Kratom Is NOT Deadly ~

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

Save for the curse words, this video is proof Kratom can be a tool to help people be free of the chains of DEADLY drug addiction ~ KRATOM IS NOT DEADLY. Heroin IS DEADLY. Kratom IS NOT.

If you’re reading this and you are anti-Kratom I ask myself how, why, and what led you to believe or have strong feelings like this toward a plant? Maybe you are closed minded and only focus on the few negative side-effects? In my previous article, I highlighted the fact that a life that has been saved by Kratom far outweighs a side-effect such as a withdrawal upon consuming something.

There’s really no comparison. Here we have Kratom ..LITERALLY SAVING THOUSANDS OF LIVES by freeing them from the chains of a DEADLY ADDICTION and all people can say is that now you cannot quit??? Or gee I’m taking so much, not taking responsibility for my behavior, not seeking therapy for my out-of-control behavior but Kratom is a monster because it saved my life except I just take too much and now if I stop I don’t feel so great. 🤦‍♀️

How quick people are (to forget) the one thing that saved their behind. How about being thankful you even found this plant that has given YOU a second chance at LIFE.

It just makes my blood boil how negative and ungrateful so many human beings really are.

But, regardless of your feelings, you and the FDA can try and deny the facts all you want. HOWEVER, science doesn’t CARE what you THINK. The FACTS REMAIN. The SCIENCE is CLEAR. Kratom is 1,000 times safer than morphine 💚

Caffeine causes WITHDRAWALS. Does that mean we need to start providing detox facilities left and right for all of America?? Of course not. Actually, it might be a good idea so Americans can get their head examined along with mental healthcare for once. But, no because coffee is widely accepted AND the entire country would shut down. MONEY WOULD BE LOST.

It’s all about money. CBD and marijuana used to be viewed as a deadly or harmful substance. Now not so much. The government is making bank off of it by the way. Hello

Next time you feel the need to push Kratom as a scheduled drug, remember that Kratom is a PARTIAL-agonist. THEREFORE, it doesn’t cause respiratory depression and overdose. BECAUSE it attaches only PARTIALLY TO THE RECEPTORS IN THE BRAIN. Caffeine ATTACHES ONLY PARTIALLY. Suboxone attaches only partially, however; I don’t support it as much as Kratom because it’s almost impossible to function on it and it’s harder to quit then Kratom. Kratom is not a drug. It’s no more a drug than coffee. Therefore, it doesn’t belong on the list of scheduled DRUGS. Second, <<<this bares repeating>>> it’s a partial agonist same as caffeine, attaching to receptors in the same way as chocolate, cheese, and breast milk.

YOU ARE YOUR ACTIONS. YOU are YOUR BEHAVIOR. YOU are YOUR DECISIONS. YOU are YOUR CHOICES. YOU know yourself the best. If you are addicted to a deadly substance and are fighting for your life, Kratom CAN HELP. However, if you are a highly abusive, toxic, selfish, close-minded individual who isn’t intending to seek self-growth, accountably, and get therapy FOR your addictive ways and personality, honestly you should probably stay away from ANY kind of stimulant. Some people can’t even handle coffee. If you’re one of them then obviously you shouldn’t try Kratom. Kratom is a coffee tree plant.

Get some help and stop blaming everyone but yourself ~ and everything in your surrounding for YOUR behavior.

Be well everyone.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

One thought on “Kratom Is NOT Deadly ~

  1. Kratom saved my life when I found it, and it saves my life each day I take it. I don’t understand how people can use it and turn on it, and it has happened before and will probably do so again. Get me out of the hole I’m in but after that it’s evil? Where did we get that counterintuitive counterproductive trait from.

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