Americans Are In The Dark ~ The Intent To Ban The Dietary Supplement Kratom Is Up For Debate October 2021

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

If you are an advocate and fighting with me to save this plant then I’m guessing you are trying to gather as many comments and testimonies as possible.

Thankfully, at a recent court hearing the American Kratom Association was able to get an extension regarding this short time frame for submitting comments.

We have until the 23rd of August to submit our comments and testimonies to support our continued legal access to Kratom as consumers, globally and internationally.

The federal register STILL is failing to show over 50,000 comments! The register is showing a measly 1.4 thousand, OUT OF OVER 50,000.

I still cannot believe so many people (actually) keep putting their trust in our scummy government. The number hasn’t risen yet and I doubt it’s going to. So, PLEASE <<<if you have not already>>> PLEASE submit your comments and friends, and families comments to the AKA’s link

It’s so important that we ONLY use the AKA’s portal because they will record and document our testimonies as a backup in case they don’t show up or get approved on the federal register. By law the FDA does not have to approve all of them. It clearly states it on their site.

It’s APPARENT and if you don’t believe me see for yourself.

Only 1.45 thousand comments have been approved! 💔
So far we’ve submitted over 50 THOUSAND comments yet the register shows only 1.45 thousand!
Please go to

It’s important to seek out local smoke shops also. Let them know what is going on so they can help fight. Because I guarantee you they have NO IDEA that the product they love, support, and SELL is about to be scheduled and banned possibly!

Make flyers and hand them out. If you are housebound you can still make a difference by calling every single smoke shop you can find and telling them our scary predicament. Simply give them the AKA’s website and direct them to go there for submitting their comment, which is

Print this out and hand to your local merchants ~

The FDA has attempted several times, to ban Kratom. They have been unsuccessful and now they are fighting dirty by going through the World Health Organization. They will be meeting in Geneva, in Switzerland on October 11, 2021. Please donate to the American Kratom Association to help support this incredibly expensive trip at

Feel free to print out the following pages to make your own flyers and packets to distribute.

Remember, we CAN and we WILL win THIS. But, we will ONLY win United and on the same page and ONLY through hard work, dedication, and diligence.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

Peter Candland, CEO of the American Kratom Association ~
Print this out to hand to your local smoke shop/merchants ~

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