The Number One Mistake People Make When Consuming Kratom ~

Written By Kami Davis

If you’ve heard of Kratom, you are either dumbfounded, or don’t know how to feel about it and severely confused. OR, you think Kratom is this evil green plant that needs to be locked away from adults. OR you believe that Kratom is a damn miracle. OR, you believe the actual truth, which is (that) Kratom is NONE of these things.

Now, that you’re REALLY thrown for a loop LOL, let me explain. Kratom is NOT BY ANY MEANS a MIRACLE, LOL. Reason why I’m laughing hard at that kind of thinking is because there is no such thing as a miracle ‘anything’ ..not in the literal sense anyway. We live in an imperfect world, made up of IMPERFECT elements.

Watch out for scumbag lawyers, advertising their firms based on so-called Kratom advertising, stating that ‘they’ are claiming Kratom is a miracle drug or a miracle supplement with healing powers. First of all, these lawyers are manipulating you into thinking that ‘they’ or some group of people out ‘there’ are deceptively misrepresenting Kratom to be something it’s not. There are no reputable vendors out there who are doing this. Like with any herb or natural supplement, by law (and I mean the slimy FDA), you’re not allowed to sell vitamins, minerals, or ANY KIND OF NATURAL SUPPLEMENT using health claims. Meaning, you can’t say it ‘heals’ or ‘cures’ or ‘treats’ etc. For damn sure you cannot say it’s a miracle. By the way, when you find out who ‘they’ are,,,, let me know uh Kay?!

SO…… major mistake you can make when consuming, is that you believe Kratom is a miracle substance and it will solve all your problems and you won’t have one single negative side-effect. Does that sound like logical thinking to you? Uhhh, NO. Anyone who doesn’t think there could be a single possible negative side-effect to ANYTHING, is delusional and not of intelligent thinking. To every positive, there is a negative, and to every negative, there is a positive. It’s just the way it is. It’s life. It’s science. It’s human nature. It’s the truth, whether you believe it or not.

Okay, let’s get REAL HERE. Something that saddens me to the core, is how our poor Kratom community is CONSTANTLY …..AND I MEAN CONSTANTLY,,, under scrutiny. We are ALWAYS ALWAYS trying to fight the constant lies with the TRUTH. It’s NOT FAIR. It’s NOT RIGHT.

Thank God, we have an enormous amount of successful consumers which speaks in itself, and is an attest to how beneficial Kratom truly truly IS. BUTTT,,,, there can be mild side effects from it that maybe aren’t the greatest for some. We shouldn’t be made to feel so scared ..that we can’t even discuss it. Discuss it, without feeling as though the opposing is going to take it and turn it into something that it’s not. Most oftentimes, they try to twist it into a false narrative saying it’s harmful or dangerous; when in fact it’s a simple side-effect perhaps.

For example, some people experience thinning of hair, but not everyone. Some people experience constipation but that’s only if you have a poor diet and don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water. Some people experience dehydration, but guess what? If you do, I GUARANTEE you are already dehydrated, TO BEGIN WITH. If you’re an extremely unhealthy person, you will more than likely experience the above. Is that Kratom’s fault? In my opinion, no. But, I’m being rational and many people are not rational at all, nor very intelligent, nor responsible; taking accountability for their health and behavior.

But, the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE people make when consuming Kratom is increasing their dose. I admit, maybe in the beginning when you are starting out you have to play around with the amount, but that is because you’re trying to establish the correct dose that is effective for you.

Once you find a dose that seems to work for you don’t increase it, EVER. DECREASE it. For example, at times when you’re having a good day with less pain, you might not need as much. Try it! You’d be surprised how less is actually more, when it comes to Kratom.

Increase it and decrease it, but don’t go over your established set dose. The ONLY time I would agree it’s ok to increase, is if you’ve been reaping the benefits from that set dose for a LONG, LONG period of time. YEARS of quality of life, that Kratom gave to you from that set dosing regimen. From years of med nursing and pharmacology, this IS a fair balanced and reasonable expectation to be found in almost any kind of medication/treatment regimen. Why would it be any different when consuming an herb such as this?

However, refrain from thinking that you can play around with herbs and that your body won’t get accustomed to them. Holistic medicine should be taken just as seriously as pharmaceuticals.

We are creatures of habit and routines. So, when you take something everyday, of course you’re going to be missing it ..if suddenly you stop. I don’t know why people are so surprised at this. Do you know how strong and powerful our BRAINS TRULY ARE? Even if you are not physically dependent, you are definitely psychologically DEPENDENT to ANYTHING you’ve been doing every single day of your life which is routine for you. It’s not because it’s necessarily a toxic substance or behavior but it’s because our minds get accustomed to the habit or scheduled routine.

This is why it’s so important to NOT increase your dose or the amount of times you take it.

Do not take another dose of Kratom because you had a fight with your boyfriend, are sad and anxious and need to calm down and you don’t feel well. If you already had your dose recently and you want more, that’s not Kratom. That’s YOU having psychological discomfort in your life, that you cannot handle trying to escape it. Kratom isn’t a miracle, and it’s not going to make your life perfect. Because there is no such thing. But, you thinking that, will be your downfall.

Because Kratom is so beneficial, I think many people fall into the unrealistic and delusional frame of mind, thinking that nothing could ever go wrong and that Kratom has zero side-effects. Everything you do in life, has side-effects. EVERYTHING. Whether you’re ingesting something or talking to someone, or acting and behaving; going about your day. Everything you do and say produces a side-effect. It’s up to you what kind of side-effects you wish to produce in your life. Yes, some are beyond your control, but a lot you CAN control or minimize by being diligent, hard working, and responsible.

If you’re interested in consuming Kratom, be sure you are striving to lead a healthy lifestyle to begin with. The most successful Kratom consumers are the ones who are taking care of themselves by eating right, drinking enough water and exercising.

For example, when the wind blows in the wrong direction, don’t take extra Kratom. If you have breakthrough pain, don’t take extra Kratom. If the rain is falling hard today and you hate it, don’t take extra Kratom. Just because you might not feel good and you already took your dose, it doesn’t mean it’s not doing it’s job. It’s just YOU, and your emotions running rapid from whatever life is throwing at you. Don’t increase your dose or the amount of times you’re taking it. You will find when your life calms down, you will feel better. Focus on your breath and come back to it later.

Something important to consider is when we are not prescribed something, it means we must take extra care and responsibly in what we are taking. But, it doesn’t mean we have to fail and can’t manage our own regimen and herbal intake on our own. After all, we are all adults here. But remember, with freedom comes responsibility. This means you need to set a dose and stick with it. Self-monitoring and setting yourself a firm limit is key, thus practicing complete self autonomy.

There is no other substance in the world where you can abuse so severely, in such a greedy over-indulgent, goal-intended, destructive manner with the worst to have happen (most commonly) are consequences such as withdrawals. People who are mentally ill, struggling with addiction mentality overtake Kratom then are surprised they didn’t overdose. Instead, they are not feeling well. Some cannot grasp their own behavior but many simply have no regard for human life or respect for their bodies and over all health and well-being.

The irony to all of this though is… Remember, when I mentioned lawyers trying to claim that vendors are claiming Kratom is a miracle? I actually believe that it’s the consumers who support Kratom that are harming themselves. But, it’s the last thing we want! Right! But, there are a lot of people I see who do the above, not consuming responsibly and they are causing us harm. Please, if you think you may be one of them, and feel like you have out-of-control behavior get some help for your underlying psychological issues that may be at hand.

Therapy and behavioral modification can do wonders. There are great therapies online and self-help books also. You can even receive counseling through text now!

We must not forget to examine the most important organ we have and that is our mind. REMEMBER, that with everything we do in life there WILL be a TRADEOFF. What’s important is that you know what that particular tradeoff is for you, and are you okay with it. That’s how you know whether or not the decision to take Kratom is right for YOU.

Do the benefits FAR outweigh any kind of possible side-effect? Because it’s all completely worth it, due to the positive impact Kratom has had on YOUR life? Then I’d say you made the RIGHT DECISION to consume Kratom. However, if you don’t want to possibly be dependent on ANYTHING, then you should still seriously look at yoga, exercise, mediation, and therapy. If you don’t have any serious ailments, you really have no business here in my opinion. Get some acupuncture, massage, and go get your hair did.

Here me when I say……….

To my family, friends, acquaintances and ANYONE who know me:

If I were to die an untimely death, do NOT and I repeat DO NOT let them blame Kratom. Kratom gave me my life BACK. Before, I found Kratom I was miserable and severely disabled, barely functioning. That’s no way to live. Before discovering Kratom I WASN’T living. I had very little enjoyment in my life and I am a single mother on top taking care of my dying father and emotionally ill mother. Whatever may or may not happen in the future for me, this has been ALL worth it. Kratom has allowed me to make the most joyous, loving, happy memories of my life, ones I couldn’t of made if it had not been for my discovery of this plant.

So, unless you have a REAL and SIGNIFICANT REASON for wanting to take Kratom, I would step back and do a self examination as to why you are seeking this? Because in life, it’s not so much what you do, it’s how and why you are doing something in the first place. Healthy behavior will lead you to a healthy result and consequence. Toxic behavior will lead you to toxic results. You decide.

Written By Kami Davis

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