Banning Kratom Will Be Detrimental To The Lives Of Many ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

First of all, I wanna give a really big thanks to every single one of you who follows my blog. I’m truly grateful and I love each and every one of you.

It’s been so busy lately, with this ever looming so-called scheduling convention that is supposed to take place on October 11, 2021 in Geneva. I’m trying not to stress, but some days I admit it starts worrying me and I have to make a real conscious effort to not think about what my life will be like if I don’t have access to this amazing plant, Kratom anymore.

It pains me when I hear people who abuse (addicts) celebrating the possibility of this plant becoming scheduled. It disgusts me to see anyone who has abused it then goes on to say ‘Well, if Kratom gets scheduled, it will be the community’s own fault for not being honest about the possible side-effects or low addiction potential’. This particular statement seems to stay with me because it’s such a twisted manipulation of addiction mentality and the lies they literally will tell themselves in order to feel completely free of any accountability whatsoever.

First of all, this is a classic sign of addiction mentality when the person who abuses takes zero responsibility or accountability and on top of it blames the substance or anyone other than themselves.

Second, if ANYONE is to blame it is the ones who do abuse it and then bash the plant. And by the way, you are turning something beautiful into something ugly. That’s on YOU and nobody else. If you did your homework in the first place you would of seen the science we are constantly pushing in everyone’s faces PLAINLY STATING that Kratom DOES have low addiction potential. IF you KNOW you are a full blown addict who has an impossible time exercising self-control around food and substances in life, guess what doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out maybe you should stay away from certain things.

Kratom is actually the SAFEST substance/herb there IS that is helping MILLIONS OF AMERICANS and others around the world with pain, anxiety, depression, and crippling fatigue, among a long list of other things.

NEWS FLASH ~ Most any herb or medication that is highly effective in relieving pain HAS SOME kind of addiction potential. But, that is WHY it is so effective. In life, there are trade offs. You can’t expect to consume ANYTHING on a regular basis without having some side-effects. It’s up to YOU to do your homework before you start taking something even when it’s prescribed so you can decide for yourself if you’re comfortable with those possible side-effects. No one here is a victim due to a withdrawal.

If I hear one more person complain about a withdrawal I might scream. First of all let’s try to avoid that. Remember this. With anything you consume and this goes for alcohol as well, the more you take the worse your withdrawals will be. So, before you decide to overtake anything especially Kratom on a regular basis ask yourself if the efficacy of Kratom longterm is important to you? Do you care about having severe withdrawals possibly if you run out or an emergency arises?

These things are extremely important to me and why I’m constantly striving to minimize my consumption. I’m actually starting to decrease my dose. I have decreased it by 1/2 teaspoon every dose and I can’t even tell the difference. Less really is more when you are consuming Kratom.

I will share a bit with you as to why. I did suffer some added trauma and extra pain for awhile so I was relying more heavily on Kratom, however; that’s over with so it’s extremely important that I go back to my original dose and even try to decrease that. Because I appreciate these benefits so much, I want them to LAST. The less you consume the less chance you have for withdrawals or unwanted side-effects. Let’s be HONEST. This has always been expert advice and life’s rule of thumb, ‘Everything In Moderation’.

No one, including our government should have the right to deny us nature and what grows on land. It is OUR land isn’t it? If we can grow it, we should be able to access it. It’s called farming rights.

Thankfully, Thailand started a ‘smart farming’ program which takes effect THIS TUESDAY, August 24, 2021. They will be farming, harvesting, and EXPORTING Kratom trees to outside countries all over the world. How detrimental to Thailand’s people if Kratom gets banned internationally. All of those jobs will be lost, not to mention the climate and environment will suffer from thousands upon thousands of Kratom trees being destroyed.

In Indonesia, there are currently over 40 MILLION Kratom trees. If Kratom gets scheduled/banned internationally they will all be destroyed!!! I don’t think many people know this, but Kratom is grown in the Borneo Jungles, within Indonesia and Kalimantan’s ancient rainforests. We need these rainforests AND the trees within them to stay alive for the sake of Mother Earth and her survival. Also, can you imagine how many jobs will be lost? Farming Kratom trees and exporting is their way of livelihood for many many Indonesian farmers and their families. What will they do if Kratom is globally banned? Their farms and livelihoods will ALL be destroyed along with their poor families.

No one has the right to deny us our land and the food which grows upon it. Especially, when it is our means to survival and livelihood. If you agree, please support our fight and submit your comment against the scheduling and banning of Kratom at

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

2 thoughts on “Banning Kratom Will Be Detrimental To The Lives Of Many ~

  1. Every word she says is the flat truth. So many people benefit from kratom each and every day, including me, that the stress of a possible ban is overwhelming. I have to purposely avoid thinking about it. The only ray of hope I have is that I firmly believe that not only will the FDA fail, they will be forced to answer some hard questions, starting with why do you hate kratom so much, when they do. If not by the WHO, by congress. I am sick of hearing I got addicted to kratom nonsense. It’s everywhere, and there’s a clear patern. Every single person who says that has no facts to back their nonsense up other than their word, and when called on it, gets boligerent, defensive, and often angry and starts slinging the insults. Look up the quitting kratom pages on facebook and redit. Thoroughly look through some of the comments, if you can stand to look for long. You will probably find at least a few positive comments, but they’re buried in the whine.

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