Kratom Is Not An Opioid ~

Written By Kami Davis ~

Kratom isn’t an opioid. It’s not derived from any poppy plant, nor is it chemically made up the same.

It’s a tea leaf. It also does not attach to receptors, like opioids do. Morphine-like Opioids are NOT partial-agonists. KRATOM is a PARTIAL AGONIST. Key word being PARTIAL because it attaches only PARTIALLY in the brain to receptors and because of this, it lacks any potential for respiratory depression making it safe with zero risk for overdose.

Dr. Jack Henningfield describes it perfectly here. Here is Dr. Jack Henningfield’s Testimony on Kratom at the Ohio House Health Committee on January 25, 2022, in support of House Bill 236, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act ~ #kratomsaveslives #KratomWarriors #supportkratomamongamericans #IAmKratom

Please watch the following ~

Dr. Jack Henningfield ~

2 thoughts on “Kratom Is Not An Opioid ~

  1. I just had to put my chihuahua pekingese mix down on friday so I haven’t been advocating since shortly before the webinar on thursday which I missed but I’ll catch up tomorrow. I can’t describe how hard this weekend has been but I agree with you, kratom isn’t an opioid. Doesn’t surprise me that people try arguing that it is though

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