The Trade Off For Consuming Kratom and How To Advocate For It ~


It’s understandable to get angry at times. Especially, when we are constantly being bombarded with lies and being called dope peddlers.

Yes, I’ve been called this before and I am not even a vendor. Sadly, this is the mud we get slung into our faces on the daily, when simply educating or presenting science regarding this plant.

The most sad pathetic verbal assault I think I received was when one particular person called me a stupid worthless junkie b*tch who thought I was actually proving his claims right. His claims were that Kratom is highly and harmfully addictive, and I had just shared Dr. Jack Henningfield’s 8 factor analysis with him. and /

So, let me put this in the most respectful way that I can, if you are not knowledgeable enough or skilled in the medical field to understand, I’m sure you’re wondering is the guy right? No. He’s not. Not by a long shot.

But, this is where we ‘are’ as a society in terms of social media and cyber wars on various public platforms. It IS a cesspool of misinformation printed in articles, thus comments being made bouncing off of each other’s ignorance, feeding the frenzy so more ignorance can be spewed; thus more misinformation spreading.

If this man could of understood what he was actually reading, he would of read that Kratom is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to attach ONLY PARTIALLY to the receptors within our brain. Key WORD being PARTIAL,,,, MEANING Kratom has zero risk for respiratory depression.

THAT’S A BIG DEAL. It’s a big deal because that means it’s SAFER than all the other types of pain relievers. Ones that are effective to the degree that Kratom is. However, there is ALWAYS a trade off with everything in life.

The tradeoff is that you can build a tolerance, especially if you don’t consume it responsibly. The more you take, the worse your body will react if you suddenly stop. However, Kratom is still safe, because it’s not deadly.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to encounter ANY negative side-effect EVER, good luck. Because, that’s LIFE. Kratom is a beautiful plant that’s helping so many people regain quality in their lives, WITHOUT the deadly side-effects. But, the tradeoff is ..over time from taking it, your body can get accustomed to it. Therefore, you need to taper if you don’t want to take it anymore.

If that doesn’t sit well with you and that is a tradeoff which isn’t worth it (to you), then don’t take Kratom. You have to make the decision that’s right for you and no one else. However, don’t push your decisions and beliefs onto the millions of consumers who ARE benefiting from Kratom and who wholeheartedly feel that the tradeoff is well worth consuming it. Also, don’t say how you wish someone would of told you this or that before you started taking it. Because that someone IS TELLING YOU RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. And don’t say how the Kratom community lies and says Kratom isn’t addictive. I just told you that you CAN build a tolerance to it. Hello! Anything that you can build a tolerance to equals possible addiction OR physiological dependency. It depends on the person who is consuming it tho. For most, it’s not addictive but some people who are severely mentally ill can run into problems.

But again, no one is lying to you. In fact, I’m trying to drill into your head that if you abuse it or take heavy amounts, your body will react more severely if you suddenly stop. Of course, one can avoid any discomfort simply by tapering; but unfortunately, some can’t even do that. But of COURSE, they still complain about it even though they could of avoided IT!

So, now YOU KNOW and now you have ZERO EXCUSES for being ignorant or ‘not knowing’. No longer can you assume zero accountability for whatever actions you take consuming Kratom. You are no longer ignorant, therefore; your choices involving this plant belong to you and you alone. It is your responsibility, no one else’s.

Concerning the gentleman who verbally assaulted me, he acted compulsively and I knew he didn’t even read the report I shared. It is quite a long read. There’s no way even the smartest person could of read that complex science so fast. Again, people don’t bother learning the facts and don’t care who they hurt by their words in the process..

While we’ve been discussing the tradeoff to taking herbs and medications, it’s important to convey as many facts as you know to be true from legitimate sources. We must counteract as many lies as possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of anti-Kratom folks who are reaching out to their congressmen and local news reporters, spreading a false narrative in hopes to ban Kratom. Let’s counteract their lies with truth. Unlike them, we actually have SCIENCE to back up ALL of our testimonies and claims.

The following is an email I sent to Martin Wilbur at the Examiner in New York. Please my fellow advocates feel free to use it as an outline for your own, if you wish to. Let’s spread Kratom awareness and science so people will learn only the truth about Kratom.

Here’s what I emailed to the Examiner in New York ~

‘Hello there Sir,

I am writing to you today to express my concern regarding the controversy over Kratom. It seems that the FDA does not like it. I also see folks claiming that it shouldn’t be sold in stores.

I am currently working/volunteering for the American Kratom Association and support the regulation of all Kratom products, by enacting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. They are lobbying state by state in hopes to enact legislation to ensue all Americans have continued access to Kratom, Kratom that is safe and unadulterated, with proper labeling and age restriction.

It does concern me very much when I see anti-Kratom folks make outrageous claims regarding the so-called dangers of Kratom, but with absolutely no proof or lab values, medians, or toxicology reports for that matter.

I have been consuming this plant called Kratom, mitragynine speciosa for 4.5 years and have experienced so many positive results. It literally changed my life.

Like you, I am a writer too. I blog about the pros and cons of Kratom, while advocating for it also.

I know thousands of Kratom consumers like myself who consume Kratom responsibly and also have had their lives change for the better also.

Nothing is perfect. Everything we consume has side effects but what distinguishes something to be safe or not is whether or not the benefits outweigh the risk. The benefits definitely outweigh any negative that Kratom is having on anyone. Because Kratom doesn’t kill thousands, nor does it even kill hundreds.

So far to date, there has not been any deaths caused by Kratom alone, not one that has been proven. Just recently, the World Health Organization declared that Kratom would not be critically reviewed because there was insufficient evidence to prove it being harmful.

I find it odd and extremely coincidental that people are all of a sudden claiming Kratom killed their son etc..all in the few months leading to the WHO’s decision. But, again ..I am asking you to do your research before taking anyone at their word because so far not one toxicology screening has been shown proving Kratom alone was the cause for death. IF so, it will be an extremely rare case.

Here is my testimony on how Kratom saved my life. Please feel free to read it at

The FDA and Big Pharma do not like Kratom because it’s cutting into their revenue. They try so hard to demonize Kratom but the truth is that with the WHO siding with us, this will have been their 3rd failed attempt at trying to ban Kratom.

If you want a story you got one. Please email me at this address if you are interested in learning more on this subject.

Respectfully Yours,

Kami Davis

3 thoughts on “The Trade Off For Consuming Kratom and How To Advocate For It ~

  1. this was the salve I needed. That board of health meeting made me so incredibly angry last night that I’ve been staying off of facebook, though I’ve been on twitter. I’ll catch up tomorrow morning. I have never heard a worse video made by medical professionals who were supposed to be knowledgable about what they were considering for a possible ban. I didn’t hear knowledge. What I heard was “wel, I don’t really know, but I knew a guy who knew a guy who …” and “the DEA says they’ve never heard of either tea or delta 8” The first was ignorance, possibly, but the second? Malicious ignorance if such a thing is possible. Ok, that’s enough from me on that video, but this helped me begin to calm down so I can continue to advocate tomorrow. I’ve checked legiscan every couple hours and no new ban bills filed. I hope mac can prevent this ban before it ever begins but I want to make sure this kind of knowing ignorance cannot happen again. I’m just not sure how. State medical board?

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    1. Yeah… I’m still upset from their live town hall meeting that took place last week. It was INFURIATING. Honestly I haven’t mustered the strength or desire to listen to this one yet. I will but I knew it was going to be bad. These ppl are a prime example of what we are talking about right? The pure ignorance and not knowing the truth and science of what Kratom really IS. They are simply parroting the lies and hysteria brought on by overly emotional displaced followers of tyrants.


  2. oh good, I may not need to do anything about the radnor board of health after all. The pensylvania KCPA has apparently gotten enough support so it has begun moving. Which means any ban tried will be harder to enact. Huge relief. I’m going back on facebook now but will mark all notifications as read and catch up from there

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