You Are Telling The Public That Kratom Killed Your Son, But Can You Actually Confirm It?

Written By Kami Davis

That would be a hard NO. But, PLEASE if anyone actually has a FULL REPORT, meaning the TOXICOLOGY SCREENING; I am BEGGING you to please PRODUCE IT.

Ever since the WHO declared Kratom safe and unnecessary to be critically reviewed, parents have been stepping forward, stating Kratom killed their son. Yet, not ONE of these parents have produced an actual tox screening. They HAVE shown the corner of a page or perhaps death certificate that does say ‘toxic effects of mitragynine’ but that is not enough to establish a legitimate opinion or conclusion that Kratom ALONE, killed that person.

We need to see if this person had ANYTHING other than Kratom in his system. Just like the medical examiner who’s doing an autopsy for this very reason. The whole point of performing an autopsy is to investigate how that person died. They look at their organs, inspect them, and look to find any and all substances that were in their system so they can conclude what exactly contributed to that person’s death.

I am experienced in this area. As a former nursing student and employee at a state hospital for years, I had the special privilege of assisting with autopsies. They were the most interesting part of my work and my life. I’m grateful for that opportunity til this day.

I learned a lot as an intern and nurse, working in a mental hospital.

With that said, just like the sole purpose of an autopsy, to conclude the reasoning for someone’s death, we need to see confirmation as well, of these death claims. But, for some reason none of the deceased relatives (who are claiming Kratom alone, kills) are willing to show their family member’s toxicology screening.

Therefore, none of their claims can actually be confirmed. They have shown a corner of a page within the report or possible death certificate. One said ‘toxic effects of mitragynine’. But, that is not enough. Without the actual toxicology screening, we cannot verify and conclude that Kratom was the ONLY substance in their system. We can’t even see the levels of Kratom.

They use the excuse that they don’t want to share their personal information, but that doesn’t add up truthfully either. First of all, you’re going public with your claims and trying to destroy a billion dollar industry that is SAVING people’s LIVES. It would be foolish thinking to be surprised when we want to see CONFIRMATION and legitimate results to back up your so-called death claim.

This really does not have to be that complicated. Simply white out your family member’s last name or address etc (digitally) in order to show the actual report? Showing a corner of a page within the report is by no means CONFIRMING ANYTHING you are SAYING. We as a Kratom community have EVERY RIGHT to receive this confirmation. If you are telling the truth, then you should have nothing to hide.

By you not wanting to reveal your family member’s full report and toxicology screening, you are keeping everyone in the dark as to what REALLY HAPPENED to your son or family member, whoever died. You’re leaving everyone ‘hanging’ so-to-speak, with unanswered questions. Not good.

No one can actually confirm your claim, which in turn leaves it as just that, nothing more than a claim. You haven’t proven ANYTHING to ANYONE. You have no legitimate reason to accuse or paint our community as being heartless or cruel because we simply want to know what really (truly) happened. Since you are presenting such sensitive information to US and the rest of the world, who successfully consumes this beneficial plant which you now are actively trying to deprive us of. Don’t condemn us for not believing you because all you show us are inconclusive findings.

Here’s a thought: Did it ever occur to you that if you did show the actual REPORT (toxicology screening) and it DID show Kratom to be the ONLY substance in their systems and showing those levels, that NO ONE, not ANY OF US could DENY THAT. It would be confirmation that something rare as possible harm or death can possibly occur. But, for centuries people have been taking this herb with positive and safe results. STILL ..with all your chatter and noise, you cannot CONFIRM anything.

Please do not manipulate the public into thinking we are ruthless, because we want to know if in fact there has been harm or death, as a result of this plant. I would like to know if it is possible, even if it IS rare. But, you are not confirming it, so that’s on you. In no way shape or form should ANYONE expect ANYONE to just assume you’re telling the truth, when you cannot back up any of your claims.

Don’t you SEE? WE, the Kratom Community WANT to know the truth and we have EVERY RIGHT to SEE THAT ABSOLUTE TRUTH since you are DIRECTLY attempting to destroy our very livelihoods in which Kratom GAVE BACK TO US.

For PROOF of how Kratom has effected so many lives for the better, please go to ‘Warrior Friends and Testimonies’ and ‘The Faces of Kratom’ within the menu of this blog, at the top left-hand corner.

No matter which ‘side’ you’re on, please exercise fruitage of the spirit with each other. Name calling, harassing, threatening, and verbally assaulting myself and others is inexcusable, inappropriate, harmful, and abusive emotionally and mentally. This can even produce physical symptoms of illness for others, especially ones who are chronically ill and disabled. No one has the right to harm another human being, in any way shape or form no matter how much you may be hurting. Take a step back, and take a long HARD LOOK in YOUR MIRROR and ask yourself would YOUR deceased loved one be happy with the fact you are KNOWINGLY going after the sick, dying, elderly, and disabled who use Kratom to have some form of quality in their life?

If you cause Kratom to be scheduled or prescription only, the majority will no longer have access to it any longer. You and your family member’s death will be the reason for the destruction of millions of lives lost, which will all be elderly, the dying, the sick and disabled, who depend on Kratom.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹

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