A Note To The Mainstream Public And Media #KratomSavesLives

Written By Kami Davis

I’m so sick of hearing ‘opioid-like effect’. So????

It may have opioid-LIKE effects but, it’s NOT an opioid. Kratom doesn’t attach fully like opioids do. It attaches only partially to the receptors in the brain and that’s what makes it so safe.

When are people going to start paying attention to what is ACTUALLY GOING ON and wake up to the facts about this plant.

The facts are this:

  1. You cannot overdose on this plant. Your body will reject it before you do and will naturally vomit it back up. No need for the stomach to be pumped or vomit induced medications.
  2. Kratom is a partial-agonist (key word being partial) because it attaches only PARTIALLY to the receptors in the brain, therefore zero respiratory depression.
  3. Kratom is not derived from any opioid plant. It’s derived from the coffee tree. It’s not even chemically made up the same.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION just decided that Kratom is safe and declared there’s no need to critically review it due to insufficient evidence of any harm. So, what does that tell you??

You can’t possibly be more educated or qualified to know better than all those bio chemists and scientists along with the World Health Organization ..to go against their health, better judgement and safety of this plant? I mean who do you think are?

Oh wait, let me guess you must be working for the FDA or just completely living under a rock.

Written By Kami Davis

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