The American Kratom Association Needs Our help ~

The American Kratom Association has been trying to meet with the commissioner of the FDA for quite some time. They have requested a meeting. Mind you, this has been going on for years. Yet, the FDA blatantly continue to dismiss them.

The following is written by the American Kratom Association. Please help us fight to get the truth out (about the plant Kratom) and get word to our fellow friends and Americans.

‘Petition to Commissioner Califf: Meet with the AKA & Ensure FDA Tells Americans the Truth’

‘The AKA is once again requesting a meeting with the FDA Commissioner and wants Americans to get the truth; not the same bureaucratic policy and misinformation that has helped fuel the overdose crisis in America.’

‘We need FDA Commissioner Dr. Califf to know how the career staff at the FDA are thumbing their noses at the laws that require them to tell the truth about public health policy, and we need him to know that the FDA policy on kratom is WRONG!’

‘Please sign and share to tell Dr. Califf; and all FDA, DEA, and government officials that Americans deserve the truth about kratom and not the old lies from 2016 that so many have perpetuated.’

Sign the petition here. 👇

2 thoughts on “The American Kratom Association Needs Our help ~

  1. Kratom has been a safe and effective way to manage my chronic pain. I went from Vicodin to Norco’s trying to manage the pain. After a while the pain meds stop helping and more are needed. It was a dangerous way to manage the pain. Kratom has changed all that. It’s been life changing. If I’m not able to continue taking kratom my only choice is to go back to pain meds.

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