MAT Clinics And Injection Sites, We Desperately NEED KRATOM CLINICS And The Lies About Kratom To STOP ~

Written By Kami Davis

Stop this MADNESS I keep hearing in my head. I can’t take anymore suffering of mankind. I’m sure we all feel like this at times.

Let’s be real, unless you are lucky or simply young enough to not have been struck with addiction, illness, disease, or chronic pain and debilitation, you probably haven’t the slightest idea what lying HYPOCRITICAL CRIMINALS Big Pharma and the F.D.A. ARE.

Look at this excerpt from this article, regarding the state of Rhode Island:

‘In 2021, it became the first state to legalize safe injection sites in an effort to reduce the number of opioid overdoses. Despite evidence of their efficacy, these sites continue to face considerable stigma and pushback, with many claiming they encourage illicit drug use.’

And ….

‘Like safe injection sites, methadone has faced significant stigma, with people claiming it is trading one addiction for another. Methadone is an FDA-approved medication used to treat opioid use disorder. When used appropriately, it does not cause the same euphoria or “high” that people get from other shorter-acting opioids such as heroin. Because of methadone’s ability to help people recover from opioid addiction, it is considered an essential medicine according to the World Health Organization.’

The above literally makes me want to pull my hair out. It feels like I’m banging my head against the wall in frustration because here, they’re defending a FULL OPIOID AGONIST, one I might add that DOES CAUSE RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION. Yet, they’re defending it trying to say it doesn’t get you high like traditional opioids.

Well, if that’s true then why won’t they accept Kratom and admit to the true science of this tea leaf???

KRATOM doesn’t get you high either, nor does it produce euphoria (like) OPIOIDS DO. BUT, that’s not even the most important part. The most special thing about the plant Kratom is this: Kratom’s chemical makeup as a partial agonist, is incapable of attaching fully to our brain receptors. Therefore, Kratom is incapable of causing respiratory depression like Methadone (a full agonist) can.

YET, the lying hypocritical FDA makes up lies and says otherwise; all the while promoting Methadone, so people will be fooled into thinking it’s better than Kratom.

It’s not. You’re being lied to, by the FDA, Big Pharma, and any kind of Anti-Kratom Coalition Hate Group.

The worst groups are the ones who are playing your hearts for a sympathy vote. The ones who harass us and continue to say they have lab reports showing Kratom killed their loved one, yet when asked to verify it, they have nothing to show, nothing to produce. They won’t show the lab or toxicology screening, yet somehow we are supposed to believe them at face value as they try to justify banning an amazing beneficial plant that’s saving millions of lives, OUR LIVES.

You can’t expect the public or anyone for that matter to believe claims you are saying if you have zero evidence to BACK. IT. UP. Since when did word of mouth, gossip, and rumors become FACT!!!! That wouldn’t and couldn’t stand in any court of law so why should it count among any mainstream public who hold any shred of intelligence or common sense.

Written By Kami Davis

5 thoughts on “MAT Clinics And Injection Sites, We Desperately NEED KRATOM CLINICS And The Lies About Kratom To STOP ~

  1. I agree with this all down the line. Rehabs are a personal issue for me. I don’t trust most of them farther than I can likely throw them, and I particularly hate the fact that most of them go after kratom simply because they have no idea what it is and they’re believing people who come there over scientists, and us, and the AKA, ascention perish is a good example of that. Fortunately it looks like that will turn out good in the end, but the nonsense has got to stop. I stopped going on facebook nearly as often precisely because of the constant flood of negative.

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more about methadone when it’s prescribed for Addiction and done so legitimately is a valuable tool. It’s a medication which is very effective! Unfortunately when my Dr prescribed it he just wanted my money. Sometimes people think I’m against using it for addiction when that’s not true. Although kratom doesn’t have the awful withdrawal that occurs from methadone and heroin.

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