Why I Consume Kratom ~

FYI: I support Kratom AND Opioid Therapy. Most importantly, I support the RIGHT TO CHOOSE and so should YOU.

Hi there….I have worked for YEARS as a Psychiatric Nurse. Having immense experience and skill in psychiatry, that has given me precious insight I will forever be enriched by. The knowledge and intense psychiatric training I received will forever enable me to be a better person. It gave me tools in life that I will utilize forever. It has made me a better mother, writer, and all around human being because of the knowledge and insight I acquired.

I am also an educational blogger for Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa.

I suffered a bad accident that nearly killed me. It left me with several injuries and permanent debilitation. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Degenerative Disk Disease, torn disks, TMJ, bursitis, and ligamentous laxity. I also have PTSD. I suffered for more than 20 years, at the mercy of western medicine. The only option I was offered for pain relief was morphine/opioids.
I wasn’t able to enjoy life as a mother or caregiver for all that time, due to negative side-effects, such as increased brain fog, lethargy, and drowsiness caused by these FDA approved drugs. I was homebound most of the time and could not participate in many functions. However, that all changed after I found Kratom, an herb grown in southeast Asia. I got my life back. It gave quality back in my family’s life as well.
Now, I can sleep better. I am not weighed down with fatigue anymore. My pain is well-controlled. I have mental clarity, with zero change to my personality.
Instead of taking 30 mg of morphine a day, I wake up and stir 1 to 2 tsp of pure leaf Kratom Powder into hot bubbling water and make myself a cup of Super Green Malaysian Tea.
Kratom does not impair or intoxicate you. Instead of feeling sleepy and lethargic from prescribed opioids, now my state of mind and mental capacity is crystal clear. I no longer have to fight my way through crippling fatigue. I am no longer at risk for respiratory depression, associated with FDA approved opioids.
I have my life back now. I am a better mother, daughter, friend, caregiver and productive member of society, all because of this wondrous plant named Kratom. We MUST keep this plant safe and protected. Therefore, the absolute truth and real science MUST be exposed. NOT LIES spread by the FDA and DEA in an attempt to ban Kratom. We NEED to keep this beloved PLANT, PROTECTED and ACCESSIBLE to all those in need.
This plant is not killing people. It is SAVING people’s lives. In no way shape or form should this plant be banned ANYWHERE. It is helping with numerous ailments such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, diabetes, weight management and in my opinion, it is the closest thing to curing addiction.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

This plant has so many incredible benefits, when it is in pure leaf form …and taken responsibly. We are fighting hard to get this herbal supplement regulated for 21 and up. At least, 15 million Americans consume it, including myself.

Because of this plant, I no longer have to be addicted or dependent to hydrocodone and morphine. Kratom has given me my life back along with millions of other Americans.


2 thoughts on “Why I Consume Kratom ~

  1. I could not agree more. My story is similar to yours but different. You featured my story so you know, but in 2019 I found kratom and used it to get off of the opioid tramadol, which was causing seizures because of the extreme amounts, well above the FDA limit, to control the pain caused by scoliosis and avoid the withdrawal when I ran out. I’ve experienced withdrawals from tramadol and I can tell you that kratom does not produce any, not one, withdrawal symptom in me if stopped. If it does in you, consider limiting how uch you take, just enough to control the pain or depression or whatever you take it for. If even that is enough, then you likely have an addictive personality and will have a hard time consuming anything. This is not your fault, as long as you recognize that and don’t try lashing out and blaming every thing and every one but yourself, which unfortunately some kratom users do. Millions of people like kami and I take kratom, responsibly, every single day and it works for us. So when we run across stories, and they are out there, of deaths or horrible addictions it makes us wonder. The science very very clearly shows we are right. That kratom does work and it does not have the usual side effects of opioids, and yet people insist it kills anyway? How? These people do not know, simply insist it does, and just get louder

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    1. Exactly and what ppl need to understand is that the powder has very low addiction potential.. it’s the high potency extracts that are adulterated that need to go with the help of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act being enacted by the American Kratom Association

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