The Definition Of Abuse ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌾

Kratom is represented, very unfairly by some.

My apologies. The words I’m about to write may project hostility.

LIES. False narrative based on people who are ABUSIVE.

I know I sound like a broken record, but if you are reading this and you know you have a problem, such as abusing substances whether it be food, people, objects, or drugs can you honestly think it’s not your fault?

By blaming food, drugs, society, or people for your problems, it is going to keep you in a never-ending cycle of abuse, not to mention ignorance. The never ending merry-go-round. You will never be able to grow as a human being, if you’re constantly blaming others for your behavior.

When you are abusing something, you are acting ‘out’. It is deep rooted within your psyche and most oftentimes stems from trauma in which you suffered yourself as a child or somewhere along, in your life. You take over the pattern of abuse and keep the cycle going.

By no means is it easy to break the chains of bondage, but it can be done. A person CAN change if they really want to. It takes discipline though. It takes dedication and hard work on your part, meaning you got to do the work, meaning THERAPY.

Who’s fault is it if you drink too much coffee and then get the jitters?? Is that the coffee’s fault or YOUR FAULT. We all know the answer here.

PLEASE… if you ARE abusing ANYTHING in life; whatever it is, STOP. STOP presenting a false narrative and bashing that poor person or particular substance such as Kratom. Because when you do that, you are hurting our cause to keep it legal. YOU are HURTING another HUMAN BEING.

If you are hoping that it gets banned, I have no doubt in my mind that you are part of that cycle of abuse and you ARE the problem. If you are actually trying to get it banned and KNOW how it’s helping MILLIONS OF AMERICANS get their lives back and helping them to no longer suffer in agony and pain from ongoing chronic conditions, then you are literally abusing every single one of those people, including myself. You are jeopardizing our lives and livelihoods and also the future of our children’s lives, our home life, and families wellbeing.

Don’t dismiss the fact that Kratom IS SAFE and ISN’T killing anyone. Don’t bash it simply because you take over 100 grams everyday and now experience negative side-effects because you tried to poison yourself.

Kratom is so safe that people who do try and abuse it or poison themselves can continuously take unthinkable amounts everyday and are not overdosing. However, it’s only normal that you would experience negative consequences when you are overtaking something, especially to that degree, with ANYTHING.

When you overeat and are a glutton, you get a stomach ache and don’t feel good for hours, sometimes days. Is that the food’s fault?? Of course NOT. It’s that person’s behavior and THEIR CHOICE that got them THERE.

Written By Kami Davis 🌾

Some people cannot control their sugar intake and have health problems as a result. Does that mean we need to ban sugar? Of course, not.

6 thoughts on “The Definition Of Abuse ~

  1. Beautifully written. I could not have said it better myself and years ago I would only scan your articles bc I knew you would drive home the same points i was thinking about!!!

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  2. now it’s 100 grams? Damn, and I thought 60 was bad. What are these people’s problems? Even with kratom I’d never even consider taking such a huge amount, but then again I have a brain. I broke “those chains” as you said, and I did it with the help of kratom yes, but primarily me. So people who don’t, who can’t, annoy me to no end. I hear the plantive, but but it isn’t my fault, every day and it makes me want to strangle them. Who’s fault do you think it is?

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    1. Can you believe it??? Every time I look at an anti-Kratom post it’s someone complaining about withdrawals and how they can’t stop OR they did stop and still complaining hence after taking OVER 100 GRAMS A DAY. I’m surprised withdrawals are the only thing they’re experiencing. I mean it blows my mind how foolishly people view food and other things that go into the body and how much one should consume. It’s not rocket science. Why would anyone think it’s okay to put that much of anything into their body is just really really foolish on their part.

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  3. not to go on and on and on about this, but there’s a huge following behind a show called dopesick ,and it drives me absolutely insane. This show, and there are probably more like it, thinks to blame the pharma companies, evil old big pharma, for all kinds of stuff. Haven’t watched it, don’t intend to, and I already know it’s wrong. Worse, it shouldn’t even have been on the air. This will kick off a fresh wave of this nonsense which we have to deal with. It hasn’t happened to kratom yet, they haven’t made a show about our plant yet, but they will, and when they do, we’ll stand ready

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    1. Yes… I heard a little about that. I didn’t know the exact title tho so ty! I’m not looking forward to it but we are fighters! Warriors fighting every single day and you bet brother… you, I, and the entire Kratom Community GOT THIS. We are standing by armed & ready.

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