So, You Say You Can’t Quit Kratom?

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

So, you’re complaining of a Kratom withdrawal?? That may be so. But, let me ask you if FIRST ~ Did. It. Save. Your. Life.

First of all you CAN quit Kratom. If you were able to transition to Kratom and off of hard drugs you have the desire to quit.

First of all, if you didn’t start taking Kratom for chronic pain and you are solely trying to quit abusing drugs, you ARE in a completely separate class.

Chronic pain patients don’t have the option of not having to always take something. That’s the major difference between you and I. We are stuck having and needing to take something because we have a REAL legitimate condition that produces pain. Whereas yours is mental and emotional.

If you’re abusing drugs it’s because you are trying to cover up how you feel normally. Obviously, you don’t like living life when you are feeling your normal self. You saw Kratom, I’m guessing as a tool to get you off of heroin etc.

But, you forgot the most important thing and that’s WHY you started abusing street or prescription drugs in the FIRST PLACE. Do not excuse yourself from all accountability and responsibility as to why you were abusing. Do you really think that Kratom is this magical plant that is going to fix you emotionally and mentally and it’s going to erase your reasons as to why you abuse substances in the first place?

Kratom is way better than heroin or other street drugs because it’s safe. That doesn’t mean it comes with zero side-effects though. If you abuse Kratom like you did your previous street drugs, you’re not fixing your core problem.

Please get professional psychiatric help.

As pain patients, we are careful with our medications and herbs because we NEED them to WORK for the rest of our lives. We are in a COMPLETELY different predicament than you. We are looking at HOW we can keep taking this herb successfully for the long haul. We are mindful, using only what we need. Someone else, who is solely looking to numb the way they feel emotionally and mentally …are going to run into problems.

If you’re taking high doses, you’re not going to be successful at consuming this plant. Kratom is not meant to consume in high doses, on a regular basis. People complain of how they need to dose throughout the night??? That’s INSANE to me! If I started feeling any sort of craving or withdrawal, I would start scaling back.

I would not increase my dose because it will only increase your tolerance. Instead start decreasing and take CBD with it or find another alternative to take alongside, like akuamma or hirsuta so you can reset.

Not saying you don’t have the right to complain about withdrawals, HOWEVER; please do not bash Kratom as a whole or mislead the public into thinking Kratom is this harmful substance. Because saving a LIFE far outweighs any sort of Kratom withdrawal.

You’re complaining of a Kratom withdrawal and that you can’t quit? Did you ever try counseling?? If not …..then there’s your answer. There are a lot of people I talk to who complain complain complain. But, they’re not doing anything about it. Instead they probably sit back behind their computer screen and bash this plant because it doesn’t do the work for you.

Instead you relied (((solely))) on an herb to numb your problems. When in all actuality, if it wasn’t for Kratom …you probably wouldn’t even be ALIVE right now.

Written By Kami Davis 🌹🍃

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