You Don’t Think Caffeine Withdrawals Are As Bad As Kratom Withdrawals?

Written By Kami Davis ♠️🍃

First of all this is a complex question with a complex answer. I’m not saying Kratom withdrawals are worse, however; it all depends on your mental health and exactly how much of either substance you consume.

It MATTERS because the more you partake of something, the higher your risk is for having withdrawals and the greater risk you will have for higher intensity OF these withdrawals.

Anyone who gets mad at us for comparing Kratom to coffee can literally go take a flying leap. Gets real old …hearing people say ‘Have you tried stopping Kratom?’ Like automatically they think every person who consumes this plant has addiction mentality like they have. Or ….no one on the planet can ACTUALLY start and stop something, in which they consume.

Let’s turn the tables around and let me ask you, ‘Have YOU tried stopping your consumption of caffeinated beverages???’ I’m willing to bet that would be a big fat NO. Because people are so incredibly DEPENDENT, not to mention ADDICTED to COFFEE. That’s why there’s more Starbucks than anyone can count.

But, it’s so widely accepted no one even bats an eyelash to being ACTUALLY ADDICTED AND DEPENDENT on it. Oh ..but what would happen if you did STOP?? MAJOR WITHDRAWALS BOTH PSYCHOLOGICALLY and PHYSIOLOGICALLY.

Here are some replies of mine to someone who told me I better get ready for the lowest of lows, tolerance, and withdrawals. I am not upset at all when people comment on my blog, whether it be opposing my content or disagreeing with me. I lovingly welcome your input, TRULY. Therefore, I hope this beautiful soul doesn’t mind me highlighting my reply.

However, I wish people would stop assuming someone’s experience with this plant, which is not their own. Stop assuming everyone is the same as you. Also, I sincerely wish they would answer my questions, so we can get the ENTIRE TRUTH. Which is another reason why I don’t believe for one second that this plant is harmfully addictive producing horrific withdrawals, while taking the lowest of doses, switching strains, switching vendors, and taking breaks (if you can).

So, here goes…….

‘You know.. what it sounds like to me you didn’t do EVERYTHING in YOUR power to AVOID all of that BABE. What gets really really OLD is how so many of you or others (who I’m willing to bet you really didn’t have a legitimate problem or ailment for taking it in the first place) but probably seeking escape trying to achieve something you can’t with this plant don’t realize that if you take breaks regularly or at least switch strains and keep your dose low, you can avoid building a tolerance. And if you cannot take breaks due to chronic pain with nothing else to take you can keep your dose low and again switch vendors & strains. I’ve been taking the same low dose for 4 years and it still works exactly the same. I KNOW the cons of this plant as well and I am very open about them. STILL Kratom is wayyy better and wayyyy safer than the rest. I HAVE to take something for chronic PAIN. I don’t think you quite understand that nor how extremely important this plant is to the chronic pain community. Also, you don’t have to suffer from wds if you don’t take super high doses and taper a lot of ppl who say this are usually the ones with severe addiction mentality who are taking very heavy doses for long periods of time and exhibit out-of-control behavior which is on you not a plant. Same with alcohol, food, shopping, the list goes on. Ppl have addiction problems to many things on this planet. The problem is the person ..’

‘I would like to say that I am very sorry for the negative experience you’ve had with Kratom. May I ask why you started taking Kratom in the first place and how much you were taking in the beginning of your journey and at the end? Did you change vendors and strains frequently? Did you keep your dose low? Did you take breaks? I’m not writing to hide or dismiss any negative that Kratom may have however the entire truth needs to be told as well not only a quarter so we do not create or present false narrative forms. In my four years of studying, researching, and writing about Kratom I’ve never heard of a person who has horrific wds or bad experiences when they are doing all those things I’ve mentioned above. If the person was unaware of the fact that you CAN build a tolerance to it if you don’t do x, y, and z then I feel for them however if you’re not trying to learn about something you’re putting inside your body and on top of that abusing it that’s not the plants fault either. We are all adults here and it’s never ok to abuse anything. I know what I’m getting myself into and that is pain relief and hopefully I can avoid building a tolerance quickly or having a negative experience. That’s why I work hard at hopefully trying to avoid all of that. Still, I know there is risk with anything you do in life and I carefully weigh out pros versus cons. Kratom has allowed me to eliminate Morphine, Norco, and Xanax. It’s given me my self back (meaning I’m not foggy anymore from nerve medications) and allowed me to take my son and mother to Disneyland. I’ve been able to give my son a better life bc of this plant so even if I do build a slight tolerance to it over the course of say a decade it’s completely worth it (to me). Most medications have that effect but if you can have quality of life for 10-20 years even more that’s a very small trade off and on top of it it doesn’t cause respiratory depression and overdose. If someone is still against a pain patient taking it after all I’ve just stated THEY are the ones who are a danger to themselves and others. Not the other way around…. May peace be with you always’

So……Have YOU tried stopping your 6+ extra expresso shot 5+ cup-a-day coffee habit? RIGHT!!!! That’s what I thought.

Oh… and BY THE WAY, if some of you were wondering what their reply or response was to the above, I haven’t gotten ANY response! Nothing, nada, zip. As ALWAYS IS THE CASE, when I ask ANY Anti-Kratom ex-consumer who’s now on the rampage of how they couldn’t quit. Yada yada pffft.

Written By Kami Davis ♠️🍃

Notice that addiction does not solely involve substances in which we consume.

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Think Caffeine Withdrawals Are As Bad As Kratom Withdrawals?

  1. have I tried quitting caffeine? Oh hell yeah. Ditto nicotine. Both produce intense withdrawals, usually psychological not physical. So I still use both. Is that caffeine and nicotine’s fault? Nope. Which is precisely why it makes me so angry, furious really, when anti drug idiots like the one here, go off on a rant. If we try to respond to them we generally get either yeah well, I can say what I want, responses. I’m with you and always will be. I take low doses, and switch strains and vendors regularly. As an added measure, the strains in my admittedly large stash are mixed, I might take some red, some gold, and some green dragon one dose, some trainwreck, some yellow, and red elephant another. The point is that not even I know what I’m taking except that it is kratom. Kami’s right. We need something to take for pain relief, though my pain is admittedly nothing compared to most others who take it to me it still hurts. So stop your nonsense. If you’re pissing kami off, you’ve got a problem because she is very patient, and does not anger easily

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  2. kratom is my pain relief. It is many people’s go to for relief and doctors, rehab centers, police, and federal law enforcement need to understand and accept this. I am tired of reading new attacks on it daily, usually with the attackers not smart enough to fact check their rants

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