Kratom Benefits Outweigh the Risk ~ What Does That Mean?

Written By Kami Davis ©2022

When it comes to Kratom it is a known fact that some people do or do not benefit from it. Should this surprise you, though? Absolutely not. Stop and realize how unrealistic it would be to think that any supplement, herb, or medication could be capable of producing zero negative side-effects.

Even the good ole FDA bases their entire approval process for medications off of this analysis.

Take a look:

‘Pros and Cons of Prescription Medicine’

‘If the FDA considers a medication safe enough to approve, that means its benefits outweigh its known risks. The medications you take play an important role in your overall health. However, all medications have side effects, warnings and drug interactions, so it’s important to understand your treatments, expected results, and alternative medical options.1’

  • The benefits of medicines are the helpful effects you get, such as easing pain, controlling blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, or curing an infection.
  • The risks of medicines are the possible unwanted or unexpected effects that might happen to you when you use them. Risks can be minor, like a mild upset stomach, or more serious, such as an increased risk of bleeding or liver damage.

So, why should Kratom be singled out for producing undesirable side-effects for a small percentage of the population?

It is criminal to ban and demonize a medication or herbal supplement that’s helping millions of a global population; because you, your friend or family member did not experience positive results from it.

To deny the fact that Kratom is helping millions of people globally in a court of law or as means to gain in a legal manner is an act of crime. Remember that omitting the truth is in fact a lie. It is criminal. Once you go under oath, you are sworn to tell the truth. That means (whether you like it or not) you are no longer allowed to pick and choose, nor deny or accept facts and pieces to a circumstance. All sides come into play, not just your story and what happened to you. YOU now are purposely affecting the livelihood and future of millions globally because you presume your circumstance of what happened is MORE IMPORTANT. You apparently believe that your life and your family’s life are more important than the millions of sick and disabled people who rely on Kratom in order to survive or have some kind of sanity in life with regard to pain relief and happiness.

You may have a story to tell that is your truth. However, that doesn’t give you a pass to lie under oath. You cannot deny nor dismiss the benefits in which Kratom has given to humans on a global scale.

There are two sides to every story. While yours may involve a negative, mine and millions of others have only experienced positive benefits from taking Kratom, the quality of life it has given back to us.

Millions upon millions of people globally are not dying nor are they experiencing negative side-effects from Kratom. That is the difference. That is the benefit outweighing the risk. Millions are benefiting compared to a small percentage who are not.

Therefore, we can conclude that in no way shape or form is Kratom deserving of being scheduled or banned (anywhere). The benefits of taking Kratom far exceed the risks.

Written By Kami Davis

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