We Are The Faces Of Kratom ~ We Are The Faces Of America, With Stacie Walker


Stacie Walker is an amazing advocate and consumer of Kratom. You can find her teaching and advocating for Kratom, within her many comments to media writers.

Below, she is doing just that as she replies to the lies and misinformation we so often see within the biased media.

But, first a big THANK YOU to you Stacie. Thank you for being such a strong advocate and fellow co-worker of mine. Thank you for having the courage to rise against these FDA bullies and thank you for never backing down! Keep fighting the good fight!

Here is the story of a warrior goddess, an incredible human being who shows us what it means to have drive, determination, and grace. Someone so strong who never gave up…..

The amazing Miss Stacie Walker ~

‘Kratom saved my life. I was on my way to death. I took at least 30 pain pills and any other type of RX like benzos that I could get. My withdraws never stopped and I almost died several times. I have severe degenerative disc disease, a chiari malformation on my brain that causes severe pain, endometriosis, epilepsy, & fibromyalgia. I found kratom in 2015. I started with 2 tbsps every 4 hours to manage withdrawal. It’s now 2022 and I still use kratom for chronic pain. My dose has gone down to half a tsp once or twice a day. I’m living life again with my family. My husband is an injured disabled vet with debilitating pain from back injuries & vaccine induced arthritis as well as spinal stenosis. He wouldn’t touch rx opioids for his pain bc he didn’t want to be high. He tried kratom and was shocked at the pain relief he got with no psychoactive effects. He and many other veterans use it in order to avoid becoming addicted to opioids. Kratom is a self-regulating plant when taken in raw form. The pure leaf will cause you to throw up if you take too much. It has never caused respiratory depression, even in massive doses as it does not “bind” (fully) to mu receptors in the brain as true opioids do. Kratom extracts are altered and I do not recommend anyone using them.’

She goes on to address the FDA’s disinformation campaign and lies spread throughout the media ~

‘However, your campaign against this life saving plant is going to cause severe harm to those in recovery who will need something for chronic pain for the rest of their lives. They will go back to the streets where everything is fentanyl laced. Please join some kratom groups in which many people tell their success stories. The deaths happening are not from raw kratom leaf alone — they’re from people mixing it with other pharmaceuticals. The FDA has a campaign to demonize this life saving God given plant because it is taking money from big pharma. If you’d like, I can connect you with several doctors and scientists that have studied the safety and efficacy of kratom in raw form. Please be careful spreading this false information. I have gotten many people off cocaine, meth, heroin, and prescriptions with this leaf. They didn’t have chronic pain issues so they were able to stop taking the plant within a few weeks. Their lives were saved by a tool God gave us for a time such as this where addiction and overdose are the true pandemic.’ ~ Stacie Walker

If you’d like more information on this life-saving herb, please reach out to me!

Written By Kami Davis

Stacie Walker is an incredible consumer and advocate for many years! Thank you for your hard work and dedication in the fight to keep Kratom legal!

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