Tulsa Hospital Massacre ~ The Result of Pain-Induced Psychosis


Written By Kami Davis

When I read the incident of this particular mass shooting, I about fell off my chair.

By the way, I’m writing this as I listen to President Biden, speak about gun violence. But, let’s get to the root cause Mr. President. I love the fact you want to work on our mental health system, but how about focusing on mental health WITHIN our ABANDONED chronic pain community.

THIS horrific event, unfortunately is the result of one man’s pain. Back pain after surgery, was what this man was experiencing. Evidently, his pain was too much for him to bare. Do I know this man’s mental state? I do not.

But, from recorded documentation I know for a fact this poor man’s last words were that he blamed his doctor for his pain and that he kept seeking additional treatment to no avail. He asked and he TRIED to get relief, but nothing.

I know for FACT that Oklahoma has a law, HORRIFIC LAW that is unlike any other state, having the STRICTEST opioid prescribing guidelines. Please go to this link to see the barbaric law they have put into effect. https://www.ok.gov/health2/documents/Oklahoma_Opioid_Prescribing_Guidelines_2017.pdf

Oklahoma law directs doctors to give patients prescription opioids, for no more than THREE DAYS. Are you kidding me??? No WONDER this poor soul was psychotically in pain. This just blows my mind. For acute pain after SURGERY, law says no more than THREE DAYS of pain relief. There is no way I could survive in that state, undergoing any kind of procedure. This is NOT OKAY. This has got to CHANGE.

It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like we’re living back in time, before we had discovered these amazing pain relievers. We now have amazing pain relief yet we cannot utilize them now? No. No. No. I will make it my mission, to try and save this state and the rest of our pain community. We, as human beings have the right to pain relief, whether it be Western or Holistic.

Besides being a huge Kratom Advocate, I am also an advocate for chronic pain patients and the right for OPIOID pain relief and management. Apparently, from recorded FACT, this poor man was in pain that was TOO MUCH TO BARE. Please LISTEN and READ to what this man did and WHY he did what he did.

I’m actually disgusted that they are (more so) highlighting the doctors credentials and work so intensely and not talking (not ONE MENTION) about how desperate of a mental and emotional state this man must of been in.

I pray that we can learn from this unfortunate act, this man has caused. Because of the reasons he did what he did; and the horrific current state of affairs in which millions of chronic pain sufferers are going through as a result of being denied opioids, I am going to highlight the REAL issue here. Unlike, (probably) any other news source or outlet will do, I want to point out the growing number of problems we have, the results we are now going to see due to doctors abandoning their patients.

Enough is enough. STOP punishing chronic pain patients or acute for that matter because of the addiction community and the number of overdose deaths. Because CLEARLY people are dying due to suicide and homicide, as the result of pain-induced-psychosis.

People can only take SO MUCH. Chronic pain, when it’s unbearable and so intense for a person, can be the cause for someone to go clinically insane. Yes, pain that is not relieved can cause psychosis to develop. It’s recorded, absolutely legitimate but of course it’s never the doctors fault or the government because we as human beings are supposed to be big tough Americans who can withstand ANY amount of pain or suffering. What a CROCK, I might add. You can try and fool yourself as much as you want or (possibly can) but you and I both know that the real deal that is behind closed doors, it isn’t working for us.

We as Americans are worked to the bone, always expected to produce. To be fair, many of us love work. We like a sense of accomplishment and I personally absolutely THRIVE on productivity. But, not to the point of unrelieved pain, if that is our personal and individual situation.

Regarding this horrific event, I am deeply saddened for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who lost their life or will be forever affected by this tragedy. I am begging you, for those who have been affected to reach deep down into your soul and one day try to wrap your mind around why this happened. Because for those of us chronic pain patients, it’s crystal clear.

People can only take so much suffering, until they’re either isolated, withdrawn, and/or suicidal. Unfortunately, for this gentleman it caused him to be homicidal. May he Rest In Peace, along with the other victims. You might think how can HE be the victim? Oh, but if you think he isn’t any sort of victim, you’re wrong because that is the core issue and root cause, where resolution will lie.

We will never really know who the greatest victim (here) really and truly is. There is no justification for what he did. But, it’s clear to see that he was in a desperate state, physically, mentally, and emotionally; and completely exhausted in all aspects.

I believe this man was a victim of ‘doctor abandonment’. He was possibly denied treatment from his doctors and deprived of pain relief, in an unreasonable manner. I believe that the doctors denied him adequate pain relief and management, due to these newly established CDC guidelines, which is cutting 90 percent of CPP (chronic pain patients) any form of pain medication. I’m guessing also,,, he was a victim of our broken mental health system.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by the Daily Beast in Oklahoma ~

‘Last month, Michael Louis had an operation on his back. But the pain had become too much to bear, he claimed. And when an enraged Louis couldn’t find relief, he blamed the man trying to help—his doctor.’

‘Police said Louis fatally shot two orthopedists, a medical receptionist, a bystander, and then himself at a medical office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday afternoon, using a semi-automatic rifle he bought just three hours earlier from a local gun store.’https://www.thedailybeast.com/tulsa-mass-shooter-identified-as-michelet-louis-who-left-note-explaining-motive-niece-says?ref=scroll

If you are reading this, and you currently judge someone you know, who is SEEKING and/or takes PRESCRIPTION OPIOID MEDICATION OR KRATOM OR ANYTHING for that matter, as a means for relief from an ailment, please STOP criticizing or judging them. Stop comparing them to YOU, YOURSELF or ANYONE for that matter. Because YOU really have NO IDEA what it’s like to live in THEIR body. Stop adding to the stigma that chronic pain patients have to live through every single day of their lives; which is defend their form of pain relief because we’re painted as drug addicts.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. What’s it going to TAKE? More mass shootings? How many massacres will need to take place before people stop being part of the problem??? Stop denying pain patients and mental patients their right to dignity and right to have quality of life. Please support Westernized opioid pain relief AND holistic alternatives and go to http://www.protectkratom/congress.com to send an email to Congress.

Written By Kami Davis

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