Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom Today ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

Thailand decriminalizes Kratom TODAY and starts smart farming programs for the exportation of Kratom, to outside countries. This should speak positively to the World Health Organization in October.

What makes or breaks you in life is TIMING. It’s ALL ABOUT TIMING and money isn’t it? We couldn’t ask for better timing here, regarding the above (Thailand).

In October, the FDA will meet with the World Health Organization in Geneva <<<Switzerland>>> to request that Kratom is scheduled globally, or at least in the U.S.

I think Thailand decriminalizing Kratom AND starting Smart Farming Programs for the exportation of Kratom, around the world should speak volumes.

I am very proud of our Kratom Community! We were able to gather and submit over 67,000 comments in under a MONTH!!!!

By no means, is the FDA playing fair. They knew of this upcoming possible ban and scheduling convention in the beginning of June. However, the American Kratom Association, along with the public didn’t find out or have the option to comment until July 23rd. So, guys give yourself a huge pat on the back. You should feel very good about the work and progress that has been made here.

Don’t forget, if you are an AKA Volunteer and/or advocate we have a webinar to attend to at 5 pm pacific standard time TONIGHT. There will be a Facebook live along with.

Keep FIGHTING Everyone!!!! United We Stand. Divided, We Fall. Stay STRONG and do not grow weary my Kramily.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

2 thoughts on “Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom Today ~

  1. I was at the webinar. Great stuff as always. In particular I liked the scientist at NIDA confirming that NIDA is on our side or at least not on the FDA’s side, that helps. They aren’t on it for the benefits of kratom but more of the bureaucratic process for researching illegal substances but you can’t win them all. Now I can look for a kratom vendor who has true thai kratom and actually get some

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