Kratom Equals Spiritual Warfare ~

Written By Kami Davis

Don’t Blame Kratom Because You Are Irresponsible.

After the WHO sided with us, it seems that the ‘Quitting Kratom Folks’ have sunk down to a level so evil and disturbing it’s hard to even put into words.

I understand the pain that can come with mental illness or mental health problems, stemming from trauma. Even though I haven’t experienced your EXACT situation, I AM a psychiatric nurse and worked for many years in state hospitals and acute psychiatric facilities. I too have experienced losing MANY loved ones, including my step son.

I know our mental health system is (still) failing us, but that gives no justification whatsoever, for the behavior being exhibited by some of the anti-Kratom community.

First of all though, it’s unreasonable and irresponsible to not take any accountability for consuming Kratom or ANYTHING for that matter; ESPECIALLY, when you are taking something on your own such as supplements, herbs, or vitamins.

When you go into your local nutrition shop and buy Kava or Valerian root, you take it home to consume in a healthy and responsible manner. It’s up to you to do so, and if you don’t and you overtake it, then you are at FAULT. PERIOD. Why should it be any different with Kratom?

Why should Kratom be on the chopping block, simply because you tried to overdose on it and failed?

Because you CHOSE to be greedy and take too much? So, now we have to eliminate a supplement in case people overtake it? We are not children who need their vitamins and herbs under lock and key. It is the irresponsible human being who should be under lock and key, if they cannot act right. In fact, it’s the sole reason for committing a person into an insane asylum. When you’re a danger to yourself, your surroundings, or others it IS what constitutes a 5150.

No one told you to take copious amounts of a substance. Because, you decided to consume something on your own unthinkable quantities and are not feeling well, you now want to ban it? How immature can we actually be as a society?


And by the way, NO ONE is lying to you about Kratom LOL. How can anyone be so foolish to try and incriminate the AKA who’s ACTUALLY on your side trying to make Kratom as safe as possible to go on to say that the AKA is lying to us telling us Kratom doesn’t have any negative side-effects. They are not responsible for knowing how your body’s chemistry works! Good grief! That is YOUR responsibility to know your own body.

Before I started taking this tea leaf, I researched it for months. I did so because I am a responsible adult, using logic and reason. I AM a responsible adult, and so should you be.

The following is a collage of sarcastic comments. This is the discombobulated backwards thinking that society has when it comes to ANYONE dying with Kratom in their system. It’s completely absurd! Do we single out caffeine in this way? Of course not! I bet there are BILLIONS of deaths where the person had caffeine in their system. Oh my goodness, how stupid tho.

A man drinks 5 bottles of cyanide and ingests 2 Kratom capsules, therefore; it had to be Kratom that caused the death, not the cyanide.

Or.. A man drinks two quarts of Jack Daniels and dies of alcohol poisoning but Kratom is the cause of death because he had Kratom powder on his shirt.

A man swallowed two bottles of sleeping pills but Kratom is to blame for his death because he drank 3 cups of Kratom tea that day.

A man snorted 4 rails of coke, smoked two bowls of crank in his glass pipe, drank 3 bottles of vodka, but Kratom is the cause for death because no one wants to admit their family member is a an actual DRUG addict.

The point should be obvious but even an unreasonable delusional individual will see fault in the above. Let me clarify. Those substances combined with Kratom are all deadly on their own. But, Kratom is NOT. Kratom is not deadly on its own.

All of the above is actually being orchestrated in this insane way by yours truly, the FDA and their followers.

Law firms are trying to get in on this as well, hoping to make money off the lies and false narrative being created by anyone who died with Kratom in their system.

These people have gone the LOWEST a person can possibly go. For, they are using grief stricken individuals and trying to make a profit off of their grief and dead loved ones.

Grieving parents are even going as far to post their dead child inside a coffin and laying on the table at the morgue saying ‘This is what Kratom did to my child’, yet with no toxicology report to back it UP. This is APPALLING.

We as a Kratom community, not to mention (ANYONE) who has to look at these photos are being assaulted. No one should have to be taken hostage, so to speak and see such disturbing photos. On top of it, they refuse to let anyone see the toxicology report or actual screening. They are in the WRONG. This is not how you grieve the death of someone, especially your child.

If you had a loved one who died and they had Kratom in their system, I’m willing to bet it was adulterated because to date there are NO deaths from Kratom alone. NONE. All deaths have been debunked and to prove it the World Health Organization sided with us in December, stating there is insufficient evidence that Kratom is harming or killing anyone.

If anyone is harming anyone, it is the people who are posting pictures of their dead family members on Twitter and Facebook. You are literally a danger to yourself and others, which constitutes a 5150.

It seems you have no regard for human life. Apparently, you do not care about the emotional well-being of the people who surround you. Evidently, you care only about your grief and trying to ban a plant that is saving MILLIONS of people around the world.

Clearly, you are focusing on the possible negative side-effects that come along with anything that is taken in excess. The scariest part in all of this is that you sincerely believe it is valid reason to deny millions of people their lifeline and a supplement that has actually given them their life BACK.

PLEASE, stop thinking of only yourself. STOP and THINK …would your family member (who’s passed) really want to have that kind of burden placed upon them indefinitely??

By taking away the benefits of Kratom, that millions of people are receiving, you and your deceased will FOREVER have their blood on your hands. The blood of many will be on YOUR HANDS when the suicide rates increase by the dozens. STOP, thinking of only yourself.

It’s not justifiable to eliminate something that is helping MILLIONS, when only a small group of people may experience negative side-effects. If we did that, there’d be nothing left on the planet to take.

However, EVEN tho people ARE experiencing withdrawals at times from Kratom, it’s not life-threatening nor is it as bad as opioids, alcohol, or heroin. So, I don’t know what else to say but it’s unfortunate our mental health system is failing us still. Because I truly believe most people who have the worst experiences with Kratom, it is due to a pre-existing mental health condition they already had and Kratom is just an easy blame.

Anyone who is significantly mentally ill and has a substance abuse problem, I think you should get on psychotropics and go that route. Most oftentimes, Kratom is taken successfully when you have milder cases and symptoms of psychiatric issues. But, this goes for ANYTHING over-the-counter. It has nothing to do with Kratom being ‘bad’ but has everything to do with the person’s mental and emotional state.

There are various degrees of mental illness. For example, with depression there are various levels. A person can have clinical depression as opposed to the ‘blues’. Or someone can have bipolar as opposed to major depression or clinical depression. There are even various degrees of bipolar. My point, is that Kratom alone MAY not be meant to treat BIPOLAR. This is why we have Lithium. Kratom should be utilized as a tool and a tool ONLY. My point being is please stop blaming Kratom because you didn’t like how your body reacted to it.

Stop pointing the finger at everything and everyone but yourself. START looking at YOURSELF and how you can turn your negative experience into a POSITIVE ONE. There’s the old saying, every time you point a finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you.

Be well people and stop hurting each other simply because you are hurting. Just because you hurt or you lost someone or something, it doesn’t give you justification and grounds to deny others and hurt them now. Because you are grieving, it doesn’t give you a pass to strike the same unto others. Because you hurt don’t make another hurt.

Two wrongs do not make a right, EVER unless it’s GOD who’s doing the judgement. No matter how many people you hurt because you are hurting it’s not going to bring back your loved one. And it’s not going to lessen your grief. In fact, I guarantee it’s only making it worse. Stop trying to hurt others because you are hurting. Because when you do that, you ARE a danger to others. It’s imperative to be psychiatrically evaluated for the proper treatment and/or possible confinement to an institution.

Seek grief support, love, and support from your local community and support system so you can grieve safely in the most peaceful way.

Sending ALL of you light and love .

Love Kami

5 thoughts on “Kratom Equals Spiritual Warfare ~

  1. amen sister, I could not have said this better. I’m gonna spread this everywhere. On a bit of a tangent, I loooost my chihuahua mix of 8 years this last friday, I think I mentioned that. I mention it now to prove a point. I was a mess for nearly three days. I thought a lot about these grieving people while I was doing it. I cannot understand using my grief, regardless how bad it makes me feel, to try to cause harm to others, whether that be physically or mentally. These people are saying in effect, “I am right. I am right and you are wrong. Prove it? I don’t have to do that I just am. If you don’t believe me, insert insulting, ridiculous, or delusional statement here.” I have literally seen people claim kratom is dangerous because their medium said it was. I’m not saying mediums cannot exist or do not work, but if they are as powerful as it is said they are, we don’t understand, logically and scientifically, how they work. So if they are true, and they may be, you cannot use a statement made by one as scientific proof, for anything. Not for good or ill. And we are exasperated by the nonsense spread by people who’s single purpose in life is to hound advocates, the AKA, and the scientists whos purpose is to keep people safe. If kratom is killing people, not only do we want to know about it but we want to understand how, so we can, remember, keep people safe. But unless you can prove that it is, shut the hell up, would you?

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  2. The AKA has spread the truth and science about kratom.
    The AKA has never downplayed anything about the properties of Kratom.
    The science has always been the truth with the American Kratom Association.
    Anyone else’s option is just an opinion.
    Anything can be abused and as responsible adults we need to make the proper decisions.
    Sugar and caffeine are some of the two most widely used and abused substances.
    Do we ban sugar? Ban Coffee?
    Let’s be responsible and allow people to use what helps them instead of making criminals out of people for a Plant.

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  3. I could not have said this better. Lets take a couple of steps back, shall we? Every single advocate is simply spending their time doing what they love to do. We tell people about kratom, if tthey are interested in it and we ensure it stays available and is safe. That is all we do. We’re not interested in making money from this, or gaining attention from successfully helping people use kratom. We want to keep it available. And it’s annoying to have dozens of screaming women and men scream at us that we will eventually become addicted, my kid took kratom and died. Prove it? We don’t have to do that, we’re just right. If they are interested in keeping people safe, as they claim, get behind the kratom consumer protection act. Increase regulation to get rid of the possibility of adulteration and artificially enhanced kratom. That will do more to help honor your dead loved one than any ban could do. Counter the negative with a positive. Wallowing in grief and anger will never help. The anger and grief will likely only get worse as you brude indefinitely. Attempting to ban kratom might feel good to you at first, but eventually when you begin to feel, your emotions will only get worse when you begin to realize you can’t do so. As politely as I can, I am sorry for your loss, but you do not have the ability to decide for others what they will and will not take, no matter how much pain you are in. And if you continue to try, you will only make more and more enemies as even the people who support you will begin to get sick of your obsession. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. If kratom were dangerous it would have been banned by now. We’d know what, exactly, makes it dangerous and we’d tell people. The fact that neither one has happens means kratom is safe. I’m sorry, again, but these are the facts. Continue to fight us and you will only feel worse as even the supportive people of the kratom community begin to get sick of you. We can’t stop you from thinking what you think, we can’t stop you from discouraging people from taking kratom because of what you believe. But we can, and we will, stop you from trying to affect a ban because of it.

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