Beautiful Plants ~

Written By Kami Davis ⚡️🍃

Kratom is such a beautiful beautiful plant. I had increased for awhile due to a temporary increase in pain/circumstance. But, now I’ve decreased my dose by half, back down to 1 teaspoon with excellent pain relief and results. No withdrawals whatsoever.

With that said, I really do believe it’s a slippery slope or dangerous territory for people who have addictive mentality or an addictive personality. I feel for anyone who struggles with it and perhaps did not know Kratom had potential for withdrawals. However, it’s also irresponsible to not work on your weaknesses, thus out-of-control behavior.

There’s so much misinformation out there regarding this plant. But, the truth about withdrawals is that there’s no reason why someone cannot taper to avoid a possible withdrawal. If you don’t, you will be fine, however; maybe uncomfortable.

Remember, the more you partake in something or consume, the harder it will be to change. But, that’s with ANYTHING in life, whether it be a routine or consuming a food or medication. It’s not because Kratom is harmful. Kratom is not dangerous. PEOPLE are.

I am in some of these ‘Quitting Kratom’ groups and it’s APPALLING to read HOW MUCH some of these guys are taking. One guy is trying to quit and he’s been taking 60 GRAMS A DAY. I’m sorry but that is disgusting in my eyes. Why would anyone need to take that much, is beyond my comprehension. He is having GI issues, not because Kratom is the big bad wolf but because he is an abusive and self-destructive PERSON. GET. SOME. HELP. And STOP blaming someone or something else for YOUR behavior. BLAME YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY. It’s called taking accountability.

If you took heavy amounts of Vitamin C everyday, your stomach lining would be a mess. My stomach gets irritated if I take a normal amount of vitamin C. That doesn’t mean we need to ban it.

How anyone can be so immature and unaccountable to bash this beautiful plant because they abused it in this way is DISHONEST and misleading.

If you make a conscious choice to put that much inside your body every single day and not expect to experience negative side-effects that would be foolish thinking. But, again these guys aren’t in a healthy frame of mind. If you’re abusing anything, you have psychiatric issues that need to be addressed.

Please, if you’re one of them and need help with your current situation and out-of-control behavior PLEASE think about the millions of people who are not like you, who don’t have issues such as this. I pray that you will not dismiss the benefits of this plant for others. I pray you can have compassion as to not trash Kratom solely because it did not work out for you. I pray that you can think about someone other than yourself.

Written By Kami Davis ⚡️🍃

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