Compassion, What Is It? Kratom Death Claims Are Not Facts ~

Written By Kami Davis

Do Kratom Anti-Coalition Groups exhibit compassion? Do Pro-Kratom Groups exhibit compassion? We will discuss this in the following paragraphs.

First of all, what is compassion anyway? Compassion is Giving up a seat to a pregnant woman, being polite to retail workers, helping your friend move, taking a second to listen at work — compassion takes many forms.Jul 16, 2021

These are some of the ways we can define compassion. Compassion means that we as human beings, make the conscious decision to (at least) TRY and understand what kind of trials and tribulations another human being may be facing. It’s a selfless act really. Because when you are showing compassion towards someone, you are thinking about someone else other than yourself.

Reason why I’m talking about this topic is because of the constant battles we face as Kratom Advocates.

Most selfish people are not very compassionate. The dictionary states that the opposite of compassion is indifference or coldheartedness.

The compassionate person feels sympathy and is moved to help someone who’s suffering.

I would very much like to highlight the truth, when it comes to compassion ..within these two parties. I cannot speak for everyone, however; I (am) at every single meeting, zoom, and AKA briefing. I have thousands of acquaintances and Kratom friends, within the community. Most of us have only engaged, if at all ..with grace and dignity; and most likely, it was only a simple attempt to present science. Yet, they often say ‘What science?’ Again, this is PROOF they have zero interest, nor COMPASSION for seeing OUR SIDE. Yet, we still remain to show empathy and grace for their SIDE and circumstance, whether Kratom has anything to do with it or not.

We are accused of harassing them. If so, please present this evidence or stop lying. Again, nothing is being presented because no one is harassing them. The truth of the matter is that we have tried to present our side, the suffering side as well. We have tried to show them the good that Kratom can do and that while nothing is perfect, and perhaps you can suffer a withdrawal ..still Kratom alone, is not deadly.

We have tried presenting science and they disregard it. They then go on to say ‘What science are they talking about?’. Again, they show zero compassion nor interest in trying to work together and understand how Kratom isn’t the same, nor deadly like synthetic drugs.

We are working hard at this fight to keep Kratom safe and unadulterated. Yet, Anti-Kratom are trying to counteract our every move.

Why? On the basis that you say Kratom along with other substances were found in your friend’s system at the time of death? But, wait a minute. You did not provide any evidence or proof to back up your death claims? Because that is exactly what it is; a claim and not the truth. Is that even significant or legitimate, I ask myself.

We, as a pro-Kratom community continuously remain to not engage with anti-Kratom coalition groups because unfortunately THEY have shown US ZERO COMPASSION.

What about US? What about the fact that we are all SUFFERING with countless ailments and illnesses which will debilitate us even further, if it were not for this plant Kratom?

Yes, it is CLEARLY EVIDENT that Anti-Kratom coalition groups have ZERO compassion for the millions of suffering Americans who count on Kratom as a lifeline. Instead, they call us junkies and drug addicts or even worse, drug peddlers, drug dealers, and murderers.

Now that we have grieving parents rallying together, mind you this is a handful, however; they are loud and crusading who now accuse the AKA and other advocates as being murderers and drug addicts.

It is definitely one-sided. We are trying to clean up any vending businesses who are not following lab testing protocol etc while they are fighting us trying to completely ban this plant. They don’t care that the millions who take Kratom take it for legitimate ailments. They proceed to lie about Kratom consumers to say we take it to get high.

If you were in an accident and were left to suffer in severe pain, agony, fatigue, depression, and anxiety with nothing in site to ever take or relieve it, and you found something safe and effective to take, yet others are now labeling you a junkie because you are always sick with pain and fatigue. Therefore, you take it on a regular basis but because you do, you are now considered a drug addict or junkie??? How would that make you feel?

The above in which I describe is what I and my fellow advocate friends have had to deal with 24/7 from ANYONE who has lost someone who had Kratom in their system. We also are attacked by the MAT community because for some reason their medications don’t count as being drugs. But, I guess Kratom a tea leaf does. A tea leaf that grows out of the ground that is ready to eat as opposed to Suboxone or Methadone that is synthesized and compounded in an underground medical lab.

It’s a complete twisted state of affairs and manipulation is at its core. What is the manipulation? Money, of course. I guess it’s true what they say that money is the root of all evil.

But, grief, selfishness, and entitlement are at the root also. When someone is grieving, I get it, that it becomes all about you. But, grieving does not give you a free get-out-of-jail card. Nor should it give you a free pass to harm the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

If you are one of many people who cannot see past your own grief and are reading this, please Go and get grief counseling.

If these grieving mothers told their therapists what they were doing, the crusade that they were leading to ban Kratom and were HONEST, they would tell them to stop.

If it’s constructive behavior, your therapist will support you. However, you have to present them with the real truth of what you’re really doing. If it’s negative and un-constructive they will tell you to flat out stop.

The real truth is that Kratom by itself does not kill. If it does or it did then show me the evidence. By all means put me in my place and show the toxicology screening. Until then put up or shut up. Remember, that life does not revolve around you and it certainly does not revolve around I. We can’t simply think of only ourselves and behave like we are the only ones who matter. There are other lives at stake here and that is why Medicine uses the old rule of thumb law which is ‘Benefit Outweighs Risk’.

Yet, people throw out any sort of common sense when it comes to this logical rationale. The FDA even follows it! It’s on every single side of your prescription bottle label. Sad thing is how evil they are. For they aren’t following their own law when it comes to Kratom.

But, compassion? What is that? Sadly, it too is being thrown out the window as people continue to suffer in pain due to being denied and on top of that our government doesn’t want them to have Kratom either. So, basically we are supposed to have NOTHING??

How are we supposed to keep weaving the great fabric of our Nation?

America is built because of US. WE the people are the ONES who run it and keep it ALIVE. NOT our government. How are we supposed to work and thrive and get a higher education if we are sick in bed and home bound. Because you better open up your eyes when I tell you just how many people depend on Kratom for their energy and pain relief. I’m talking about Firefighters, Doctors, and Policemen, just to name a few.

Written By Kami Davis

2 thoughts on “Compassion, What Is It? Kratom Death Claims Are Not Facts ~

  1. oh man, do I agree with this all down the line! The constant battles can wear a person out. Constant, and I do mean constant, complaints, accusations, refusal to provide proof, followed by a twisting of anything and everything they can to fit what these grievers think. There’s compassion and then there’s selflessness. I can be compassionate but I am not selfless. I have a limit, and once you pass that I don’t care to have anything to do with you. The grievers passed that months ago and I began blocking them and I continue to to this day

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