You Don’t ‘Like’ Kratom?

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

Well, that is OKAY. It is even OKAY by myself and the Kratom community, if you didn’t find anything positive about this plant.

Yep, you know there is a ‘BUT’ I’m about to say lol. Let’s keep this one ‘real’ informal shall we? BUT, it’s NOT OKAY to lie or even tell YOUR negative truth about Kratom and dismiss the amazing results that MILLIONS upon MILLIONS around the GLOBE are actually receiving from it.

Maybe for some, Kratom isn’t a good fit. But, the public needs to know how many positives there are. Not get only a quarter of the actual truth. The truth about Kratom is that this plant is not hurting people to the point of destruction, like actual drugs and alcohol do. However, the biggest positive of all is that Kratom is not killing people.

You can cry your ‘truth’ all you want but you can’t deny the fact that Kratom isn’t killing the MILLIONS who consume it everyday; and for decades of their life, I might add.

Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy said, “If Kratom were deadly there would be dozens of people dying and overdosing in the streets”. He’s right. If Kratom were deadly or harmful like the FDA tries to paint it, there would be people DYING from it in the streets. But, there are not people dying from Kratom and no one can deny this fact.

Because numbers do not lie.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

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