When Will The Hate Stop ~

Written By Kami Davis

My textbook from Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing ~

I have decided to address the opposing HERE, in my blog. It appears that some are trying to discredit my work as a nurse. Even though I do not owe anyone anything, I DO respect my following here; and trust, and credibility are of the utmost importance to me, ALWAYS. The whole basis of my blog is to expose the lies and reveal TRUTH. As many of you may know, I worked for years as a psychiatric nurse, but I had to give that up, due to being in an accident.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of haters attacking me and trying to discredit my work experience and my personal Kratom journey.

It seems that my last article got these grieving families extremely angry with me , and now they are cyber bullying me. Even going as far to make fun of my personal life, my singing, and music ..in which I adore.

Years ago, I graduated from Napa Valley College. I absolutely had to take a state board exam with the board of Psychiatric Technicians and LVNs. Below, you will find my old text books I had to memorize cover to cover, in order to pass my state board exams.

The opposing is trying to paint me as though I’m misrepresenting myself, hoping I will lose credibility with you all. You see, they are trying to ban Kratom. They see how many there ARE, of us. They see my writing and they want to discount me. They would like nothing more than to destroy any kind of truth and science, which pertains to this most beneficial plant.

I studied long and hard to become a psych nurse/psychiatric tech/LVN. I worked for multiple institutions and hospitals, and I was hired for the position of PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION NURSE. My job and position was just that, Medication NURSE. I was the Medication Nurse for most wards and units. But, I was also a bedside nurse and performed a lot of wound care treatment, as well. I LOVED my job, at every single one of these institutions.

The following institutions are ALL PSYCHIATRIC FACILITIES. Some, being acute psych facilities and emergency intake, with others being longterm care facilities (insane asylums and/or mental institutions). I performed take downs and patient checks. I completed healthcare plans, as we carried out among a long list of other duties. We ACTIVELY nursed these people every single day. I won’t let ANYONE discredit my livelihood or strip me from my achievements and what I accomplished!

I will not let ANYONE take that away from me, my title and work in which I did for those precious years of my life. I am damn proud of the work I did. I didn’t have ANY help with tuition, nothing. I worked and put myself through college sometimes pulling 70+ hours a week in order to complete my prerequisites for graduating. I’ll be damned if anyone tries to say I’m not a psychiatric nurse. I absolutely was a psych nurse for years and I gave my all to my patients. I still think about them to this day.

It’s sad though and I will NOT accept ANYONE discrediting my livelihood or my past work and achievements. First of all, it’s no one’s business really. Second, no one can even possibly KNOW my life and journey as a mental health professional, student, and intern, etc.

I also worked as a mental health counselor. But, it’s not about ‘titles’ is it really? Let me rephrase that tho. No one has the right to take your accomplishments away from you or slander your name. But, that’s exactly what is happening to me at the moment. All because I publicly and openly talk about the benefits of Kratom.

But, back to subject at hand, while I worked for Napa State Hospital, they offered courses for employees and interns to be certified in CPR and first aid. I was one of those people.

My nursing pack from the medical surgical nursing program ~

If I wasn’t a PSYCHIATRIC NURSE then how could I be licensed and certified to administer PSYCHOTROPIC Medications in a MENTAL HOSPITAL???? Or study PSYCHIATRIC MENTAL HEALTH NURSING and BASIC MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING??? Good GRIEF. Please STOP your harassment and continuous hate towards the Kratom community because you knew someone who had a negative experience. For once stop thinking of only YOURSELF and how about you think of YOUR PATIENTS who may very well be in the dark about an herb that could HELP THEM.

My nursing patch from the graduating class of 2000 and my badge working for Sonoma Developmental Center (formally known as Sonoma State Hospital) BEFORE I passed my STATE BOARD EXAM
If I wasn’t a nurse then how could I have a nursing pack? Why would I be trained in tracheostomy and catheter application and care, among other vital procedures??

It’s sad I even feel the need to share all of this, but I know exactly what hateful anti-Kratom folks are continuously attempting to do. Unfortunately, they keep spreading disinformation. They are hoping to dismantle the American Kratom Association. They’re purposely trying to break up our community, so we will be weak. All in all, you may call this spiritual warfare, to be correct.

But, guess what? We have GOD on our SIDE and HE does NOT approve of the demonic behavior and harm, in which you are purposely inflicting.

God is about the TRUTH. YOU are NOT. If you were, you wouldn’t be hiding anything and you wouldn’t be trying to discredit me when I told you I was a psych nurse and mental health professional. I am actively trying to have an open peaceful dialogue with others, of the same stature. I have been trying, but instead being verbally attacked, bullied, and discredited. Instead you have twisted it, telling everyone YOU tried to have that peaceful dialogue with me, but could not because I blocked you. LIES AND MANIPULATION. I BLOCKED you because you’re spreading disinformation about me and rallying people against me.

Sadly, you are also going to extremes as far as to make fun of my singing and personal life. Then have the gall saying if I wouldn’t of blocked you, we could of talked.

LIES. If anyone wants proof, you can see (just that) on my blog’s page (on) Facebook. I have attempted …on multiple occasions to peacefully communicate with you all (the opposing). Whenever I have tried, I always get attacked ..in return. Please go to my Twitter account and you will see my post, addressing specific folks asking if we may please discuss Kratom to find some kind of middle ground.

The offer still stands. Even though you have hurt my heart, I forgive easily. I only want to establish a peaceful connection with you, an agreement for the future of this most sacred plant. It won’t be easy by any means, however; nothing that is worthwhile ever is.

Anything that’s worthwhile is usually difficult. I’m all about putting the work in. It’s the only way, we can all win, or at least stop hurting each other.

My text books from college ~
My notes from Medical Surgical Nursing ~
My notes from Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing ~
My Basic Medical Surgical Nursing Book ~ I studied this so hard! I literally have post its covering every single page to help me memorize it cover to cover, so I knew I could pass my State Board Exam

Written By Kami Davis

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