Kratom Is Not A Drug ~

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

Kratom is a food. It IS a TEA LEAF grown in Southeast Asia. If Kratom was a drug, millions of Americans who consume it would not be thriving in their personal and professional lives.

DRUGS, especially harmful ones AGE a person. DRUGS, cause people to DECLINE, not thrive.

Here is a collage of many different people who’ve been consuming Kratom for years. There are before and after pictures, showing the great transformation of how much better their skin and hair look once they stopped taking deadly drugs and transitioned to Kratom.

Does that mean that Kratom doesn’t have one negative side effect? Of course not! That would be unreasonable, irrational, and completely naive to think so. However, just like (some) can run into problems with caffeinated energy drinks, caffeine pills, food as their drug of choice, sex, gambling, alcohol, and cigarettes ..the same possibilities can rise if the consumer is an abusive and highly destructive individual.

Because you are highly destructive and abuse everything that comes into your path, that has nothing to do with Kratom when it comes to safety. Still, this plant hasn’t caused death or overdose to date, even when people abuse it.

Because some do abuse Kratom, they complain of withdrawals. They have extreme addiction mentality, and usually will not get help for their behavior. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH KRATOM. THE PERSON IS THE PROBLEM.

Let’s go over that one more time. THE PERSON IS THE PROBLEM.

As a society, we NEED these incredibly beneficial plants so we can keep functioning and thriving in life.

Same with coffee. Coffee is loved by the entire population, just about! In my town alone, we have 8 Starbucks and that doesn’t even count Dutch Brother’s and Journey Coffee.

My point is that just because coffee is widely accepted that does not mean it’s perfect. Caffeine and coffee causes severe withdrawals. Yet no one cares because it’s so widely accepted. Also, it’s not common for people to overdose on coffee. THE SAME APPLIES TO KRATOM. It is not common for a person to overdose on this plant. In fact, it’s RARE. The few related deaths from Kratom have ALL been DEBUNKED.

If the FDA wasn’t demonizing Kratom, more would be accepting of this plant. Hopefully with our grassroots advocacy and hard work, we will unveil all the beauty and the incredible science backing Kratom, Mitragynine Speciosa.

Below is an article highlighting the health benefits of consuming coffee. Again nothing is perfect. Coffee isn’t perfect either. Yet, no one cares about a caffeine withdrawal. Why? Because coffee and caffeine are relatively safe. No one is dying from a caffeine overdose. People DO suffer from caffeine withdrawals though. How about trying to quit your daily-all-day coffee drinking habit? Do you seriously think you would not miss it terribly? Do you really think that your body would perform just as good and as successful as after your caffeine intake? No. You’d be tired and would feel crappy because life is hard. Life is tiring. We love our coffee because it does it’s job.

Welp, this is the EXACT SAME THING you can expect from Kratom, regarding consumption. If you start taking Kratom at high doses, daily with no breaks, and then suddenly stop will probably feel cranky. Meaning whatever the symptoms in which you were taking it for will come back. No one is dying from caffeine withdrawals and no one is dying from Kratom withdrawals.

Here’s the coffee article which makes me giggle because it even goes as far to say that it can reduce your chances of getting Parkinson’s by 20 percent and cancer by 30 percent! Although, afterwards it also states <<<BY THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY>>> this: 🙄

‘The ACS did, however, note that another meta-analysis of multiple studies confirmed that drinking very hot beverages (i.e., greater than 148 degrees Fahrenheit or 64 degrees Celsius) “may increase the risk of esophageal cancer.” This risk is not specific to coffee, however, and can easily be avoided by letting your coffee cool down for a minute or so before drinking it.’

In other words, NOTHING in LIFE is perfect. There are pros and cons to everything. The secret is finding something that agrees with you where the pros far outweigh any sort of con. If you find that too many cons come with Kratom, then you shouldn’t be consuming it. But, for the majority of pain patients who consume it, Kratom is our lifeline. Kratom increases the quality of life for myself and the millions of Americans who take it.

Written By Kami Davis 🍃

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