Kratom ~ A Review

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

As we approach October 11, 2021 (the scheduling convention to ban Kratom internationally and globally via the FDA & World Health Organization) it appears the FDA is fighting harder and harder to paint this plant as something it is NOT. Each day, more and more deaths are popping up. However, there is no evidence showing that Kratom was actually to blame. Or you will find many negative (public) posts on Facebook with someone trying to bash this plant, however; they turn commenting off so no one can confront their lies or get to the actual truth. They’re not interested in the truth. They’re only interested in a false narrative.

If you’re reading this blog, you are most definitely interested in the truth. I admit to the negatives of this plant, however; the positives far outweigh any negative I have EVER seen or read when it comes to consuming Kratom. That’s why I continue to keep writing about it. Maybe some think negatively because you can have withdrawals after heavy chronic use, however; I know that is a small price to pay if you are getting huge relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Also, Kratom works well in small doses so for many of us, we manage this successfully.

You can argue all day long that Kratom can produce a withdrawal, however; you CANNOT deny the fact that Kratom kept you alive (former heroin addicts, I’m talking to you). No one can argue the FACTS👇

Kratom is a weak-partial agonist, meaning it doesn’t attach fully to the receptors in the brain. Meaning that Kratom is incapable of causing respiratory depression/overdose. It has low-addiction potential. With that said, people shouldn’t abuse or overtake anything. Millions of Americans are consuming this plant successfully and able to be free of opioids.

I’m not saying opioids are bad but this plant has less negative side-effects than opioids. It increases mental focus and doesn’t impair judgement. It’s ideal for chronic pain relief and sufferers like myself.

However, people with severe addiction mentality who are using it to transition from heroin I advise to please seek psychotherapy in conjunction with, so you can get to the root of your core problems as to what drove you to abuse anything in the first place. Utilize Kratom as a tool and don’t abuse anything. 💚

If you do, go and get help (psychotherapy) for your behavior.

Maybe you’re mad at the fact you couldn’t abuse this plant, without any kind of repercussions. However, that’s not how life works. Anything you abuse in life, you will suffer consequences. Remember though, that Kratom is not producing DEADLY consequences and that is the difference. Maybe Kratom produced a withdrawal, however; it did not kill you. And it kept you alive unlike those deadly drugs you were shooting up before you discovered it.

It still blows my mind as to how society decides to focus on a withdrawal and completely dismiss the real benefit here ….and that (is) it’s not causing the millions who consume it to die. People ARE NOT OVERDOSING ON THIS PLANT.

If you see ANYTHING that points in that direction.. I dare you to look up the research, if Kratom REALLY was the cause. You won’t find ANY information supporting it and the more you dig, the more you will find that Kratom wasn’t the cause at all.

Most oftentimes, the person was taking drugs and trying to cover it up and blame Kratom for whatever drug of choice they’re consuming.


Kratom is not derived from any kind of poppy plant.

Kratom is not a full-opioid agonist like methadone, Oxy, morphine, or hydro etc.

Kratom (derived from the rubieace) is a weak partial-agonist containing over 40 alkaloids which produce a synergistic effect.

Kratom has been proven by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine as an antidepressant and antipsychotic

Because Kratom is a partial agonist it is why it is so safe. It’s incapable of causing respiratory depression BECAUSE it’s incapable of attaching fully to the receptors in the brain.

Yes. Kratom does have the potential for withdrawals, however; only if you take large amounts everyday for a long time. Still, you can taper.

Kratom may produce a withdrawal, however; let’s not forget the most important fact here and that is LIFE. Kratom is not killing people. FACT.

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

One thought on “Kratom ~ A Review

  1. of course kratom isn’t deadly. Science shows that. I take this plant each and every day, several times a day, and i don’t suffer any withdrawal except for pain when I discontinue use, which I do on weekends. We would not be using it, let alone recommending it to others, if we suffered, at all, when taking it

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