I suggest you stay away from any kind of medication or herbal supplement.

Below is a collection of my thoughts regarding Kratom dependence and withdrawals. Upon reading someone’s negative experience with Kratom it left me wondering why someone would keep taking an herb if they were having a bad side-effect from it.

When people try new medications it is well known by your doctor that possible negative side-effects can occur. Why would it be any different with a new herb you pick up at the Nutrition store? The second a bad side effect occurs from a new medication the person almost always quits immediately. This is common sense that should be applied with Kratom and other supplements.

We all need to be careful and responsible when we are trying new things. This is part of being an adult.

I recently read an experience by a former Kratom consumer who was angry due to a lack of knowledge regarding the possible side-effects versus benefits. She adamantly states that she was lied to by those who misled her to believe that Kratom is non-addictive in any capacity. With respect to her privacy I have blotted out her name and the extent of her story.

This is an excerpt from an experience I read. She goes on to say she still thinks Kratom is beneficial.

This makes me sad because part of it is true. No matter how much we hate it or want to deny it, never should we say that kratom isn’t possibly habit forming. Unfortunately, it then gets misconstrued to it being harmful. People equate things to being harmful in diverse ways. It seems that people who have extreme addiction mentality view ANYTHING that you can become dependent on as being harmful.

Most Chronic pain patients do not feel this way because no matter what, we know we are stuck having to be dependent on something for the rest of our lives. Therefore, that factor is totally irrelevant.

Because something is habit forming or can produce withdrawals, it does not mean it’s deadly. Common sense, irresponsibility, and lack of accountability is to be factored here as well.

Until enough people have the courage to educate the public about this, with regard to kratom withdrawals and what that actually means; these kinds of stories will continue.

It’s not right for someone to be lied to, however; she also needs to take accountability for not doing any research on kratom. All she had to do was google and read the exaggerations or lies that unadulterated Kratom will kill you. The truth about this plant does exist. You have to dig for it.

But, we also have a responsibility to not make someone (especially a person struggling with addiction) believe that kratom has zero potential for addiction and withdrawal.

But, to do so one must elaborate on it. You cannot simply say it is like coffee and leave it at that because people do not understand that caffeine can produce major withdrawals and can also be addictive. Therefore, people become angry and feel like we are lying to them when we compare it to coffee. We are not, however, due to high ignorance of caffeine related withdrawals and addiction they cannot understand the correlation, nor the significance. There is a disconnect and major need to bring awareness to withdrawals and addiction that is far less harmful than those of opioids, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

Therefore, it is imperative that you yourself do the little bit of research that is required to make an informed (as opposed to uninformed) decision to start consuming any kind of herbal stimulant or medication similar to caffeine or tobacco.

Kratom falls into the category of tobacco and caffeine products such as coffee and tea. We don’t ban caffeine (coffee, tea, and Kratom) or tobacco because they are not deadly.

Written by Kami Davis

11 thoughts on “Dependence, What Does it Really Mean ~

  1. And if heroin and fentanyl are still being purchased regardless of it being outlawed, I’m sure kratom can and will survive. Indiana is one of the few places it’s illegal!!! I’ve actually considered moving cuz this makes NO DAMN SENSE

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      1. That’s so nice of you to say! Thank you very much. I’m actually editing another post and hopefully I’ll be finished in a day or two. Makes me feel good knowing it’s readable! 😁


      2. It’s absolutely readable. It’s so thorough, explaining what you’ve had to endure. You’re a strong warrior and I’m amazed at your inner fortitude

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