Rehab Centers Continue To Be Puppets, As The FDA Continues To Orchestrate A False Narrative Concerning Kratom ~

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

As you can see above, it plainly states they are giving opioid pain relievers (full opioid agonists) to someone who was simply taking Kratom (only), which is a weak partial agonist. 💔

As most of you probably know or have seen, there is a new docu-series called Dopesick. Many people in the pain community are angry about this, however; there are important factors that are true .. that need to be addressed. The public needs to understand what exactly has taken place.

For example, as I have watched this show.. there are many truths regarding the lies and manipulation that took place in order to sell OxyContin to the public and even doctors and patients; before they started taking it. The Sackler family, who owned Purdue Pharma evidently had ties to the FDA and vice versa. They were clearly helping one another ‘gain’ in sales and profit.

Even though I one hundred 💯 percent support opioid use for chronic pain, I don’t believe it’s fair to lie or present false representation of a drug or any substance, to someone who is consuming it.

Especially, one that DOES have a long list of side-effects that include addiction potential.

But, it seems that there is this ridiculous hysteria surrounding the word ‘addiction’ and I think we need to find an appropriate perspective. ~ One that is actually realistic.

Not everyone who takes an opioid becomes addicted, maybe dependent ..if we need it longterm. But, let’s be real here. There are different kinds of opioids. Not all opioids have the same addiction potential. Some are stronger than others.

For example, OxyContin is a very strong opioid. It’s way stronger than Vicodin. While I don’t think many people become out-of-control with their regimen, I do believe they should know the possible risks if any. The strongest opioid, available today that is prescribed, is Dilaudid and Fentanyl. We should all be extremely grateful, that we have these!!!! I know, if my loved one (heaven forbid) contracted a painful illness ..I would want them to be made as comfortable as possible. If someone has to live with chronic pain 24/7, it’s inhumane to say ‘oh .. well they might become addicted’ so don’t prescribe them anything??? This is an outrage and needs to stop now.

However, (((of course))) be aware of side-effects. Again, it’s about the simplicity of pros outweighing cons and this has worked in the medical community for decades,,,,, until this ridiculous ‘opioid crisis’ came about. The opioid crisis has absolutely nothing to do with the chronic pain community. ZERO ..NADA ..ZIPPPP

…..And if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’m guessing you are in neither addiction community or chronic pain community. Or maybe you’re in the addiction community and are too selfish to see how many innocent people you are hurting when you lash out or blame whatever substance you have a problem with.

Here ..we have Kratom being utilized more and more each day in the U.S. by people such as myself and it’s a known fact that Kratom is NOT a full-opioid-agonist like ACTUAL OPIOIDS. Yet, the FDA is trying to ban it globally, via the World Health Organization.

They’ve brainwashed the public so severely, that some are frightened to even try it .. because they are SCARED. I can’t say I blame them though because the FDA and media have done a very good job at painting a scary picture of what Kratom is. They lie to the public and their peers. It’s such a sad sad state of affairs, because it’s all just a game for the rich and powerful. I can see the bigger picture. I hope I can get more to see this bigger picture with me, as well.

The Sackler family and the FDA blatantly lied, saying that OxyContin isn’t addictive at all, (to make a profit). They are doing the exact same thing with the war on Kratom.

They are lying to the public and the World Health Organization, saying that Kratom is harmful and killing people, when it’s NOT. They are manipulating the public with junk science and lies within the media, only exposing a quarter of the truth make it look like Kratom is this big bad drug.

As you can see in my title, it clearly states that rehabs continue to be ‘puppets’. They have been dragged into the money game, as well. Now, that the FDA and Purdue have a so-called ‘opioid crisis’ they can now ship everyone off to rehab or MAT clinics (Medication-Assisted Treatment centers) ..yet still rake it in.

~ While poor pain patients get lumped in with the addiction community, labeled as ‘addicts’ and placed on Suboxone or Methadone; for THE REST OF THEIR LIFE, might I add.

Just so you know, Suboxone is something you cannot stop, same with Methadone. So, if you’re ‘thinking’ you’re not dependent on anything ‘now’ …….stop fooling yourself into thinking you are better than (me) or someone else who takes Kratom for an actual legitimate medical reason or condition.

Now, let me go on to address the title of this blog. It is an outrage, that rehabs are now giving Kratom consumers OPIOIDS for their withdrawals. They’re actually giving people FULL-OPIOID AGONISTS to treat withdrawals from a WEAK PARTIALAGONIST substance. LET THAT SINK IN. They are literally going in reverse. Will be purposely causing the patient/client, tricking them into believing that they are getting free or clean of a substance, all to become addicted to something that is actually stronger.

However, I’m sure that is their plan all along, which is to trick you, keep the wool over your eyes, as they profit off of your demise. You decide.

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

As you can see above, it plainly states they are giving opioid pain relievers (full opioid agonists) to someone who was simply taking Kratom (only), which is a weak partial agonist. 💔

3 thoughts on “Rehab Centers Continue To Be Puppets, As The FDA Continues To Orchestrate A False Narrative Concerning Kratom ~

  1. I totally feel you. Rehab centers complaining about kratom while giving patients suboxone, or a generic, for kratom because they think it is better just pushes so many of my hot buttons. This is why although I almost never speak out against any substance, I’ve found myself more and more speaking out against suboxone. I’m not sure where this rehab center is that’s doing this but apparently the rehab center business in washington state is so low they are considering getting rid of the entire industry. Good for them if they do, because people can take kratom and may actually have a chance

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    1. Yes.. and this particular rehab center is stating opioid pain relievers such as dihydrocodeine is good in treating Kratom wds 💔which we all know would be giving them full opioid agonists to someone who’s simply taking a weak partial agonist Kratom

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  2. a rehab center which advocates for opioids to treat an addiction to a weak partial opioid agonist which is also an SNR< an adranergic, a cox2 inhibitor and probably a bunch of other things? Whoever thought this one up doesn't understand a thing about what kratom actually does, and probably doesn't want to. Though I usually try not to get involved in negative posts because it's so draining I believe we, and the AKA, need to make this known that this will not be tolerated

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