Kratom Reduces The Growth of E. Coli and Fights Pneumonia ~

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

Amazing!!! This study proves that Kratom can reduce, even eliminate the need for antibiotics.

Now, do you get it?? The FDA doesn’t want to support it. Sad, but they aren’t interested in anything they cannot profit from.

However, we will not be silenced! More and more studies are proving the benefits of this plant, such as this study proving Kratom having antimicrobial properties in it.

This plant DESERVES TO BE STUDIED. If it were banned by the FDA, via the World Health Organization, Kratom would no longer be accessible by scientists. Meaning, they could not study its potential.

The public needs to know the truth about Kratom. Please support our fight. Stand your ground and stand with the American Kratom Association and myself. Let’s fight to keep this plant legal and accessible to all who need it.

For more information please stay tuned for more information within this blog and/or visit

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

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